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With A Drive As Powerful As A Missile, It Can Only Be Ernie Els
Challenge Ernie Els - the man with a drive like an Exocet Missile and winner of the 1994 U.S. Open Championship at the age of 24 - in this realistic gripping golf simulation. With his name on the trophies of 13 other championships, Els' 5-year professional career has made him one of the world's greatest golf players. Els is reckoned to have all the physical and mental attributes to be the dominant player in the golf world and is famous for his powerful golf wing which, is said, could give an Exocet missile a run for its money!

- 64K-Bit graphics chip
- True 3D Gouraud shaded landscapes
- Up to 4 players can compete
- 6 different ways to play
- Fully contoured courses
- 4 different courses from around the World
- Action replays from various angles
- Includes a Tournament Mode

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