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FAQ/Walkthrough by Crythania

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/22/05


             ***                                               ***
             ***              X-Men: Mojo World                ***
             ***              For Sega Game Gear               ***
             ***                                               ***
             ***   Game Guide and Walkthrough - Version 1.00   ***
             ***        By A.L.T., Copyright March 2004        ***
             ***                                               ***

Table Of Contents

Part 1  - Introduction
Part 2  - Controls And Game Play
Part 3  - Character Analysis
Part 4  - Tips For Success
Part 5  - New Orleans
Part 6  - Cape Citadel
Part 7  - Sentinel Factory
Part 8  - Future New York City
Part 9  - Mojo World Part 1
Part 10 - Mojo World Part 2
Part 11 - Afterthoughts

Part 1 - Introduction

I'm not a hard-core X-Men fan, so please forgive me if my information about
the characters and story isn't entirely accurate.

Mojo World is the third of three X-Men games that made their way to the Sega
Game Gear during the 1990s.  It showcases six playable characters and six
levels of classic platforming action.  The story takes place in the future,
where the arch villain Mojo has risen to power.  Mojo has his own TV show
where participants fight to the death (like The Running Man and Smash TV).
For his latest publicity stunt, Mojo has snatched six of the X-Men from the
past (presumably with some sort of time travel) and imprisoned them in his
TV show to recreate the X-Mens' greatest battles.  Gambit, Cyclops, Havok,
and Shard find themselves imprisoned in this deadly televised game show.

Rogue and Wolverine have to enter the game, rescue their friends from
captivity, and then confront Mojo and find a way back home.

Part 2 - Controls and Game Play

I suggest playing this game on the "Maniac" difficulty setting, as the
"Suicidal" setting is very difficult.  Try it out and go "Suicidal" for a
challenge.  To change the game settings, move the cursor over a word and
press Button 1 to change the option.

You start out at the entrance to Mojo's TV show.  Press the D-Pad left or
right to cycle through your available characters.  Initially, only Rogue
and Wolverine are playable.  This is a linear game.  Each of the first
four levels houses an imprisoned character and a boss who guards him/her.

Press the Start button to enter the current level with your character of
choice and begin the carnage.

While in the game, you can hold down the Start button to pause the game.  Then
press Button 1 to retreat from the level.  You don't lose anything for doing
this, so do it if you get in trouble.  You'll have to replay the current level
from the beginning, but that's better than suffering defeat.  If your
character is defeated in battle, he/she is out of the game and is no longer

Use the D-Pad to move your character left and right, and press up to enter a
doorway while standing in front of it.  Press Button 1, and your character
will throw a punch.  Press Button 2, and your character will jump.  Press
Button 2 twice to perform a double jump.  You can't hold Button 2 and then
press it again at the height of your jump; you have to press it twice quickly.
This doesn't allow for double jumping as high as you might sometimes want to,
but we gotta deal with it.  Naturally, you can jump and then attack while in

Push down to crouch.  Naturally, you can attack while crouched.  Some
characters have a longer reach while crouched, while others perform better
while standing.  I'll cover these details in the "Character Analysis" section.

Press the Start button to activate your character's mutant power.  Each
character has a different special power.  Attacking with your mutant power
does more damage than a normal punch, but it also uses up some of your power.
For the most part, you can leave your mutant power activated throughout the
entire game, and it'll only drain when you use it.  There is one exception to
this, which I'll cover in the "Character Analysis" section.  To turn off your
mutant power, press Start again.

Rogue can fly while her mutant power is activated.  Press Button 2 twice to
fly, and use the D-Pad to move in any direction.  To stop flying, either land
on the ground or turn off your mutant power.

There are two considerations in this game.  Health and power.  Your health
bar is the yellow bar at the upper left corner of the screen.  Your power
bar is the blue bar that appears underneath the health bar when your mutant
power is activated.  If you use up all of your power, you won't be able to
use your special powers anymore.  If your health bar is depleted, your
character is defeated.

Scattered about the levels are red hearts and X-Power-Ups (a circle of four
red X's).  Hearts replenish some of your health.  X-Power-Ups replenish some
of your power.

