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Cool Boarders
1996 - Cool Boarders
Unbelievable next generation graphics and awesome control deliver the ultimate snowboarding experience. - 5 DARING DOWNHILL COURSES. Carve and Shred in 3-D texture mapped alpine tracks that require the highest levels of skill and intensity. - CHOOSE FROM 10 HARDCORE SNOWBOARDS. Each board has...
Cool Boarders 2
1997 - Cool Boarders 2
Test your courage, skills and boards, in the most complete snowboarding game ever created. Strap on 18 Burton Snowboards and ride in every type of terrain imaginable.
Cool Boarders 3
1998 - Cool Boarders 3
Race at thunderous speeds while carving through fresh powder on a wide range of gut wrenching courses. Encounter razor sharp turns, intimidating jumps, enormous moguls, treacherous ice and countless obstacles! Pull off killer tricks like "Mistys," "Melancholys,"...
Rippin' Riders
1999 - Rippin' Riders
Slash and burn your way through wild and wintery terrain - jump huge boulders, shred steep ravines, and rack up the points with your insane tricks. -3 Game Modes available: Free Ride, Super Pipe, & Match Race for two players -Full collection of tricks & moves -Seven main characters...
Cool Boarders 4
1999 - Cool Boarders 4
THE #1 SNOWBOARDING SERIES GOES HUGE! NEW TRICKS, KILLER GAMEPLAY Hand plants, method melons, stalefish tweaks and more. Sharper carving and improved physics help you keep up with multi-player competition. REAL PROS ON REAL BOARDS Test drive 16 pros including Jim Rippey, JP Walker, Michele...
Cool Boarders Pocket
2000 - Cool Boarders Pocket
Neo Geo Pocket Color
Cool Boarders Pocket is a Sports game, developed and published by UEP Systems, which was released in Japan in 2000.
Cool Boarders 2001
2000 - Cool Boarders 2001
PlayStation, PlayStation 2
Rip it up with 10 World Class professional snowboards, including snowboarding champions Todd Richards, Barrett Christy, Kevin Jones, Michele Taggart, Jeremy Jones and Tara Dakides. Tweak your grabs on more then 20 huge, branching courses in 6 killer events. Carve the slopes against the pros in...
Cool Boarders Code Alien
2000 - Cool Boarders Code Alien
PlayStation 2
Cool Boarders Code Alien is a Sports game, developed and published by UEP Systems, which was released in Japan in 2000.