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Pony Friends
2007 - Pony Friends
Pony Friends is a virtual pet game for the Nintendo DS where players get to emulate every cool aspect of owning their own pet pony. From grooming and accessorizing your pony with colorful custom gear to going on exciting trail rides where you encounter new wildlife friends, the world of Pony...
Pony Friends: Mini Breeds Edition
2008 - Pony Friends: Mini Breeds Edition
Ever wanted a pony but simply could not afford the price tag and hassle involved with looking after and raising a real-life creature? Pony Friends have the solution. It's a virtual simulation for pony lovers. Choose from various breeds, look after your chosen pony, take it on trail rides, collect...
Pony Friends 2
2009 - Pony Friends 2
PC, Wii, DS
Welcome back to the stables with Pony Friends 2 the sequel to the top selling DS title, now coming to the Nintendo Wii! Pony Friends 2 allows players the chance to create their perfect Pony and take part in fun activities. Featuring 12 Pony breeds (4 new breeds) players can customize every aspect...


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