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Games in the "Alan Wake" Franchise

  1. Alan Wake
    2010 - Alan Wake
    Bringing a new style of storytelling to Xbox 360, "Alan Wake" is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the renowned developers of the successful "Max Payne" series. In this dynamic new title exclusively for Xbox 360, players assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling...
  2. Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    2012 - Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    The main story mode in Alan Wake's American Nightmare is part of the 'Night Springs' TV show fiction and offers an exaggerated pulp action adventure where the horrors of reality have the all too easy habit of coming true. Alan Wake finds himself stuck in an altered reality filled with dangerous...
  3. Alan Wake Bundle
    2016 - Alan Wake Bundle
    Alan Wake Bundle is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by ValuSoft, which was released in 2016.
  4. Alan Wake II
    2023 - Alan Wake II
    Shed some light on what has long been obscured by darkness. After 11 long years, the writer's return is a reality and the dangers lurking in the dark are even more sinister than the Taken roaming Bright Falls. Alan Wake 2 turns up the level of dread as our very first dive into the survival...


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