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Games in the "Alfred Chicken" Franchise

Alfred Chicken
1993 - Alfred Chicken
Game Boy, Amiga, NES, Amiga CD32
Super-Hero with a Bionic Beak! Whoa... Alfred needs your help! The Evil Meka-Chickens have raided the hen house and stolen Alfred's chick, Floella, and all the little egg-a-roonies! Now, these turkeys say they'll scramble the eggs. It's nothing to crow about! An egg-xasperated Alfred Chicken...
Super Alfred Chicken
1994 - Super Alfred Chicken
Super Nintendo
Oh no! The evil Meka-Chickens have eggnapped Billy Egg and his brothers for their terrible cloning experiment! And they've taken Floella, too! As the world's only chicken with a bionic beak, Alfred is whisked off to a multitude of bizarre lands to pluck his friends from the clutches of their foul...
Alfred's Adventure
2000 - Alfred's Adventure
Game Boy Color
Alfred's Adventure is an Action game, developed by Mobius Entertainment and published by SCi, which was released in Europe in 2000.
Alfred Chicken
2002 - Alfred Chicken (2002)
UH-OH! Things are not looking good for Alfred. His girlfriend's been kidnapped by the evil MekoChicken, and it's only a matter of time before he turns her into nuggets. Now it's up to Alfred to flap to the rescue! Get ready to watch the feathers fly...


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