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G.G Series: Energy Chain
2009 - G.G Series: Energy Chain
An electrifying puzzle game String together dynamos by creating a path for electric current with the same colored paneling to clear the board of these panels in this electricity themed puzzle game! The level of difficulty increases if a certain number are cleared before the time gauge runs...
G.G Series: Conveyor Toy Packing
2009 - G.G Series: Conveyor Toy Packing
Packing toys was never this fun! Deadlines and shipping schedules are coming up and your boss is pushing the Conveyor Toy Packing factory into high gear. Be sure to match boxes with the same colored toys as the conveyor belt continuously feeds you stuffed toy penguins. Pack as many of the same...
G.G Series: Wonder Land
2009 - G.G Series: Wonder Land
Will you venture down the rabbit hole? A vibrant and unique vertically-scrolling shooting game. Set inside the fantastical world of magic, lore and mischief, slip gracefully through what seems to be an impassable curtain of fire from Wonderland-themed enemies. Hitting enemies with your fire...
G.G Series: Z-One
2009 - G.G Series: Z-One
Breach enemy lines in this technical side-scrolling shooter. The enemy has bolstered its defenses with a perilous fortress of blocks. Skillfully maneuver and make use of pods that fire in eight directions to vanquish foes as you advance toward the heart of enemy territory. Each level features a...
G.G Series: Super Hero Ogre
2009 - G.G Series: Super Hero Ogre
Charge up your Superhero Attacks and be a super-cool superhero. An evil army is on the march. Confront it and save the day in this superhero action game. Each time you defeat an enemy with a Hero Attack, your Hero Gauge goes up. Then, with simple button commands, you can use the charged-up Hero...
G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den
2009 - G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den
Jump and slash as a gravity-defying ninja in this acrobatic action game. Control a jumping ninja as he fights his way through a booby-trapped mansion. When your ninja touches a platform, it will automatically disappear and he will jump, making for pretty unstable footing. But where some see...
G.G Series: Drift Circuit
2009 - G.G Series: Drift Circuit
Use your drifting technique to gracefully slide past the competition. Steering around corners lowers your speed, so it's all about choosing the best course line and being able to use your drifting skills with precision. At the start of each three-lap race, conditions for winning will be...
G.G Series: Horizontal Bar
2009 - G.G Series: Horizontal Bar
This is a new type of action game that will have you swinging and jumping from bar to bar, just like the parallel bars in gymnastics. The controls are simple. Grab onto a bar, add momentum to your swing by pressing left or right on the +Control Pad, then jump and spin to the next bar by pressing...
G.G Series: Black x Block
2009 - G.G Series: Black x Block
Assemble the blocks to get to the goal! Create a path to the goal gate found in each stage by taking, rotating and placing the black blocks found throughout each level to make a stairway-like path to your destination. Avoid falling on red blocks or getting caught under falling blocks while...
G.G Series: Vertex
2009 - G.G Series: Vertex
Polygons and vertices! Approaching polygons with missing vertices need to be completed before they cross the border line! Shoot the lacking number of vertices to complete each shape and clear it from the screen. The X, Y and A buttons each fire a different number of vertices and ammo is...
G.G Series: Dark Spirits
2010 - G.G Series: Dark Spirits
In this side-scrolling shooter, it's up to you to destroy the enemy by making use of the four familiars that fly in formation around your vessel. Quickly switch the formation pattern of your familiars with the touch of a button. When you destroy an enemy, its soul becomes available to collect....
G.G Series: D-Tank
2010 - G.G Series: D-Tank
You control a tank that can respawn any number of times. The focus of this shooting game is to put your life on the line to successfully carry out a variety of defensive and offensive missions. In defensive missions, you must take out the enemy tanks targeting your base before it is destroyed. In...
G.G Series: Assault Buster
2010 - G.G Series: Assault Buster
Hold your position as the last defense! You are the last defense against the assault of a robot army! Pit yourself against wave after wave of enemy forces while using your high speed boost maneuver to fly in 8 different directions to avoid fire with the goal of total enemy annihilation....
G.G Series: Drilling Attack!!
2010 - G.G Series: Drilling Attack!!
Drill your way into action!! Run, jump and drill your way through a maze full of enemies and danger deep beneath the Earth's surface. Many robotic enemies stand in the way of you and the goal to rid the subterranean world of these machines. Transform and dash through breakable rock and make...
G.G Series: Throw Out
2010 - G.G Series: Throw Out
It's Robot Stadium Style Sports! Choose your robotic team in a 4 on 4 handball match. Each team has their different strengths. Select between Tournament and Team Battle mode. Use tackles or powerful throws to knock down opponents as you push your way down the field. Jump and shoot for the goal...
G.G Series: Exciting River
2010 - G.G Series: Exciting River
Speed your way down the river! Time the L and R buttons to move the kayak. Be careful not to capsize or slow down by avoiding obstacles like driftwood, rocks or other kayaks throughout each course. Keep paddling too so your kayak is not carried away in areas of fast flowing water. If you can...
G.G Series Collection Plus
2010 - G.G Series Collection Plus
G.G Series Collection Plus is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Suzak and published by Genterprise, which was released in Japan in 2010.
G.G Series: Z-One 2
2010 - G.G Series: Z-One 2
G.G Series: Z-One 2 is an Action game, developed by Suzak and published by Genterprise, which was released in Japan in 2010.
