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Games in the "Blaster Master" Franchise

Blaster Master
1988 - Blaster Master
You've fallen down a hidden manhole into a world of creatures so terrifying they'd scare the rats away. You can panic and perish, or blast your way through an endless maze of tunnels, searching for the secret passages to your escape. And that's the easy part. Because the Masters of the Caverns...
Blaster Master Boy
1991 - Blaster Master Boy
Game Boy
Radioactive energy is destroying every living thing on Earth. Only Jason can stop it. And this time, he can't use his super-equipped car. He's gotta do it alone. Armed with blistering lanterns, mega-power hyper-bombs and skull-rattling super-bombs, Jason must blaze a dizzying path deep down...
Blaster Master 2
1993 - Blaster Master 2
Wreck Reational Vehicle. Master Jason's redesigned assault vehicle, S.O.P.H.I.A., to help him recapture his stolen weapons. And blast the vilest of underground vermin - the Mutant boss!
Blaster Master: Enemy Below
2000 - Blaster Master: Enemy Below
Game Boy Color
Proceed with tanks, get off and fight. This is an action game that switches according to the situation. Jason and his legendary battle vehicle, SOPHIA, are back again to save the world. A scientific organization has created a life form whose base structure was a tissue sample from a former...
Blaster Master: Blasting Again
2000 - Blaster Master: Blasting Again
Our old champion Jason, weary of his battles has passed away and his heroic crown has fallen to Roddy his only son and heir. It is Roddy, with the help of his sister Elfire, that is destined to seek out and destroy the treacherous half flesh, half machine mutations that are steadily multiplying...
Blaster Master: Overdrive
2010 - Blaster Master: Overdrive
Blaster Master: Overdrive is an action-adventure game that takes place on an Earth infected by an aggressive, polymorphic virus. Poor, defenseless animals worldwide have been turned into flesh-eating, hemoglobin-swilling terrors. Fortunately, the world has Alex, who happens to be one of the...
Blaster Master Zero
2017 - Blaster Master Zero
Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PC
Blaster Master Zero is a 8-bit style top-down & sideview 2D action-adventure game that hearkens back to the golden age of the NES. Using the original 1988 NES title "Blaster Master" from Sunsoft as a base, with the addition of new areas and bosses, new gameplay elements such as extra...
Blaster Master Zero II
2019 - Blaster Master Zero II
Nintendo Switch
Blaster Master Zero II is an Action game, developed and published by Inti Creates, which was released in 2019.


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