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Games in the "Electroplankton" Franchise

2005 - Electroplankton
Electroplankton is an interactive music-making game. You can control one of 10 different type of electroplankton to generate musical and visual landscapes. Electroplankton uses all the features of the Nintendo DS, including the touch screen and microphone. In addition to the interactive mode, the...
Electroplankton: Beatnes
2009 - Electroplankton: Beatnes
Beatnes are curious plankton with geometrically shaped heads that form vertical strands like seaweed. Their bodies are made up of eight sections, each featuring a distinctive diamond-shaped tail. The sound of a Beatnes can vary wildly depending on which segment of the body is tapped. However, all...
Electroplankton: Nanocarp
2009 - Electroplankton: Nanocarp
Nanocarp have very sensitive hearing. Using their two ears to sense vibrations coming through the water, these plankton can distinguish sound quality and frequency. They display very interesting reactions to the sound of humans clapping or breathing. Nanocarp are also excellent swimmers. They...
Electroplankton: Hanenbow
2009 - Electroplankton: Hanenbow
Normally aquatic creatures, Hanenbow sometimes use floating leaves to launch themselves out of the water, creating strange sounds and melodies as they bounce off the leaves. Entire schools of Hanenbow have been known to launch out of the water, one after another. As a leaf is repeatedly hit by...
Electroplankton: Trapy
2009 - Electroplankton: Trapy
Trapy plankton make sounds as they swim over graceful lines made up of linked triangles. The creatures follow the lines you trace along the water. There are six types of Trapy in all, each with a unique color and sound. All Trapy plankton produce different tones depending on the direction they...
Electroplankton: Lumiloop
2009 - Electroplankton: Lumiloop
Lumiloop plankton are curious, donut-shaped aquatic creatures. While stationary, they have the ability to spin at a very high rate of speed. As they spin, the Lumiloop emit unique sounds and a fascinating ring-shaped glow. Lumiloop plankton seem to always grow in clusters of five. They produce...
Electroplankton: Rec-Rec
2009 - Electroplankton: Rec-Rec
Rec-Rec are fishlike plankton that feed on sound waves. They absorb sound waves transmitted through water and use them as a form of nutrition. The sound waves that the Rec-Rec eat are then stored inside their bodies until they have been digested. Once the digestion process is complete, they play...
Electroplankton: Luminarrow
2009 - Electroplankton: Luminarrow
Luminarrow plankton are famous for their habit of perfectly following arrow-shaped formations. The plankton spin as they move, changing directions as soon as they come in contact with an arrow that's pointing in another direction. The pitch of the sound they make will change depending on where...
Electroplankton: Sun-Animalcule
2009 - Electroplankton: Sun-Animalcule
Sun-Animalcule plankton get their name from their tendency to emit light in a sphere around them. The plankton begin as eggs and gradually grow, emitting light and fascinating sounds throughout their entire life cycle. The sounds they make will change as they grow from infancy to maturity,...
Electroplankton: Varvoice
2009 - Electroplankton: Varvoice
Varvoice plankton memorize the sound of human speech and repeat it over and over. They accomplish this amazing feat by oscillating the long flagellum that extends from their heads. By resonating the vibration with their water-droplet-shaped body, the plankton produce sounds that closely resemble...
Electroplankton: Marine-Crystals
2009 - Electroplankton: Marine-Crystals
Resembling delicate snow crystals, Marine-Crystal plankton float elegantly on the surface of the water. The plankton get their name from their distinctive snowflake shape. They grow in clusters of 35 and line up in very orderly formations. When stimulated, Marine-Crystal plankton spin and produce...