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Millennium: A New Hope
2009 - Millennium: A New Hope
Designed in a series of several episodes meant to be released every four months, the first chapter of this addictive new saga will thrill and move players with its epic breath and beautifully developed characters. Fans of the Aldorlea signature will be pleased to know that what made the past...
Millennium 2: Take Me Higher
2009 - Millennium 2: Take Me Higher
Millennium 2 is the sequel to the new epic saga of Aldorlea Games, specialists in RPG and Adventure. Will Marine gather the people she needs so that they can challenge the Lords of Mystrock to a legendary showdown? With magic and marvels a world and journey await you.
Millennium 3: Cry Wolf
2010 - Millennium 3: Cry Wolf
The first two parts of Millennium have gained great support and following from players and critics alike. Now young Marine and her friend Benoit face further trials and adventures as they strive to bring new fighters together. Their ultimate aim - to gather 13 warriors and challenge the leaders...
Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset
2011 - Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset
Marine and her friends have six days to find the four remaining warriors and make it to the showdown! With such tight schedule and dramatic events piling up, Marine's nerves are all over the place. But Jeanne the tiny fairy is back! And this alone helps even the balance! Millennium 4 is the...
Millennium 5: The Battle of the Millennium
2013 - Millennium 5: The Battle of the Millennium
Marine has less than a week to get her friends (and herself) ready for the incredible showdown in Mystrock. But as tempers flare and time runs out, isn't the whole enterprise in danger of failing from the start? Is Marine's vision a glorious quest... or a sinking ship? And how can peasants face...


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