That about covers the basics.  Let's meet our cast of characters.

Part 3 - Character Analysis

There are two archetypes of characters here.  The abundant shooters, and the
powerful (and probably much overlooked) melee combatants.  Most of the bad
guys in this game fire bullets or lasers at you, so it may seem
counterproductive to walk up to a well-armed gunman and punch him in the nose
when you could just attack him from a safe distance.  Well, such logic
doesn't always prevail here.  Let's have a look at the two melee combatants

She has red hair and wears a green and yellow outfit.  She's available at
the beginning of the game.

Rogue has two mutant powers.  She can fly, and she has super strength.  She
also has the most health of anyone in the game.  Her health bar looks the
same as everyone else's, but she takes much less damage from hits than the
other characters.  She also has the most power of anyone in the game, and
she can remain airborne for quite a long time.  In fact, you'll barely
notice her power bar draining ever so slowly as you fly around. Rogue is the
strongest character in the game, in terms of both health and power.

Leave her mutant power activated throughout the game.  Three powerful
punches will defeat the various bad guys (as opposed to eight normal punches).
Rogue can take a hit or two without flinching while she's advancing on a
gunman to take him out.  Don't worry about it.

Rogue has a longer reach while crouched.  Her standing punches work fine, but
I get better results while attacking from a crouch.  Her airborne punches
also work fine (that glitch in Gamesmaster's Legacy appears to've been fixed
here).  For best results, advance to striking distance, crouch, and punch

Rogue can easily defeat all of the six bosses.  Remember, she's the healthiest
character, so don't be shy.  Get up in the guy's face and let him have it.
Be aggressive!  Rogue is the best character in this game.

Rogue's Advantages
+ She can fly
+ Healthiest character
+ Most powerful
+ Boss-beating powerhouse

Rogue's Disadvantages
- No ranged attack

He wears a blue and yellow outfit, and he has adamantium claws that extend
from his hands when his mutant power is activated.  He's available at the
beginning of the game.

Wolverine is tough, but he can't fly, which presents him with a few problems
here.  He makes up for it with two awesome mutant powers.  He has adamantium
claws for shredding of his hapless adversaries, and he can heal.  While his
claws are extended, he will slowly regain health if he's wounded.

Wolverine is the only character whose power bar will regularly drain while
his mutant power is activated.  If you only extend the claws when you need
to attack someone or heal for a bit, you shouldn't have any problems.  But
don't leave his mutant power activated throughout the entire game.  If you
do so, you'll find your precious power draining away.

Three swipes from Wolverine's claws will defeat a bad guy (as opposed to
eight normal punches).  Wolverine has a longer reach with his claws while
standing, but he has a longer reach with normal punches while crouching.
You may want to use normal punches on a few occasions to conserve power.
Don't worry about the damage you'll take from engaging enemies with normal
punches.  You can heal it back at will.

Take full advantage of the hearts, grabbing them for healing instead of using
your power.  If you see an X-Power-Up nearby and Wolverine is wounded,
extend the claws and heal for a bit, then grab the X-Power-Up to get back
the power you used.

Wolverine has a little bit of difficulty with this game, and there's one boss
who presents him with a challenge.  He's the second best character.

Wolverine's Advantages
+ He can heal

Wolverine's Disadvantages
- He can't fly
- No ranged attack
- Power drains regularly while claws are extended

The rest of the characters are all shooters.  Let's have a look at them.

He wears a brown cloak and wields a quarterstaff.  To play as him, you have to
complete New Orleans (Level 1).

Gambit is a character of medium-level strength and power.  He's not a wimp,
nor is he a powerhouse.  He has one mutant power.  He can charge objects
with kinetic energy and turn them into makeshift grenades.  He carries
around a deck of playing cards, which he charges and tosses at his foes.  He
can't fly, which makes the game a bit more difficult in some areas.  He runs
through ammo at a moderate pace, has a little bit more power than Havok and
Shard, and he's slightly more healthy.

Leave his mutant power activated throughout the game.  Two hits from a charged
playing card will defeat a bad guy (or eight strikes with his quarterstaff).
He has a longer reach with the quarterstaff when standing.

