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Get Your Kicks On The Go!

24 countries have shown up to claim the Tengen World Cup. But only one will go home a winner...

Strap on your cleats and challenge the world for the ultimate soccer prize! Show your true colors and rip one past a gutsy Brazilian goalie. Dive on a Peruvian cannonball and save the day. Link up with a buddy and go head-to-head for ownership of the "T" Cup.

Italy, France, U.S., Mexico... Choose your team from 24 of the most recognized soccer powers in the world.

Goal kicks, shuffle passes, penalty kicks, defensive slides...do it all in a four-team elimination race for The Cup.

You'll get a kick out of the hottest graphics and action ever on the Game Gear.

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#2 highest rated GG sports game (#13 on GG, #9052 overall)


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