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Games in the "Pokemon Rumble" Franchise

Pokemon Rumble
2009 - Pokemon Rumble
Pokemon Rumble is an action game in which you control Toy Pokemon and take on wave after wave of other Pokemon in a variety of stages. You can befriend some of the defeated Pokemon along the way, which lets you add them to your collection and grants you the ability to use them in battle. Switch...
Pokemon Rumble Blast
2011 - Pokemon Rumble Blast
Pokemon Rumble Blast, the first Pokemon game created exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system, is an action-packed Pokemon adventure in 3D! Battle against waves of opponents, connect and play with friends, and collect more than 600 different Toy Pokemon! As you advance through each stage in...
Pokemon Rumble U
2013 - Pokemon Rumble U
Wii U
Pokemon Rumble U is the tale of a great adventure featuring Toy Pokemon, beginning when a delivery of Toy Pokemon is swept down a river and washes up on a strange riverbank. Our bewildered Pokemon heroes set out to find their way back to the Toy Pokemon Shop. Along the way they discover all is...
Pokemon Rumble World
2015 - Pokemon Rumble World
Control cute Toy Pokemon and have exhilarating battles in Pokemon Rumble World! This downloadable game for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family is packed with Pokemon that you can battle and befriend. You can collect 719 species of Pokemon: all the ones that have appeared in the video games up...
Pokemon Rumble Rush
2019 - Pokemon Rumble Rush
Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Pokemon Rumble Rush is a Role-Playing game, developed by Ambrella and published by The Pokemon Company, which was released in 2019.
TBA - PokeLand
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
PokeLand is an Action game, developed by Ambrella and published by The Pokemon Company, with no announced release date.

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