Unfortunately, Gambit has a crippling weakness.  There is one boss that is
extremely difficult for him to beat, primarily because he cannot toss a
charged playing card while jumping.  This exception aside, he performs above
average and does well against the rest of the bosses.

Gambit's Advantages
+ Ranged attack
+ Good health
+ Good power

Gambit's Disadvantages
- He can't fly
- Cannot use mutant power while jumping

He wears a blue and yellow outfit.  To play as him, you have to complete
Cape Citadel (Level 2).

If you've seen my FAQ for the Gamesmaster's Legacy, you're already familiar
with Wimp-asaurus.  He doesn't perform much better here.

Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men.  One would think he'd be ultra-powerful.
But here he is almost a complete wimp.  He's the most fragile character, and
he runs through ammo at light speed.  You'll find your power quickly draining
as he uses his only mutant power, the optic blast.  He can aim in any
direction.  Hold down Button 1 and aim with the D-Pad, then release Button 1
to fire.

You'll have to use normal punches half the time to conserve power.  And to
add insult to injury, Cyclops can't safely fall as far as the other
characters.  You'll find him taking damage from long falls that don't affect
his fellow team mates.  Is that wimpy or what?

There are two places in this game where Cyclops redeems himself.  Sort of.
The rest of the time, he is the worst, and he is the worst against bosses.
Because he runs through ammo so quickly, he's reduced to normal punches to
finish off the fight.  And I remind you, he's the most fragile character in
the game.  Most of these battles are going to be very close matches, if you
win at all.  Misses are deadly here.  If you miss a shot, that's some good
damage you'll have to make up for with normal punches after your power runs
out.  And your power will inevitably run out because Cyclops has the least
power of anyone in the game.

Cyclops' Advantages
+ Ranged attack
+ Can fire in any direction

Cyclops' Disadvantages
- He can't fly
- A frail combatant
- Runs through ammo very quickly

He wears a dark blue outfit with a white circle on his chest.  To play as
him, you have to complete the Sentinel Factory (Level 3).

I'm not familiar with this guy.  Apparently, he is Cyclops' younger brother.
He can absorb ambient cosmic energy (whatever that means) and release it as
energy blasts.  He runs through ammo at a moderate pace, and he has average
health and power.  He can't fly, which makes the game a bit more difficult
in some areas.

Two energy blasts will defeat a bad guy (or eight normal punches).  His melee
reach is longer while standing.  You may want to use normal punches here and
there to conserve power, as he runs through his ammo a bit faster than Gambit

Havok doesn't get to fight the boss that is so hard for Gambit to beat.  But
he suffers from the same weakness, which presents him with some problems on
a level with airborne attackers.  Against the three bosses that he gets to
fight, he does well.

Havok's Advantages
+ Ranged attack

Havok's Disadvantages
- He can't fly
- Cannot use mutant power while jumping

She wears a dark blue outfit.  To play as her, you have to complete Future
New York City (Level 4).

I'm not familiar with this person, and I don't know what her mutant power is.
In this game, she fires some sort of energy blast.  Shard is pretty much the
same as Havok.  She runs through ammo at a moderate pace and has average
health and power.  She can't fly.

Her melee reach is longer while standing.  Playing Shard is pretty much the
same as playing Havok.

Shard's Advantages
+ Ranged attack

Shard's Disadvantages
- She can't fly
- Cannot use mutant power while jumping

Character Ranking
Here's my ranking of the six characters, from best to worst.

1. Rogue
2. Wolverine
3. Gambit
4. Cyclops
5. Havok/Shard

Trust me, I am not biased in favor of Rogue or against anyone else.  The
analysis and ranking here are based on how well each character performed for
me in this game.

Rogue consistently out-performed everyone else by a wide margin.  The ability
to fly makes the entire game much easier, and Rogue is the healthiest
character.  Wolverine has some difficulty here and there, mostly due to
terrain issues.  The hardest boss presents him with a challenge.  Gambit
is better throughout most of the game than the rest, but the hardest boss is
nigh unbeatable against him.  Havok and Shard have great difficulty with one
of the levels that they can play because they cannot use their mutant powers
while jumping.  Gambit performs better here with his quarterstaff, and Cyclops
redeems himself (he can shoot in any direction).  This exception aside,
Havok and Shard do perform better than Cyclops, both on the ground and against

There is one consideration that changes this picture: the hardest boss in
the game.  On his level, covered in Part 7 of this guide, our ranking looks
a little different.

