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We Sing
2009 - We Sing (2009)
We Sing will be released in time for the festive season, exclusively for the Wii. It's not going to be a quiet Christmas day. Now the whole family can sing their hearts out at the same time to their favorite tracks.
We Sing: Encore
2010 - We Sing: Encore
The We Sing party just got louder! Now jam packed with 40 great songs, more new features than you can shake a stick at, real Karaoke mode, a Jukebox mode, in-game Awards and if you need any help with the vocal chords, try the new Singing Lesson mode... plus lots more! - The first game featuring...
We Sing: Robbie Williams
2010 - We Sing: Robbie Williams
Sing your heart out with Robbie Williams and friends! One of the greatest performers of our time has been immortalised in his own video game. Robbie Williams... singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer and modern legend, celebrates 20 years in the music industry. We Sing Robbie Williams lets...
We Sing: Down Under
2011 - We Sing: Down Under
We Sing Down Under It's time to party Aussie style! We Sing Down Under features 30 awesome songs from a wide range of huge Australian artists, old and new. A great mix of songs that will surely get the blood bumping, the tears shedding, the heart rate jumping, and the vocal chords rocking! To...
We Sing Superstar Quiz
2011 - We Sing Superstar Quiz
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Welcome to the We Sing Superstar Quiz!Test your musical knowledge with over 2000 questions from a variety of genres, including 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Dance, R&B/Urban, Rock, Pop, Albums, Pop Luck, and the special We Sing Bonus Round. The We Sing Bonus Round questions relate to songs...
We Sing: Deutsche Hits
2011 - We Sing: Deutsche Hits
We Sing: Deutsche Hits is an Action game, developed by Le Cortex and published by Nordic Games Publishing, which was released in Europe in 2011.
We Sing: UK Hits
2011 - We Sing: UK Hits
We Sing UK Hits for Wii will offer the best of British music spanning an incredible six decades of music - with both classic and contemporary British artists combining to produce a blockbuster tracklist showcasing the best music the UK has to offer. While the full tracklist will be announced...
We Sing: Rock!
2011 - We Sing: Rock!
We Sing Rock! will be the fifth title to be released in the UK and eighth overall in PAL territories. We Sing Rock! will feature some never-before-featured classic rock songs alongside current headbangers. Covering four incredible decades of music, the tracklist is shaping up to be one of the...
We Sing: Pop!
2012 - We Sing: Pop!
We Sing Pop! a brand new addition to the We Sing range of games for Wii it will feature 40 of the greatest pop tracks around. We Sing Pop! will be available in Europe and the US on Wii and will feature some of the most well-known pop hits covering four poptastic decades. The look and feel of...
We Sing: 80s
2012 - We Sing: 80s
Get into the groove with We Sing 80s and sing along to the biggest songs from one of music's best-loved decades. Featuring era-defining artists and a host of fantastic multiplayer features, We Sing 80s will have you singing the same songs that you sang into your hairbrush all over again, but this...
We Sing: Deutsche Hits 2
2012 - We Sing: Deutsche Hits 2
We Sing: Deutsche Hits 2 is an Action game, developed by Le Cortex and published by Nordic Games Publishing, which was released in Europe in 2012.
We Sing
2016 - We Sing
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
We Sing returns bigger and better than ever before! Featuring the hottest hits from the worlds biggest artists, from across five decades including original recordings from artists including ABBA, David Bowie, Sia, Shawn Mendes and Wiz Khalifa along with their official HD music videos. We...
We Sing Pop!
2017 - We Sing Pop!
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Featuring the hottest sounds from the world's biggest artists, including chart-topping hits from The Chain-smokers, Bruno Mars, Lorde, Beyonce, Siam and Sean Paul along with their official HD music videos. We Sing Pop brings the award-winning party experience, direct to the comfort of your living...
We Sing America
Canceled - We Sing America
We Sing America is an Action game, published by Nordic Games Publishing, which was cancelled before it was released.


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