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EA Sports Active
2009 - EA Sports Active
Dancing, inline skating, tennis and volleyball are just a few of the more than 25 exercises and activities that combine fitness and fun in an EA SPORTS Active workout. You'll be breaking a sweat in no time with exercises that target your upper body, lower body and cardio. With so much variety,...
EA Sports Active More Workouts
2009 - EA Sports Active More Workouts
Keep going on your journey towards better health with EA SPORTS Active More Workouts, the next iteration from the EA SPORTS Active franchise, the proven fitness alternative for the Nintendo Wii. Stay motivated, with over 35 all new exercises and fitness activities that will challenge you and help...
EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp
2010 - EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp
EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp includes over 70 drills and challenges designed to improve strength, power and conditioning, as well as reaction skills, agility and first step quickness, which are key areas NFL players focus on. Users can choose their favorite team, step into a stadium and...
EA Sports Active 2
2010 - EA Sports Active 2
Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
EA SPORTS Active 2.0* provides total body conditioning using progressive exercise in new prescribed programs. A three-phase, nine-week program provides a fitness roadmap to help keep users motivated and on track of their fitness goals. Additional mini-programs will also be available to add on,...