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Games in the "Mario Andretti Racing" Franchise

Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix
1988 - Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix
Superstar Michael Andretti personally guides you through the perilous and exciting world of Grand Prix Racing! Four of the most powerful racing machines are your to command on 16 famous international Grand Prix courses from around the globe! Hone your driving skills or challenge the best - it's...
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge
1991 - Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge is a Racing game, developed by Distinctive Software, Inc. and published by Electronic Arts, which was released in 1991.
Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge
1994 - Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge
Super Nintendo
It just doesn't get any faster than this! Speedy and glory. That's the goal of Indy Car racing-to travel faster, with more control and to win more races than the competition. Hot Mode-7 graphics ignite this game with horsepower beyond any player's wildest dreams. Play in one-player mode and...
Mario Andretti Racing
1994 - Mario Andretti Racing
Sprint, Stock, Indy - Master Specific Driving Skills: Sprint cars' slide turns, stock cars drafting, Indy cars' precise handling - Select Camera Angles: Nose cam, chase car cam, overhead map, rear view mirror, competitor view, full or split screen - 1 or 2 players - Pro & rookie challenge...
Mario Andretti
1995 - Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti is an Action game, published by Gottlieb, which was released in 1995.
Andretti Racing
1996 - Andretti Racing
PlayStation, Saturn, PC
Break the Sound Barrier "Slap on those driving gloves! Andretti Racings blazing toward the Saturn with superb racing action." - GAMEPRO Magazine BLISTERING SPEED - 2 types of racing - Indy car & Stock car - 2 player Split-Screen Head-to-Head racing - 16 Challenging tracks -...
Mario Andretti Racing 3D
2005 - Mario Andretti Racing 3D
Mario Andretti Racing 3D is a Racing game, developed and published by Superscape, which was released in 2005.


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