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Imagine: Master Chef
2006 - Imagine: Master Chef
Imagine cooking up tasty recipes from the perfect pizza pie to sushi. The menu du jour is at your fingertips. Just use the stylus to stir in your favorite ingredients, chop, slice and fry your way to the taste of success. You can do this all in a professional chef's kitchen you designed yourself....
Imagine: Figure Skater
2007 - Imagine: Figure Skater
In Imagine Figure Skater, players live the life of a champion who needs to balance her life between training, school and friends. Girls take on the role of a professional figure skater and use the stylus to perform jumps, spins and a variety of skating combinations.
Imagine: Fashion Designer
2007 - Imagine: Fashion Designer
Imagine Fashion Designer invites players to become hip Manhattan designers handling all aspects of the fashion business, from creating their own line of clothing to directing photo shoots. Online gameplay allows players to share their designs and ideas with friends and fellow aspiring young...
Imagine: Animal Doctor
2007 - Imagine Animal Doctor
Imagine Animal Doctor puts young players in the role of a veterinarian, not only by treating and curing all types of animals, but also by creating new facilities to expand the veterinary hospital.
Imagine: Babyz
2007 - Imagine: Babyz
Imagine Babyz is the first simulation game focused on caring for babies. Players take on the challenges of raising a baby throughout all stages of development and will also be able to take photos and exchange tips and clothing through a unique online component.
Imagine: Ice Champions
2007 - Imagine: Ice Champions
Take on the role of a young figure skater who dreams of becoming a world champion! Learn moves and design routines as you train for competitions all over the world. Then skate your way to the Grand Championship Finals!
Imagine: Rock Star
2008 - Imagine: Rock Star
Imagine Rock Star allows players to create a rock band and select who plays the drums, guitar, bass, and piano. Each instrument has its own unique control using the Nintendo DS stylus. Players have the ability to customize the look of each bandmate in order to become the most stylish rockers....
Imagine: Makeup Artist
2008 - Imagine: Makeup Artist
In Imagine Makeup Artist, players begin as an apprentice and must work their way up to earn the reputation of a professional makeup artist. Players learn to apply makeup using proper techniques, create looks to match their clients' style requests and participate in contests. Use the stylus to...
Imagine: Teacher
2008 - Imagine: Teacher
Play as a rookie teacher who takes over a class in a newly built modern school. At the beginning your class only has a few kids because most of the kids in town are used to going to a school located in the next town over. It is your job to bring those students back to make your classroom and...
My Secret World by Imagine
2008 - My Secret World by Imagine
Your Space to Share Your Place to Shine - Invite your friends to take fun personality quizzes and discover how compatible you are! - Customize your diary with hundreds of colorful icons and backgrounds. - Create your personal avatar and share it with friends. - Your secrets are safe with a...
Imagine: Fashion Designer New York
2008 - Imagine: Fashion Designer New York
In Imagine Fashion Designer New York girls can play as a young fashion designer starting a career in a famous fashion agency in New York City. Discover the glamorous world of fashion and create trendy designs to become the hippest fashion designer ever.
Imagine: Babysitters
2008 - Imagine: Babysitters
Imagine Babysitters allows the player to become a young babysitter and take care of the cutest and most adorable babies. Improve your babysitting skills and develop a nurturing and loving relationship with your baby.
Ener-G Horse Riders
2008 - Petz: Horse Club
DS, Wii, PC, PSP
New Petz The Ultimate Horse Adventure Tame Wild Mustangs - go on an adventure discovering and caring for wild horses. Ride With A Friend - Collect hidden bonuses with a pal and redeem cool unlockable items. Care For Your Very Own Foal - Gain the trust of your foals and horses as you raise,...
Imagine Gymnast
2008 - Imagine Gymnast
Tumble and flip with Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller as your coach! - Compete in 5 unique events - vault, beam, uneven bars, floor and rhythmic gymnastics - Design uniforms and unlock accessories that improve your performance! - Use the Nintendo DSi Camera to customize your teams look...
