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Games in the "Every Extend" Franchise

Every Extend
2004 - Every Extend
Every Extend is an Action game, developed and published by Omega, which was released in Japan in 2004.
Every Extend Extra
2006 - Every Extend Extra
Every Extend Extra is a unique "puzzle shooter," brought to the PSP system by the creators of the critically acclaimed hit Lumines. Every Extend Extra delivers an addictive gameplay experience through a fusion of arcade-style shooting action, cutting-edge music and visuals. Players...
Every Extend Extra Extreme
2007 - Every Extend Extra Extreme
Xbox 360
The latest creation from Q Entertainment, "Every Extend Extra Extreme," or E4, is a unique action-packed shooter where the goal is to perfectly time your self-destruction to create chain reactions that explode surrounding enemies. With outrageous visuals and the ability to play your own...