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FAQ/Walkthrough by barney killer

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/30/03

X-Men 2: The Game Master's Legacy

System: Sega Game Gear

Author: barney_killer

Version: 1.1
Date: 10/30/2003

I'm writing this guide because I saw no other ones on the Internet for
this game. X-Men The Gamemaster's Legacy for sega game gear is a pretty
good game. I hope you find this FAQ walkthrough useful. Maybe this will
make the game more fun for you.


There are a couple of key things to think about. The A button is punch.
The B button is Jump. The Start button toggles your mutant power on and
off. Yes, it is stupid to have a mutant power meter, but there are some
impressive powers that make up for it.

Storm/Jean/Rouge can all fly if you turn on their mutant power (Start
button), jump in the air, then hit jump again. You'll fly until you hit
jump again, land on the ground, or turn off your mutant power.
Storm/Jean/Cyclops/Bishop/Gambit will shoot some form of projectile when
you punch while the mutant power is on.

Rouge can use her mutant power to increase her strength a great deal.
Her strength only lasts while her mutant power is turned on, but using
her super strength doesn't seem to drain her mutant power. Flying will
drain her power as it does to Storm/Jean.

Bishop has the best power in the game. He can absorb nearly any energy
blast directed at him. This power is on wheter your mutant power is
turned on or not. He uses attacks against him to charge up his mutant
power and throw it back at his enemies. Physical damage, some bosses,
and certain lasers in Jean's level can hurt him. Also, if you have a
full mutant energy bar and absorb any more energy, it can overload you
and take your mutant bar down to nothing. Try keeping it a tad under
full most of the time. Other than that, he is golden.


These are the order in which I did the levels. You can feel free to vary
a bit, but to follow my strategies you will need to rescue some
characters before others. I have placed the name of the mutant I suggest
using inside the [ ] next to the level name.

*Bishop's Level [Storm] *– This level is a cake walk to finish. It's a
pity, as it also has some of the better music in the game. Just fly over
the entire level heading to the right. You will receive plenty of
powerups to keep you in the air and healthy. Don't fly much above the
sky line or you'll run out of mutant power and/or an enemy will attack
you up there.

The boss is ridiculously easy to beat. All you have to do is fly past
him, land, then start shooting him with your mutant power. He shoots a
blast that knocks you backward. Just don't let yourself get shoved off
into the pit and you'll waste him easily.

*Rouge's Level [Bishop]* – Here you will have a stark contrast to the
easy of the last one. This time finding the boss is the real problem.
The way I found him was to go right and go down the stairs a few
flights. Then head to the left. If I walked by an elevator I knew I
needed to go back to the right and down a little further. If you go down
to far, you will run into a wall where you will see open area on the
other side. It looks like a log drop with ledges. Just keep going up a
level, heading left, until you find an opening. If you see wrecking
balls below you, you should be able to go right, then down, then left to
get in.

The opening you need to find is entered from the left. It will lead to a
darker area with some wrecking balls that swing and some axes that go up
and down. Nothing to major and no enemies, but be aware that your health
will not be restored much before the boss battle. Be patient and
careful. Just as you reach the boss, before you jump down, you can jump
up to the left and after a couple platforms you'll find a heart to recharge.

This boss is a close range, slow fighter. He has a hard time hitting
you, but you are royally @#$#ed if he does. Fire your gun at him until
you exhaust your power, then wait until after he throws a punch and nail
him with one of your own before he throws another. Watch out for his
jumping around so he doesn't hit you, when he lands from a jump, you can
easily get 2-3 punches in on him. Repeat the pattern until he is dead.

*Wolverine's Level [Rouge] *– Now you find out why you went to all the
trouble to get Rouge. This will be the first and only time you use her,
but here she is a big time saver. Start off going through the portal
(stand in front of it and hit Up). When you get to the destination,
click Up again. Keep heading around and go through portals to find the
boss. It is usually the first one you come across that you need to
enter. The level is pretty straight forward, not nearly as bad as
Rouge's level.

The boss here is EXTREMELY tough. That isn't to say he's hard, but he
has a large amount of life and attacks often. Be sure you have full
health or nearly full when you go in. Rouge's extreme strength is
perfect to nail this one. If you use someone else you have to punch,
dodge, punch, etc. With Rouge you will only need to follow him to the
left corner (punch him for good measure along the way) then crouch and
get just the right distance so you can hit him as he moves, hit him has
he shoots, hit him all the time. It's not hard to find the distance,
just stay just beyond his walking and you'll kill him well before he
kills you.