1. Rogue
2. Wolverine
3. Cyclops
4. Gambit

Havok and Shard don't get to fight this boss, but they would perform just as
badly as Gambit does.  Rogue is still the best here (she's completely in her
element).  Cyclops redeems himself, but not by much.  There's a huge
performance gap here between Rogue and Wolverine, a big performance gap
between Wolverine and Cyclops, and a huge performance gap between Cyclops
and Gambit.

This game was made for Rogue.  She is completely in the zone throughout the
whole thing.  Wolverine is a viable combatant, but some terrain issues trip
him up on occasion.  They also trip up the rest of our cast, except for Rogue.
Against bosses, Wolverine easily out-performs everyone except Rogue.  Cyclops
out-performs Gambit against the hardest boss in the game, and he does well
against airborne opponents (this is a huge victory for Wimp-O-Rama, who
finally manages to redeem himself).  The rest of the time, Gambit easily
out-performs Cyclops, Havok, and Shard.  Finally, Havok and Shard find
themselves in trouble when facing an airborne foe.  Hmm, two characters who
are even more wimpy than the Wimp-asaurus.  Without Rogue and Wolverine, this
band of losers would be doomed.

For an easy game, play Rogue.  For a moderately difficult game, Wolverine is
your guy.  For a moderately difficult game and mind-numbing encounter with
the hardest boss, choose Gambit.  For a hard game but easier time of it
with the hardest boss, give Cyclops a go.  For a moderately difficult game
and hard time of it with airborne attackers, go with Havok or Shard.

Of course, you could always mix and match, using characters who are best
suited to the current level you're playing.  Rogue effortlessly plows through
the whole game.  Wolverine has a little bit of difficlty on Levels 2 and 3.
Gambit has great difficulty with the Level 3 boss.  The rest are par for the

Part 4 - Tips for Success

Here are some general tips that work for every character.

Men With Guns
Most of the bad guys wield some sort of gun and will fire bullets or lasers
at you.  Here are some ideas on how to deal with these gun-toting thugs.

The bullets and lasers only travel a certain distance.  If you're walking
along and you hear the sound of a gunshot, immediately turn around and back
off.  If you're fast enough, you'll see the shot disappear behind you.
The gunman (who is off-screen at this point) will advance on you (because
you're not in his firing range anymore).  Advance on him and take him out.

If there's adequate clearance overhead, you can also jump over the shot
and land close to the gunman.  This works wonders if you're playing as Rogue
or Wolverine.  Jump over the bullet or laser, land close to the guy, and
start punching/clawing away.

Some of the gunmen will be stunned when you score a hit on them.  For
example, a gunman fires a shot at you, you advance and hit him, and he
appears to be stunned for a moment, unable to fire his gun again.  Don't
hesitate or back off.  Keep hitting him.

Others will keep firing regardless of anything.  Be aggressive on these guys
and get rid of them as quickly as you can.

Some of the gunmen here will crouch and fire at you.  Attack them from a
crouch, just in case he gets under your line of fire.

Do Not Touch
Running into a bad guy does a lot of damage to you.  Try not to touch anyone.
This goes double for boss battles.  Most of the bosses in this game are
aggressive melee combatants, so your shooters are pretty much out of their
element.  You'll have to work at it to keep some distance on them.  When
fighting melee, try to stay at the maximum range you can be from him
while still being able to hit him.  If he moves away, advance on him.  If
he moves toward you, get out of there quickly!


Unlike the other X-Men games, this one is linear.  You can't choose the order
in which you play the levels.  I've devoted an entire section to each level
and the boss who resides there.  Some of the levels have quick routes that
will get you to the boss without dilly dallying around.  Many of these levels
are mazes full of extraneous areas.  Explore them at your leisure.  For
bosses, I provide an in-depth analysis of each character's performance
against him.

