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Games in the "Tex Murphy" Franchise

Mean Streets
1989 - Mean Streets
PC, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, Macintosh, Linux
The year is 2033. Your name is Tex Murphy, Private Investigator in San Francisco. You've been hired by the beautiful daughter of a university professor to uncover the facts about his death. Beginning your investigation you uncover the deaths of several prominent members of the scientific...
Martian Memorandum
1991 - Martian Memorandum
PC, Macintosh, Linux
Martian Memorandum is an Adventure game, developed and published by Access Software, which was released in 1991.
Under a Killing Moon
1994 - Under a Killing Moon
PC, Macintosh, Linux
Almost 2.4 gigabytes! Simply the biggest and best entertainment CD product ever produced! Enter the Virtual World of Under a Killing Moon, where it is December 2042 and you, as Tex Murphy, must stop the forces of evil before they destroy mankind and rob you of your next unemployment check. This...
The Pandora Directive
1996 - The Pandora Directive
PC, Macintosh, Linux
The Government has covered up the greatest secret of the 20th century. Tex doesn't like secrets. It's April 2043 and you--as Tex Murphy, the last of the old-style gumshoes--find yourself racing against time in the most dangerous game of your life. What is the truth behind the rumored UFO crash...
Tex Murphy: Overseer
1998 - Tex Murphy: Overseer
The client is drop-dead gorgeous. Her father is just plain dead--of an apparent suicide. She's certain he was murdered and is willing to do anything to prove it. Tex Murphy, the P.I., is willing to do almost anything to make rent. The investigation leads Tex into the heart of a dark secret. An...
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
2014 - Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
PC, Macintosh
Tesla Effect revives the glory years of PC adventure games with a return to the full-motion video (FMV) game genre. Known for its sardonic humor, Tesla Effect will be the first Tex Murphy game since 1998. ATLUS and Big Finish games will release Tesla Effect on Steam and other PC platforms...


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