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Games in the "R.C. Pro-Am" Franchise

R.C. Pro-Am
1988 - R.C. Pro-Am
NES, Genesis
Grab your controller and pull up to the starting line. It's you against four other all-star racers in this thrilling Nintendo R.C. racing competition! You'll face hair pin turns, outrageous curves, oil slicks and rain clouds as you make your way through 32 treacherous courses that will test your...
Super R.C. Pro-Am
1991 - Super R.C. Pro-Am
Game Boy
Grab your Game Boy and pull up to the starting line. It's your car against up to 3 other speedsters in this thrilling racing competition. Face hazardous hairpin turns, skidding oil slicks, and other dangerous obstacles. Race your way through dozens of treacherous track levels that will put your...
R.C. Pro-Am II
1992 - R.C. Pro-Am II
In the tradition of Pro-Am racing, gear up for the excitement of R.C. PRO-AM II®! The challenge is greater, the tracks are faster, and your opponents are better than ever! Feel every turn and hug every corner as your tires squeal and burn their way across the finish line. Fierce competition...


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