*Gambit's Level [Bishop] *– We return again to the linear left to right
level. All you need to do is make it to the farthest right and you fight
an enemy. There are A LOT of guns here. It will be very difficult with
one of the other mutants. As a general rule, go as high as possible as
you walk through.

For the boss, try to have as much life as possible here. You can dodge
and fight, but a straight out slug match is the quickest way. Just
unload all your ammo into him, then go up and start punching him. He'll
throw tornadoes at you that you could jump over, but it's not worth it.
Just make sure you aren't under him when he jumps on you and you'll win
by punching him to death.

*Jean Grey's Level [Bishop] *– You've probably gotten pretty used to
taking all the hits with Bishop, eh? Well don't get too comfortable.
This level houses the only lasers that can harm him (a glitch maybe).
There are some lasers built into the platforms, they can't be destroyed,
they will hurt him. Just jump or avoid them, they aren't that much of a

The level is a maze. You should go down and right until you find an
elevator. Take it up, avoiding guns, then jump up and left, then go up
further, then head right. You can then go right to the edge, go down a
bit, then work your way back to the left until you find another
elevator. That's the key part, take that one down (or jump down to avoid
most gunfire), then go up the next one, then down and left and you've
reached the boss.

Bishop was made to take this guy out. This boss just fires lasers. Yes,
they are the kind Bishop can absorb! I like to climb under the lower
platform. The only way the guy will hit you there is if you let him fly
into you. Not only can you blast him from there, but you should easily
be able to figure out where to sit so you can punch him all the time. He
goes down without much effort.

*Apocalypse's Level [Jean] *– You can really use any character but
Wolverine or Rouge here, though I'd suggest Jean. The only enemies use
close attacks so Gambit should be perfect with his long normal attack
reach, but the controls are too unresponsive to guarantee it will work.
If you take a flier you can go down the hole at the first temple (area
in the middle of the temple) and avoid a few birds. Just remember to
turn on mutant power before you go down and be read to fly, or you'll
take some fall damage. Oh, if you need energy there are plenty of
powerups on the roof of the temples before you go down.

The second temple entrance leads closer to where you have to start out.
It might be easier to tell you from there, so I'll assume you took the
second. Go down the second entrance and then go down a level and head
right until you are as far as you can go. You will see an elevator (if
not go further down, then further right). Take it down and try each
level it goes by. You'll find powerups at the very least and finally
you'll find a switch. Flip the switch and you're almost done. Go up to
the top of the elevator (the top, there's a lower one right below it).
This is why a flier comes in handy. You can do it faster.

Make your way all the way to the lower left of the map. Start heading
right until you find an elevator like the ones you saw before. The wall
just to the right of it is now semi-transparent. You can enter there to
fight Apocalypse.

To say this boss is the easiest one is an understatement. Just jump out
of his chamber and shoot him from a distance. If you only shoot him when
he's solid, you'll kill him with mutant power to spare and you never
take a scratch from him.

****SECRET CHARACTER**** Apocalypse's level also houses a secret
character! Cable has been captured by Apocalypse and you can get him on
your team. There really isn't much reason to go for him since the
easiest way to do the rest of the game is with Bishop, but it's still
fun to have them all. To get him you will have to go in as Cyclops. He
is the only one of the X-Men who can shot directly upwards. Once you've
gone down the hole into the level, go as far up and left and you will
see the feet of a character. This is the chamber that Cable is being
held in. What you'll need to do is walk all the way to the right most
wall of that chamber and shoot up with your optic blasts. That will
destroy the wall and you can jump up through it into the chamber. Just
walk over to the left until you touch Cable and he is yours. The other
nice touch is you'll pick up a heart and a mutant power for your
efforts. You can now use Cable when you get back to the character select

*???'s Level [Bishop] *– Lasers on all sides, everything shooting,
you'll have a free recharge party on your hands. Make it to an elevator
in about the middle of the level and ride it up.

I'm not sure this boss' name, but DO NOT SIT ON THAT ELEVATOR. He will
roast you like a turkey. This boss has Bishop's mutant power. Only
physical damage can harm him. Your gun will be useless. For some reason,
if you stand up you will not be able to take his blasts, but if you
crouch you will absorb it. Just crouch and hit him, moving away so he
doesn't' walk into you. Do this for a while and you have him beat.

*Game Master's Level [Bishop]* – Run around in the level heading right.
You will have to look around, but the boss is towards the bottom and the

It's deja vu time. The Game Master (I assume that's who this is) is just
like the very first boss you fought. He will throw you back with his
blast. I usually just took the hit, jumped over him, then shot/punched
him, repeated until he was dead. As long as you don't let him touch you,
you'll have plenty of life. You should still be OK if you take a few
hits. He's not a hard boss.

You're done. You have defeated the game.

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