Part 5 - New Orleans

Level 1.  Completing this level will rescue Gambit and add him to your team.

Mojo has recreated the sewers of New Orleans and populated them with gunmen
and war wolves.  This is a small maze with plenty of extraneous areas and an
extraneous sub-level.  At the bottom, the sewer waters are hazardous to your
health.  It's a small, easy level to navigate.  In fact, you'll notice that
all of the levels in this game are much smaller than those seen in other
X-Men games.

Quick Route
Head right to meet the first gunman.  At the gap, drop down to face another
gunman.  Keep going right and drop down the next gap to meet a third gunman.
Proceed right and jump (or fly) across the gaps, avoiding the damaging sewer
water below and picking up a heart along the way.  There's another gunman to
your right.  Head right and under the staircase.  There's a crawlspace in
the wall near the ceiling.  Go though and get the X-Power-Up on the other
side.  Across some more gaps is a gunman.  At the next gap, an elevator will
take you up to a room with a gunman, a heart, and an X-Power-Up if you need
them.  Keep right along the ground floor, defeating one more gunman to arrive
at the exit.  Above and to your right, on the second floor of the dungeon,
is an entrance to a sub-level.  Defeat the gunman there and head right to
enter the sub-level.  On the ground floor, just head right to exit this level.

A small level with baby war wolves prowling around.  It's not complicated.
Just explore at your leisure.  There are a lot of hearts and X-Power-Ups
here.  Exit at the lower left corner.  You'll be taken back to the beginning
of New Orleans.

War Wolf
This large white war wolf will advance and attack with his claws.  He'll also
jump at you.  The shooters would be out of their element here, as this guy
is aggressive, always keeping close to you.

Versus Rogue Or Wolverine
Like all boss fights in this game, this is a fight to the death.  Rogue and
Wolverine can both easily take this guy.  Just crouch and punch/claw away.

War Wolf's Lethality Rating - 1 out of 5

Part 6 - Cape Citadel

Level 2.  Completing this level will rescue Cyclops and add him to your team.

Mojo has recreated an army base.  Gunmen, bazooka-wielders, and guys with
grenade launchers are all over the place.  If you fall into one of the gaps,
you'll fall off the bottom of the screen, lose some health, and restart the
level from the beginning.  If this happens, any power-ups you previously
collected will be back where they were when you started out.  This is where
Rogue is in her element, as she can fly over the gaps while Wolverine and
Gambit have to double jump.  It takes some practice to get the double jumps
right.  Cape Citadel is a linear, left-to-right level with no quick route.

As you start out, you can fall down the hole to your left to land in a secret
passage that leads to a heart.  From the building where you started, cross
the gap and get on the upper path on the rooftops.  There's a gunman and a
heart up here.  Proceed right and get rid of the guy with the bazooka.  Go
right, drop down, and head left for a heart.  A gunman attacks as you near
the heart.  Head left and defeat the guy with the grenade launcher.  The
doorway here leads to a secret room with a heart and X-Power-Up.  When you
leave the secret room, you'll be back at the start of this level.

Head right and cross three gaps.  Take the upper path again, jumping up to
the rooftops.  There's a gunman and a bazooka guy up here.  Keep heading
right for another gunman.  Now go back left and drop down the gap (it's the
third gap you crossed over earlier).  You'll land in a secret passage that
leads to an area underneath a platform.  There are two hearts and two
X-Power-Ups here.  Jump up to the platform above and take out the gunman
there.  Head right for another gunman and get on the roof and confront
another bazooka guy.  There's an X-Power-Up here.  Head right and drop down
next to a guy with a grenade launcher.

Head right across two gaps.  The doorway here leads to a secret room with
two hearts and two X-Power-Ups.  When you leave the room, you'll emerge at
the beginning of this level.  Get on the roof again and take out the gunman
there.  Stay on the roof and confront another gunman.  Drop down and head
left for another gunman and a heart.  Jump over the crates to your right.
Drop into the pit here to land in a secret tunnel that leads to an area with
two hearts and an X-Power-Up.  From there, jump up and head right.  Jump
across the gap this time to exit the level.