G.G Series: Chou Hero Ouga 2
2010 - G.G Series: Chou Hero Ouga 2
G.G Series: Chou Hero Ouga 2 is an Action game, developed by Suzak and published by Genterprise, which was released in Japan in 2010.
G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den 2
2010 - G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den 2
G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den 2 is an Action game, developed by Suzak and published by Genterprise, which was released in Japan in 2010.
G.G Series: Drift Circuit 2
2010 - G.G Series: Drift Circuit 2
G.G Series: Drift Circuit 2 is a Racing game, developed by Suzak and published by Genterprise, which was released in Japan in 2010.
G.G Series: Altered Weapon
2015 - G.G Series: Altered Weapon
Unleash the power of the Altered Weapon! Change from vehicle to robot and back while fending off enemy machines. Infiltrate deep into enemy robot factories. While in robot form use your jumping boost rocket to reach high places with the ability to angle your fire in different directions with...
G.G Series: Cosmo Rally
2015 - G.G Series: Cosmo Rally
A tournament rally has been called for the top racers representing the far reaches of the galaxy. As a representative of Earth, choose from different types of Space Cars and compete against the past times of racers from the solar system, galaxy and beyond. Accelerate at break neck speed but avoid...
G.G Series: Hero Puzzle
2015 - G.G Series: Hero Puzzle
Fight monsters with the Hero Puzzle! Vanquish monsters throughout the land in this fantasy puzzle game! Combining the elements of RPG and puzzle games, the player takes the role of the Hero to strive to combine falling icons together into three or more to attack foes. Unlock different kinds...
G.G Series: The Spiky Blowfish
2015 - G.G Series: The Spiky Blowfish
The Spiky Blowfish!! Take control of the Blowfish and proceed throughout the depths of the ocean. Be careful to avoid the many fish and other dangers you'll encounter on your quest in the deep. Use your Puffer attack to prevent yourself from sinking and to defeat enemies who are close by, and...
G.G Series: All Breaker
2015 - G.G Series: All Breaker
Break all target blocks in each stage! Jump, dodge and smash your way through each stage. The futuristic purple haired warrior Rebecca is on a mission to single-handedly defeat the enemy. They've holed up in their enormous base made of blocks, but Rebecca's speciality is wielding her massive...
G.G Series: Shadow Army
2015 - G.G Series: Shadow Army
Infiltrate deep into enemy lines! They've sent you, a lone special ops soldier, to infiltrate deep into enemy lines in order to take out an army of mercenaries in this top-down shooter. Use your arsenal of weapons to take out adversaries and proceed through the enemy base, utilizing cover of...
G.G Series: The Hidden Ninja Kagemaru
2015 - G.G Series: The Hidden Ninja Kagemaru
A Ninja game of Hide and Seek The ninja is known for espionage and stealth rather than a frontal attack. Using your skills as the ninja Kagemaru, engage in a precarious game of hide and seek to infiltrate deep into a castle filled with evil samurai. Your mission is to retrieve the secrets on...
G.G Series: Run & Strike
2015 - G.G Series: Run & Strike
Show them you have the racket skills! An action game using the racket and ball: Use your skills with the racket to strike so the ball hits targets that appear on the brick wall before you! If the ball hits the wall and there is no target, that part of the wall begins to crack, and breaks after...
G.G Series: Nyokki
2015 - G.G Series: Nyokki
What is Nyokki? Nyokki is on the loose! Nyokki is hungry! Control the nano creature Nyokki, which is wandering through each stage to consume little bits of food. Nyokki can't stop moving forward so use the L and R buttons to steer Nyokki away from barriers and other obstacles or the A...
G.G Series: Air Pinball Hockey
2015 - G.G Series: Air Pinball Hockey
Is it Air Hockey? Is it Pinball? It's Air Pinball Hockey!! Enjoy the best of both worlds in this hybrid action table top style game. Use the "Smasher" to strike the puck away from your goal space and into the score bumpers and other targets above. Fulfill the conditions of each stage to...
G.G Series: Great Whip Adventure
2015 - G.G Series: Great Whip Adventure
The Great Whip Adventure Don the hat and take up your whip as you embark on an adventure through the ruins of an ancient civilization. Many different kinds of dangerous creatures and other traps lie in wait, ready to ambush you, but wield your trusty whip to subdue your attackers and to jump...
G.G Series: The Last Knight
2015 - G.G Series: The Last Knight
Brave the depths of an ancient dungeon. You are the last of the knightly order who still followed the ways of chivalry on a mission to brave the depths of the dungeon. To reach your quest's end you must brave the many perilous creatures of the deep. However, the knight's prowess with the sword...
G.G Series: Vector
2015 - G.G Series: Vector
Can you handle the "Vector"? Falling blocks with arrows need to be arranged according to color and arrow direction! Manipulate the blocks and their arrows to create a path or "Vector" of four or more to clear them from the screen. If the blocks pile up to the top of the screen, it's game over....
G.G Series: Score Attacker
2015 - G.G Series: Score Attacker
Blast your way to the Hi Score! Control your fighter craft through space to destroy enemy ships in this top down action shooter! Avoid shots from enemies while collecting E boxes that the enemies drop to charge your "α" Cannon which fires an extremely powerful sphere of energy and...