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Games in the "Galaxian / Galaga" Franchise

1979 - Galaxian
Arcade Games, Cassette Vision, Astrocade, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari 2600, Colecovision, NEC PC88, PC, MSX, NES, Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum, Sharp X1, VIC-20, FM-7, Famicom Disk System, Mobile, Game Boy Color
The Galaxian Fleet has invaded and it's up to you to stop them. There's two-way action in this game; as you fire at them, they're firing back at you! All that is required of you is quick reflexes and an accurate aim. Can you destroy the Galaxian Fleet before they destroy you?
1981 - Galaga
Arcade Games, Commodore 64, Sord M5, SG-1000, MSX, NES, NEC PC98, Sharp X1, FM-7, Atari 7800, Famicom Disk System, Mobile, Xbox 360, Windows Mobile, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Atari 2600
Take control of a fighter space craft and shoot down the invading aliens. Watch out for the swooping motherships, which will try to steal your fighter. Rescue captured fighters to double your firepower. Earn Perfect Bonuses as you battle your way through wave after wave in different challenging...
Galaga 3
1984 - Galaga 3
Arcade Games, NEC PC98, Commodore 64
The ultimate space battle is about to begin as you face off against the Gaplus forces! Fly around in eight directions and fire missiles to destroy enemies. Defeat all the enemies to advance to the next parsec. If you come into contact with an enemy or enemy missile, you'll lose a fighter. Once...
Galaga '88
1987 - Galaga '88
Arcade Games, TurboGrafx-16, Sharp X68000, GameGear
Galaga is a smoldering planet that often erupts with angry mutants and misfits. As Galactic commander of the Federal Army you have the job of making them dead. Not easy! Because they come at you in clusters like swarms of killer bees. This time, you will be flying the awesome Triple Proton...
1990 - Galaxian^3
Arcade Games, PlayStation
Galaxian^3 is an Action game, developed and published by Namco, which was released in 1990.
Galaxian^3: Attack of the Zolgear
1994 - Galaxian^3: Attack of the Zolgear
Arcade Games
Galaxian^3: Attack of the Zolgear is an Action game, developed and published by Namco, which was released in 1994.
Arcade Classic No. 3: Galaga / Galaxian
1995 - Arcade Classic No. 3: Galaga / Galaxian
Game Boy
Galaga The Galaga Military Front has Launched a Full Attack! Accompanied by an escort of evil Zakkos and Goei guards, the Boss Galagas attempt to lock you into their tractor beams. Beat the relentless aliens at their own cruel game by uncovering the secret of the Dual Fighter and unleashing...
Galaxian Fever
2000 - Galaxian Fever
Arcade Games
Galaxian Fever is an Action game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2000.
Galaga: Destination Earth
2000 - Galaga: Destination Earth
PlayStation, PC, Game Boy Color
All the other space pilots have been eliminated. Somehow you survived. The Galaga enemies are on the move. Now, you must fight or doom Earth to extinction. There's no time to plan strategies. Just find your targets and come out blasting. Battle wave upon wave of alien attack craft in this...
Namco 20 Year Reunion: Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of 1981
2001 - Namco 20 Year Reunion: Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of 1981
Arcade Games
Namco 20 Year Reunion: Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of 1981 is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Namco and published by Chicago Gaming, which was released in 2001.
Galaga Legions
2008 - Galaga Legions
Xbox 360
The original Galaga captivated players all over the world, and's back with Galaga Legions! But this isn't just a boring remake! Featuring table-turning game dynamics, super-slick visuals, and mind-blowingly vast waves of enemies, this is the definitive version of the arcade shooter classic!
Galaga Remix
2009 - Galaga Remix
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Shoot your fighter’s missiles to blow away waves of incoming enemy aliens in this classic stage-based shooter. Gameplay is very intuitive. It’s easy to pick-up and play!Rediscover Galaga’s trademark “dual-fighter” power-up system, in which shooting ability is...
Galaga: Special Edition
2010 - Galaga: Special Edition
Mobile, Android
The legendary hit arcade shooter returns! Board your fighter and prepare to defend Earth from waves of relentless alien Enemies.
Galaga 30th Collection
2011 - Galaga 30th Collection
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Happy Birthday Galaga !July 23rd 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Namco's arcade shooting classic: "Galaga".To commemorate the 30th anniversary, we've redesigned modernized REMAKES of all 4 titles in the Galaga series: "Galaxian", "Galaga", "Gaplus", and...
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions
2011 - Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions
Pac-Man's world has been unhinged in Pac-Man Tilt. Take control of Pac-Man in twisting 2D platforming levels filled with perilous obstacles, power pellets and wandering ghosts. Using the accelerometer capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS system, players will be able to literally tilt Pac-Man's...
Galaga Legions DX
2011 - Galaga Legions DX
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows Mobile
Get ready for the anticipated follow-up title from the team behind PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX. The Namco Generations team will make you rethink everything you know about Galaga with Galaga Legions DX. Fast-paced gameplay along with fantastic new features, modes, and graphics await those...
Space Galaga
2014 - Space Galaga
Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Space Galaga is an Action game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2014.
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
2015 - Galaga : TEKKEN 20th Anniversary Edition
Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition is an Action game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in 2015.
Galaga Wars
2016 - Galaga Wars
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android
A galaxy on the brink of destruction. Infinite waves of alien enemies. One heroic ship. You know what to do. Fire up the engines, power up the laser chambers as the iconic space-faring shooter returns for its 35th Anniversary in a shower of laser blasts, breathless barrel-rolls and smoking...
Galaga Assault
2016 - Galaga Assault
Galaga Assault is an Action game, developed by Bandai Namco Games and published by Raw Thrills, which was released in 2016.
Arcade1Up - GALAGA
2018 - Arcade1Up - GALAGA
Dedicated Console
Aliens are attacking from space! Use maneuvers and well timed shots to score as many points as you can by taking them out. Careful, they don't only fire back but they can also take control of your ship. Enjoy the authentic gameplay you remember with the Galaga in home arcade cabinet. The Galaga...
Galaga Revenge
2018 - Galaga Revenge
Galaga Revenge is an Action game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in 2018.
Galaga Pocket Player
2019 - Galaga Pocket Player
Dedicated Console
GALAGA Pocket Player Features fully playable 8-bit versions of the out-of-this-world classics, GALAGA, GALAXIAN, and XEVIOUS. My Arcade's signature Pocket Player has a full-color display and is fine-tuned for hours of play through its emphasis on ergonomics and compact design. * 2.75" full...
Arcade1Up Countercade - Galaga
2021 - Arcade1Up Countercade - Galaga
Dedicated Console
Arcade1Up Countercade - Galaga is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Arcade1Up, scheduled to be released in 2021.


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