Most of the secret areas in this level are extraneous.  I just wanted to show
you all of the secrets here.  You shouldn't need to visit them all.

Another melee combatant.  He'll float in the air above you, moving back and
forth.  When he is airborne, he is surrounded by glowing energy and is
invulnerable.  When he floats down to land, he becomes vulnerable for a
moment as he attacks.  Magneto is aggressive and will stay close to you, so
don't bother trying to back off.

Versus Rogue Or Wolverine
When he floats down toward you, move toward the corner.  Crouch and hit him
a couple times each time he's vulnerable.  Stay crouched in the corner to
avoid taking damage from his glowing energy while he's invulnerable.  Easy

Versus Gambit
You're not gonna be able to put distance on him, so don't bother to try.
Use the same strategy as Rogue and Wolverine.  Just unload on him when he's

Magneto's Lethality Rating - 3 out of 5

Part 7 - Sentinel Factory

Level 3.  Completing this level will rescue Havok and add him to your team.

This is a maze with plenty of extraneous areas.  Again, if you fall off the
bottom of the screen, you'll lose some health and restart the level at the
beginning.  Steam vents are a constant threat to your health, as are the
myriad laser-firing robots who appear and disappear.  When a robot disappears,
he'll usually reappear nearby to your left or right.  The robots fire lasers
in all directions.  Again, Rogue is in her element here, as she can fly over
the gaps and easily fly past steam vents.

Quick Route
Head right, deal with the robot, and ride the conveyor belt.  Wait until the
first steam vent fires off its exhaust, then jump onto the conveyor for a
safe ride across.  Drop down, ignore the robot to your left, and jump up to
your right.  There's a robot here that you'll have to deal with.  Go up as
far as you can go and head right to confront another robot.  There's a heart
here.  Head right and drop down.  Go down as far as you can go.  Get rid of
the robot down here.  Jump over the pile of crates to your left and go
through the wall to find a secret room with a heart.  Go back to the right
and enter the doorway.  Ride the conveyor belt across, drop down, and slay
two robots in this area.  To your right is an area with two hearts if you
need them.  Head left and enter the doorway.  Ride the platform across the
gap and deal with a robot on the other side.  The next conveyor belt will
impede your progress while steam vents above damage you.  Wait for the first
steam vent to fire, then quickly jump across the conveyor.  There's a robot
on the other side.  Head up into an area with two robots.  Get rid of them.
To your left is a heart.  Go up the elevator.  At the top, jump through a
wall to your right for an X-Power-Up.  Drop down to the middle platform and
head right to exit the level.  If you need more health or power, there are
plenty of hearts and X-Power-Ups scattered about in extraneous areas.
Explore at your leisure.

The conveyor belt you're standing on will carry you into the body of this
large sentinel robot.  The steam vents above will damage you as you try to
jump back to your left.  When the robot's eye starts to glow, he's about to
fire off a laser at you.  Depending on who you're playing, this is either the
hardest boss in the game or the easiest boss.

Versus Rogue
The Rogue-inator is completely in the zone here.  Just fly up to his face
and pound him with punches.  "What?  It's over already?"  Yep, that was it.
He lasted all of two seconds.  Easiest victory ever.

Versus Wolverine
You have to double jump and slash him in the face.  You'll take damage from
the rapidly firing steam vent nearby.  Be aggressive and try not to let the
conveyor carry you into his body (you'll take a lot of damage).  With some
effort, Wolverine can emerge victorious here.

Versus Cyclops
This is the one boss that Cyclops performs decently against.  Aim his optic
blast diagonally to hit the robot's head.  Get in a hit, jump left, then
get in another.  Still, Cyclops is much more wimpy here than Wolverine is.

Versus Gambit
Cyclops and Gambit appear to've switched roles for this battle.  Cyclops is
decent, and Gambit is a total wimp.  He can't fire off his charged playing
cards while jumping.  He attacks with his quarterstaff instead.  This is an
extremely difficult fight.  You have to jump and hit him in the face.  If
all those steam vents weren't there, this would be much easier.  As it
stands, Gambit is badly outmatched.

