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FAQ by DTaber

Version: 0.01 | Updated: 03/15/01

				ZOOP (SNES) Version 0.01 
				3/15/2001  08:18 EST

			(c)2001 Daniel Taber. 
                   Please contact me @ dtaber@safeplace.net.

You may NOT use this FAQ for profit, sell this FAQ with other FAQs or 
but you MAY use this FAQ for personal use as long as you give full 
credit to ME.
This game is copyrighted by Viacom Newmedia, and I am in no way 
affiliated with them in any way.
Zoop is (c) 1995 Viacom Newmedia

Okay. Enough of the legal stuff! I don't want to do it, but I have to.


There are two modes of play. They are:

1. Continual: When you finish a stage, all the shapes that are left are 
carried over to the next stage.
2. Level: The screen is cleared after each stage.

Once you select your game, you choose the stage you want to start at 
(stage 1-9), and the difficulty (0-4). The higher the difficulty, the 
more shapes you start with at the beginning of a game (Continual) or 
stage(?) (Level).


WARNING! Bad ASCII Art Follows!!

0059000         | | | |      0100  
Score           v v v v   # of shapes 
                . . . .    left to  
                . . . .   clear stage 
                . . . .
                . . . . 
                . . . . 
->. . . . . . .|. . . .|. . . . . . . <-Shapes start on the outer  
->. . . . . . .|. . . .|. . . . . . . <-parts of the screen and  
->. . . . . . .|. . . .|. . . . . . . <-work their way towards the
->. . . . . . .|. . . .|. . . . . . . <-center (the box) by moving
                -------                 inwards one space when a new
                . . . .                 shape is created in that space.          
                . . . .                 Note that shapes can only be in                         
Arrows          . . . .                 space marked with a period.
indicate        . . . .      Stage #    Now I will show you in greater 
direction       . . . .	          04    detail how they move and how  
of movement.    ^ ^ ^ ^                 they don't.
                | | | |

The art that follows is not the entire screen, but this will help you 
understand the way shapes move. It's kinda like a zoom.

|. . . . . . . 
|. . . . . . .

There are four different shapes. They are: red, blue, green, and purple.

g = green shape
r = red shape
b = blue shape
p = purple shape

Here is an ASCII animation on how shapes move and how they do NOT move.


|. . . . . . b<- A blue shape is created. 

|. . . . . b b<- Another blue shape is created in the same space.

|. . . . b b r<- A red shape is created this time in that same space. 
                 Note that the blue shapes moved to the left (which is 	           
towards the box).


Example 1
|. . . . . . b<- A blue shape is created.

|. . . . b . b<- A shape CANNOT have a space between it and another                          
		     shape! There are TWO exceptions to this. You'll find 
		     them under "Powerups".           

Example 2
|. . . . . . b<- A blue shape is created.
|. . . . . . .<- Note there are two columns here. You see why that's                 
	           needed in the next part.

|. . . . . . .
|. . . . . . b<- Shapes cannot move from column to column!

Part Three: HOW TO PLAY

You start the game with 0 points and a clear screen. Shapes will start 
to appear. You are a triangle that is inside the box. You can't move out 
of the box. You have one of the four shape colors to start the game.
The goal is to eliminate as many shapes as possible.
In level 1, the shapes appear very slowly, but get faster as you 
progress through the game.
How do you eliminate the shapes?
Simple. You just move around, and when you're in the direction and 
column or row you want, press A, B, X , or Y.
Any shapes that are the same color as your man will be eliminated for 
points. However, if you hit a shape that is NOT the same color as your 
man, the shape will become the color of what your man was, and you will 
become the same color as the shape you hit. The scoring is as follows:

One shape with one move: 100 pts
Two shapes: 100+200=300 pts
Three shapes: 100+200+300=600 pts
Four shapes: 100+200+300+400=1000 pts
Five shapes: 100+200+300+400+500=1500 if on a row, otherwise...
Column of five shapes: 100+200+300+400+500+5000=6500 pts!
Six shapes: 100+200+300+400+500+600=2100 pts
Row of seven shapes: 100+200+300+400+500+600+700+10000=12100 pts!!

If any shape gets inside the box, your game is over!!

Part Four: POWERUPS 
There are four powerups in the game. When you collect them, you look 
like that powerup until you use it. You can control what you do with it, 
but when you hit ANY shape, you lose the powerup.
They are:

star(?): Clears one row or column on one side. Worth 100 pts for each            
	   shape cleared.
paint blob: Clears all of the shapes that are the same color as the   	      
FIRST shape you hit on that side ONLY. 100 pts for each    	      shape 
eliminated. Exception number one to the "no space   		between 
shapes" rule.
lightning bolt: Clears any shape directly next to the FIRST SHAPE
                it hits and the next two layers after that. ASCII would          
		    help here. And here it is:

			|. . b B R G p
                  |. . . l B B b
                  |. . . R P B g

l = lightning bolt

Any letters that are capitalized would be eliminated. 100 points per 
eliminated shape. This is the second exception to the "no space between 
shapes" rule.

        If you collect five of these, the ENTIRE SCREEN IS CLEARED OF        
	  SHAPES! Helps EXTREMELY well when you're about to lose!! 100  	  
points for each shape eliminated when screen is cleared when 	  five 
springs are collected.


ZOOP Internet High Scores
Rank         Score             Name               Shapes Eliminated 
            ???,???		 ???????                 ??????

In case of a tie in score, whoever eliminates more shapes gets 
higher/highest rank. 
To help weed out false scores, you need to send me a Snappy or 
equivilent stuff or a photo WITH THE SYSTEM IN THE PICTURE!!

A big thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
Also a big thank you to my dad, who bought me this game.

A few shout-outs to all the people in Philly, my bro David and his buds, 
my buds (especially Jon!), the Philadelphia 76ers,  the Philadelphia 
Flyers, the Philadelphia Phantoms, and all the other Philadelphia sports 
teams! We love you! One last thing...
               76ers ALL THE WAY, BABY!

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