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Games in the "Interstate '76 / Vigilante 8" Franchise

Interstate '76
1997 - Interstate '76
It's 1976... a different '76. Stretched out before you are thousands of miles of desert -- the American Southwest. The massive engine roars as you slam down the accelerator. It's time to get funked up... You are Groove Champion, auto-vigilante. Your agenda: Payback for your dead sister. Your...
Vigilante 8
1998 - Vigilante 8
PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color
It's 1975. A raid on a secret military base arms two psycho motor-gangs with enough firepower to wipe out the entire Southwest. And only you are crazy enough to join the fully-loaded, off-road warfare.
Interstate '82
1999 - Interstate '82
It's 1982 and auto-terrorism is at an all-time high. The U.S. is in crisis and you, legendary road warrior Taurus, are dealing with a crisis of your own. You long-time partner, Groove Champion, is missing and it's up to you to keep him from becoming a skid mark in the mother of all wars on...
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
1999 - Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64
The Future of Blowing $#!% Up is Here! 18 All-New '70's and Futuristic Vehicles. 8 New Destructible Arenas with Hidden Power-Ups. Earn Points to Upgrade Your Vehicle. Blast Through Insane 1-4 Player Action.
Vigilante 8: Arcade
2008 - Vigilante 8: Arcade
Xbox 360
Take the wheel as fully-loaded auto combat revs into high gear with Vigilante 8: Arcade. It's a down and dirty war on wheels where everyone's riding shotgun. This brand new remake of the classic Vigilante 8 game lets you choose from among eight tricked-out retro-fine 70s vehicles with some...