Sentinel's Lethality Rating - 5 out of 5

Part 8 - Future New York City

Level 4.  Completing this level will rescue Shard and add her to your team.

This is a very simple, linear level.  Just head right to the far wall.  If
an elevator isn't moving here, go back to a room in the middle with a heart
and X-Power-Up, then head back to the right.  The elevator will take you
down to the lower level.  From here, proceed left.  At the end, jump onto
the left-most ledge to exit.  There are prevalent gunmen here, and a couple
aircars on the skyways.

This guy has an interesting ability.  He's only vulnerable when he fires
his gun at you.  The rest of the time your attacks will have no affect on
him.  Unlike the Fitzroy from Gamemaster's Legacy, this Fitzroy's attacks
will push you backward if you get hit.  At the beginning, don't stay on the
left, or he'll trap you in the corner.  Jump or fly over him and land to his

Versus Rogue
Rogue is mean against this poor sap.  I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.
Get up close and watch Fitzroy carefully.  When he draws his gun, crouch.
He'll fire his gun right over your head.  Punch him two or three times while
he's vulnerable.  If you crouch too soon, he'll get wise to your strategy
and fire from a crouching position (but he's still vulnerable while firing,
so punch away).  He moves around a lot, so adjust your position relative to
his.  He never fires his gun while moving.  He'll move, draw his gun, then
fire.  You have plenty of time to get ready for his next moment of
vulnerability.  Even if he does hit you once or twice, his doom is sealed.
Easy victory for Rogue.

Verus Wolverine
Here we find out how the great clawed one fares against Fitz, and he does
about as well as Rogue.

Versus Gambit Or Havok
Pretty much the same scenario as Rogue, except you don't have to get up
close and you're likely to get hit on a regular basis, especially if you're
playing Gambit (who is taller than Rogue while crouching).  Just unload on
him while he's vulnerable, and even if you get hit regularly, you're still
likely to prevail.  It takes a bit of practice to not waste ammo while he's
invulnerable (timing your shots is more difficult than getting up close with

Versus Cyclops
The Wimp-O-Rama is at it again, putting on display for us one of his key
weaknesses and proving what a moron he is.  Cyclops can't shoot straight
while in a crouch.  He shoots downward, which doesn't help us at all.  This
guy is a total loser.  I played through the game once with him and never
thought about playing him again.  Anyway, get up close and crouch.  Then,
while still crouching, push toward Fitz and fire twice when he's vulnerable.
If you're close enough to him, your optic blasts will fire diagonally and
nail him in the feet.  Do this until you're out of ammo, then finish it with
normal punches.  I say again: Wimp-O-Rama.

Fitzroy's Lethality Rating - 2 out of 5

Part 9 - Mojo World Part 1

Level 5.  Having reunited the team, the X-Men escape from the TV show and set
out to confront Mojo and find a way back to their own time.

This is a small left-to-right level with some hidden areas of interest.  This
is where Gambit, Havok, and Shard falter.  The aircars here will always try
to stay above you as they launch rockets at you.  Rogue can just fly up and
attack them in midair.  Wolverine can nail them with a double jump and a
couple swipes of his claws.  Uber-Wimp redeems himself here.  He can fire an
optic blast diagonally or straight up.  The rest of our team cannot use their
mutant powers while jumping.  Try to lure the aircars down below a platform,
then jump up to the platform and quickly nail them while they're rising to
stay above you.  It takes some practice to do this.  It if doesn't work,
you'll need eight normal hits to defeat an aircar.  Gambit does well with his
quarterstaff, as he has a long reach with it.  But Havok and Shard both have
difficulty scoring hits.

My advice: leave the rest of the team behind and go with Rogue or Wolverine.
The aircars are somewhat challenging for Wolverine, but he can get them with

As you start out, head right to meet the first gunman.  To the right is a
heart.  Go up the staircase to meet another gunman and the first aircar.
There's a heart in the air, and another to the left.  Proceed right to meet
two more gunmen.  Head down the staircase to your left.  There's a gunman
down here.  To the right is a heart.  Go back up the staircase.  As you
proceed right and ascend another staircase, a gunman and aircar attack.
There's an X-Power-Up in the air here.  Ascend another staircase.  At the top
is another gunman.  Proceed right and drop down for another gun-toting thug.
To your right is an aircar.

