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Games in the "Antz" Franchise

1999 - Antz
Game Boy Color
Z is one of millions of worker ants. So the chances of catching Princess Bala's eye are pretty slim. If he can defeat the evil General Mandible, than may be Z will become a true hero and win the princess's heart in the land of Insectopia.
Antz Racing
2001 - Antz Racing
Game Boy Color
It's up to you to find all the pieces to the map that will lead you to "iINSECTOPiA"! Featuring your favorite characters from the hit movie Antz - Z, Bala, Weaver, Colonel Cutter, Azteca and General Mandible. Zoom around in zany vehicles like the sardine can, nutshell and more! Race through 5...
Antz World Sportz
2001 - Antz World Sportz
Game Boy Color
Meet the Antz World Sportz challenge, and experience the excitement of ant-thlete sportz - down to the tiniest detail! - Meet your favourite Antz characters once again: Z, Princess Bala, Weaver and General Mandible will all be joining the games! - 8 world-class sportz activities designed on an...
Antz Extreme Racing
2002 - Antz Extreme Racing
Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC, Game Boy Advance
0.5 MPH is extremely fast, when your vehicle is only big enough to carry an ant! Jockey for first place with your favorite character from the hit motion picture Antz, using vehicles that aren't your typical garden variety. Surf using a leaf, race on a fuse with wheels, even hop on a wasp for the...