Imagine: Wedding Designer
2008 - Imagine: Wedding Designer
In Imagine Wedding Designer girls can play the role of a wedding planner and create the perfect wedding for the bride. Choose the bride's dress, veil and bouquet, design the wedding invitation, and select the location, music and more! But be ready to react quickly if your bride is disappointed,...
Imagine: Interior Designer
2008 - Imagine: Interior Designer
In Imagine Interior Designer, you can design and decorate beautiful rooms! Express your creativity in a variety of workshops that let you design furniture, sew curtains, paint walls, create pottery, and more for your clients.
Imagine Party Babyz
2008 - Imagine Party Babyz
In Imagine Party Babyz girls can play as a babysitter and take care of adorable babies. Entertain the babies through hilarious mini-games such as swings, tricycle races, monster chases in babies' dreams, dancing and soap bubbles contests.
Imagine: Movie Star
2008 - Imagine: Movie Star
Imagine Movie Star lets the player experience all the glamour and fun of being a celebrity! Maintain your A-list celebrity status and get invited to fabulous parties, hang out with other celebrities and get spotted at the hottest night clubs or on a dream date. Walk the red carpet in the...
Imagine: Ballet Star
2008 - Imagine: Ballet Star
Immerse yourself in a fantasy world of twirls, jumps, music, fashion, and fun competition. Learn real ballet steps and routines that will help you become a famous ballet star!
Imagine Pet Hospital
2008 - Imagine Pet Hospital
Imagine Pet Hospital is a Simulation game, developed and published by Ubisoft, which was released in Australia in 2008.
Imagine Fashion Party
2009 - Imagine Fashion Party
In Imagine Fashion Party players can star in a TV show and compete in a series of challenges to show the world that you are the best fashion designer! Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as scissors, hair brushes, makeup applicator or other styling and design tools.
Imagine: Cheerleader
2009 - Imagine: Cheerleader
Make a difference for your school and friends by leading the team to victory! Use the stylus to perform different cheers, kicks, lifts, and a variety of routines that will get the crowds pumping and inspire your team! Shop for uniforms, accessories and more using credits earned during play then...
Imagine: Family Doctor
2009 - Imagine: Family Doctor
Become the new favorite doctor in town! Meet and care for patients as you learn about their symptoms and medical history. Diagnose them in fun mini-games, then provide proper treatment and prescriptions. Design a welcoming office for your patients to feel comfortable in. Then discover and defeat...
Imagine Music Fest
2009 - Imagine Music Fest
In Imagine Music Fest, attend a music academy where players are responsible for forming a band, designing their look and band logo, creating a light show and ultimately leading the performance in a rockin' concert. Play the guitar, drums and keyboards in fun mini-games. Invite other players to...
Imagine Boutique Owner
2009 - Imagine Boutique Owner
Design Unique Gifts! - Design unique gifts like flower bouquets, jewelry, and stuffed toys. - Help customers select the perfect gift for every occasion. - Add personal touches to each purchase to keep customers coming back!
Imagine: Soccer Captain
2009 - Imagine: Soccer Captain
Now you can be a part of a winning soccer team with Olympic gold-medalist Mia Hamm as your coach! Interact with teammates on and off the field to build camaraderie and become a better team. Run, kick, pass and dribble as your team competes in local tournaments and work your way up from beginner...
Imagine: Teacher Class Trip
2009 - Imagine: Teacher Class Trip
Imagine Teacher: Class Trip gives you the chance to lead a classroom full of students, this time taking them out to explore the thrilling outdoors on an exciting field trip!
Imagine Detective
2009 - Imagine Detective
Live the thrill and adventure of being a teenaged private investigator fighting for truth and justice! Solve puzzling cases by playing through fun minigames and brain teasers. Use your wit to follow leads, discover clues, take photographs, question witnesses; its up to YOU to solve the ultimate...
Imagine Sweet 16
2009 - Imagine Sweet 16
In Imagine Sweet 16, players embody a young girl who is about to turn 16 and just joined a new high school. How will she become THE girl to know? By planning, promoting and hosting the most awesome Sweet Sixteen parties ever of course - including her own!