Go left and enter the building (walk through the wall).  Head left to meet
another gunman.  There's a heart here.  Proceeding left, you'll fall through
the floor.  A gunman attacks as you drop down.  Go up through the floor and
left for a heart and X-Power-Up.  Drop down to the ground floor and head
right for a heart and another gunman.

Proceed right and walk through the wall.  There's a gunman and X-Power-Up to
the right.  Ascend the staircase to meet a gunman at the top.  Jump to the
top of the building to engage a gunman and aircar.  There's an X-Power-Up in
the air here.  At the far right, drop down for a heart.  Defeat the gunman
who's advancing, head left, and drop down to the ground floor to meet the last
gunman.  The exit is to the right.

The Agent
Yet another melee combatant.  He'll advance and attack at close range, then
try to jump on you.  He'll stay close to you, which presents our shooters
with a problem.

Versus Rogue Or Wolverine
Both the Rogue-inator and the great clawed one make quick work of this guy.
Just stand toe to toe with this moron and let him have it.

Versus Gambit, Havok, Or Shard
Unload on him as he advances.  As he gets close, double jump over him and
land to his right.  Get away from melee range, and he'll jump over you and
land to your right.  Back off to the left and unload on him again as he
advances.  Try to keep some distance on him, and you should be fine.

Versus Cyclops
Why is Wimp-O-Matic here?  He's already contributed his one useful talent
to the game (the defeat of Sentinel).  If you must, you will run out of ammo
and have to finish it off with normal, wimpy punches.  A close match for the

The Agent's Lethality Rating - 2 out of 5

Part 10 - Mojo World Part 2

Rogue's quest ends here as she confronts Mojo and puts an end to his
nefarious plans.  "Rogue's quest?", you say.  Why are you playing this game
as anyone else?  This game was made for the Rogue-inator.  Everyone else is
just along for the ride.

Another easy level.  A bit more labyrinthine than the previous one, and full
of extraneous areas.  Explore at your leisure and beat up all the gunmen
and aircars prowling about.

Quick Route
Stay near the top and head right until you reach the right-most wall of the
level.  Nearby is a doorway that leads to an underground passage.  An aircar
attacks as you head right to the exit.

He's a fat guy sitting in a hover-chair with some sort of scorpion tail
prosthetic.  Another aggressive melee combatant.

Versus Rogue
Don't worry about this dork's tail.  Stand toe to toe with him.  Crouch and
punch away for best results.  The Rogue-inator takes off her glove, touches
Mojo, and absorbs his life force.  A mercy killing fit for a total moron.

Versus Wolverine
Much like Rogue, except you'll take more damage during the battle.  Still,
the great clawed one makes quick work of Mojo.

Versus Gambit, Havok, Or Shard
Unload on him as he advances.  As he nears, double jump over him while he
attacks with his scorpion tail.  Try to keep distance on him as often as you
can, and you'll eventually prevail.

Versus Cyclops
What is Uber-Wimp doing here?  I told you, he's already contributed his one
useful ability to the game! (the defeat of Sentinel, which Rogue can do

Mojo's Lethality Rating - 2 out of 5

Congratulations!  Rogue has emerged victorious and found a way back home.
Oh yeah, and she brought the rest of her wimpy friends along with her. :)

Part 11 - Afterthoughts

All said and done, this is an enjoyable game.  Nowhere near as massive as the
Gamesmaster's Legacy, but still fun.  I already knew that Rogue is cool, so
it came as no surprise that she effortlessly plowed her way through this game.
Wolverine is still a cool guy.  Havok and Shard were disappointing, as there's
not much difference between them and Gambit (they're all shooters).  And it
was nice to see the Wimp-asaurus redeem himself in some small ways.

Okay, so we did have a bit of fun at poor Cyclops's expense, but he's a
stand-up guy for grinning and bearing it.  I give him credit for that (if
not much else).  ;)

Long live the Game Gear!  A great portable gaming system.

This guide is copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced in part or in
full without permission from the author.

Copyright 2004 A.L.T.

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