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Darkest Fear
2005 - Darkest Fear
Mobile, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Darkest Fear defines an entirely new category of mobile games, inviting the player deep into a haunting story of hidden mystery and bitter despair. Darkest Fear features 15 challenging levels, each with its own puzzles to solve and hazards to overcome. Furniture and walls leave realistic shadows,...
Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare
2006 - Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare
Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare is the final part of Rovio Mobile's award winning Darkest Fear horror trilogy. The game offers a unique atmosphere and completely new lightning effects like never seen on mobile. Ingenious puzzles, two controllable characters, fifteen different endings and Helen's new...
Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak
2006 - Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak
Rovio Mobile invites you to encounter your ultimate fear in Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak. It has been five years since Dr. Thomas Warden first begun unraveling the mystery behind a series of eerie events at Grim Oak's hospital. Thomas finds an exhausted patient of Grim Oak hospital. The patient...


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