Imagine Party Planner
2009 - Imagine Party Planner
In Imagine Party Planner, you get to plan the most amazing celebrations! Join an agency that caters to the most prestigious clientele. Meet with famous clients to plan out their specific requests, from a simple wedding cake to a spaceship for a party among the stars. Design décor,...
Imagine Salon Stylist
2009 - Imagine Salon Stylist
Express your creativity as a famous hair stylist managing your very own beauty salon! As a successful stylist, select hairstyles, color, and accessories for your clients!
Imagine Reporter
2009 - Imagine Reporter
Uncover the latest news scoops as a journalist in Imagine Reporter! Build your career from a local newspaper reporter all the way to hosting your very own national TV show! Develop exciting news stories, track information in the field, and take photos. Interview movie stars, athletes and more,...
Imagine Zookeeper
2009 - Imagine Zookeeper
Take care of the animal inhabitants in your very own wildlife preserve! Interact with wild animals like lions, elephants, and koalas! Explore the grounds and take inventory of the different species, care for injured animals, and protect the preserve from poachers and pollution.
Imagine Fashion Designer World Tour
2009 - Imagine Fashion Designer World Tour
Design the next big thing in fashion and travel the world to build it into a worldwide fashion label. As a young designer, launch your international brand, open boutiques around the world, and design the hottest, most wanted fashion in the world.
Imagine Artist
2009 - Imagine Artist
Become a world famous artist! Learn to draw, paint and create collages through various fun mini-games and lessons. Manage your budding career as you fulfill client commissions, attend events and more. Share your designs with the world by uploading them to the online Imagine Town Gallery.
Imagine Babyz Fashion
2009 - Imagine Babyz Fashion
You've played with them and cared for them, now it's time to turn them into stars! Prepare for fashion contests, photo shoots and runway lights. Choose the most perfect outfits according to the contest themes and coordinate accessories to match!
Imagine: Animal Doctor Care Center
2010 - Imagine: Animal Doctor Care Center
Diagnose and treat a wide variety of animals that come through your hospital: dogs, cats, rabbits, foals, tiger cubs, pandas, even baby seals! Collect information on each animal to find their nutritional and health needs, every consultation is unique! Set up patients for regular check ups, like...
Imagine Resort Owner
2010 - Imagine Resort Owner
Manage a beachfront resort on a magnificent tropical island and expand it into a luxury vacation spot! Customize the park and beach with exotic landscaping, build facilities to offer fantastic activities, like water-skiing, beach volley, paragliding and more! Provide guests with the most amazing...
Imagine Fashion Stylist
2010 - Imagine Fashion Stylist
Live the thrilling life of a fashion stylist. Express your creativity by finding the perfect outfits for your clients based on their specific requests and styles, whether preppy or elegant. Plus, run the greatest fashion mall in town by opening glamorous boutiques, working with celebrities, and...
Imagine Fashion Paradise
2010 - Imagine Fashion Paradise
Run the greatest fashion mall in town! - Expand and customise your own fashion mall: open new glamorous boutiques and create beautiful window displays. - Become the best manager: advertise the latest "must have products" and organise fantastic catwalk shows! - Develop your own fashion expertise:...
Imagine Babies 3D
2012 - Imagine Babies 3D
Imagine is introducing a 3D baby simulation game where players can interact with the most true-to-life babies yet. As a babysitter, players travel the world caring for babies and helping them grow, keeping both the babies and their parents happy in order to build their reputation and ultimately...
Imagine Fashion Life
2012 - Imagine Fashion Life
Imagine Fashion Life introduces a brand-new ultra-realistic fashion game on the Nintendo 3DS system where players can experience three fabulous fashion careers: fashion design, modeling and mall owner! The 3D game features high-quality, realistic graphics and allows players with a love of all...
Imagine Championship Rider 3D
2013 - Imagine Championship Rider 3D
The first authentic horse game for the Nintendo 3DS system, Imagine Champion Rider 3D invites players to care for more than 15 realistic horses, ride them and train them for world-class performance. Imagine Champion Rider 3D fully leverages the Nintendo 3DS features with the most realistic...


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