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Games in the "Bloody Roar" Franchise

Bloody Roar
1997 - Bloody Roar
Arcade Games, PlayStation
Unleash the beast within... Get ready to stake your ground and confront your destiny because you're in for a fast and fierce, one on one blood match. Ferocious 3D. Savage combos. Unforgettable characters. More ways to maim, crush and devour your enemies than ever! And as if that weren't enough,...
Bloody Roar 2
1998 - Bloody Roar II
Arcade Games, PlayStation
It's the Dawning of a New Breed... With the dawning of the new millennium, a new breed of assassins emerges-altered humans who transmute into violent, raging beasts. All must fight and survive to satisfy their own inner quests... * 60 frames per second of slashing combat! * Think fast or did...
Bloody Roar 3
2001 - Bloody Roar 3
PlayStation 2, Arcade Games
Zoanthropes--humans with the ability to transform into beasts--lived peaceful lives, until recently. Various organizations scheme to abuse a new power developing within marked Zoanthropes. You discover this mark on your body and decide to stand up to fight against coercion. Face off against your...
Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
2002 - Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
GameCube, Xbox
Wage an all-out assault as one of 16 fighters, each with the ability to transform mid-fight into their alternate Hpyer-beast life-form. Fight to the finish in 2-player head-to-head and single-player modes through 10 interactive and destructible mutli-level arenas. With fast and furious arena...
Bloody Roar 4
2003 - Bloody Roar 4
PlayStation 2
Bloody Roar returns in the most action-packed fighting game ever! 18 fighters battle with unique fighting styles and the ability to transform into powerful beasts. Brace yourself for heart-pounding action and incredible 3D graphics while fighting with the powers of fierce creatures like the...