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Games in the "Exit" Franchise

2005 - Exit (2008)
PSP, Xbox 360, PC
Exit is a unique puzzle game for the PSP. You can play as "Mr. Esc," a professional rescuer, and help people escape from a variety of dangerous disasters. The game features more than 100 different escape scenarios, ranging from exploding factories to flooding subways. Rescued victims...
Exit 2
2006 - Exit 2
PSP, Xbox 360
A new and improved version of the simple, strategic, addictive puzzle action game. Improved in-game quality. Link-up to other forms of media. Up to 400 additional download stages. 10 new gimmicks and two new characters have been added to improve the play. High levels of exciting gameplay. All...
Exit DS
2008 - Exit DS
As professional escape artist Mr.Esc, players maneuver through burning buildings and sinking ships as they dodge disaster and save survivors along the way. Exit DS makes a return to the portable scene with all-new Touch-Screen functionality and over 100 stages to solve.


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