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Games in the "Casper" Franchise

1996 - Casper (1996)
PlayStation, Saturn, Game Boy, 3DO, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color
Use your ghostly skills to solve complex puzzles, find secret passages, hidden clues, and locate the lost pieces of the dimantled Lazarus Macine. Based on the hit movie, including some of the games great 3D animation, hilarious gags and original character voices, CASPER is a challenging adventure...
Casper (Japan)
1997 - Casper (Japan)
Super Nintendo
Casper (Japan) is an Adventure game, developed by Natsume and published by KSS, which was released in Japan in 1997.
Casper: The Interactive Adventure
1997 - Casper: The Interactive Adventure
Casper: The Interactive Adventure is an Adventure game, developed by Morning Star Multimedia and published by WizardWorks, which was released in 1997.
Casper: Animated Activity Center
1998 - Casper: Animated Activity Center
PC, Macintosh
Casper: Animated Activity Center is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Sound Source, which was released in 1998.
Casper: Animated Early Reader
1998 - Casper: Animated Early Reader
PC, Macintosh
Casper: Animated Early Reader is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Digital Media International and published by Sound Source, which was released in 1998.
Casper: Friends Around the World
2000 - Casper: Friends Around the World
BOO! A kooky spooky curse has been cast on Cast on Casper's mortal mates! Travel the globe to rescue them and jump, levitate, parachute, fling ghostly spheres and spring into action to battle boo bombs, evil spirits,, Casper's unfriendly uncles, and the evil kingpin himself, Kibosh! Scare off...
Casper: Spirit Dimensions
2001 - Casper: Spirit Dimensions
PlayStation 2, GameCube
Spiral into phantom dimensions where you will fiercely battle for the fate of the spirit world! Portals will transport you to mysterious realms that are populated by ghosts of the past, present and future; all possessed by the evil Kibosh. Use your powers of flight and fright to become the...
2002 - Casper (2002)
Game Boy Advance
Save the town from Evil's grasp! Stinkie, Strech and Fatso are back! Now it's up to our Hero Casper to rescue Dr Harvey from the clutches of the Ghostly Trio. These gruesome ghouls have turned all adults in the town to zombies and are terrorizing the poor abandoned children. - Puzzle-based...
Casper and The Ghostly Trio
2007 - Casper and The Ghostly Trio
PlayStation 2
Casper and The Ghostly Trio is an Action game, developed by Data Design Interactive and published by Blast! Entertainment Ltd, which was released in Europe in 2007.
Casper's Scare School
2008 - Casper's Scare School: Classroom Capers
PlayStation 2, DS
Casper Scare School -- Classroom Capers is based around the movie "Casper Scare School" featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost. Casper visits Scare School with a cast of spooky "children" that includes as Thatch the Vampire, Mantha the Zombie and Ra the Mummy. The game also includes a lot of the...
Casper's Scare School: Spooky Sports Day
2009 - Casper's Scare School: Spooky Sports Day
Wii, DS, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
It's sports day in the Underworld and various exciting sporting events are taking place around the grounds of Scare School. Join Casper and his friends in a variety of challenging and fun games and see who's going to be the sporting champion!


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