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Reviewed: 03/20/00 | Updated: 03/20/00

Easy to complete and recommended only for new gamers

Sonic Chaos is not really chaotic in any way (except that the annoying Dr. Robotnik appears once more) but even that, the game is not really challenging.

Graphics – 7
I can’t say the graphics is nice, but the colours are used nicely. The graphics looked way funny, espeacially Sonic and Tails. The backgrounds are nice. Yes, simple and nice but it could be better.

Music – 8
The background music is okay but something can be done to make them better, like adding some life to it by making more sounds. But, the sound effects are okay.

Gameplay – 8
There are two characters you can choose, Sonic and Tails. Both of them have their own unique moves that are useful at certain times. Actually, the game is very simple and you have to fight the boss at the end that is always Dr. Robotnik.

After the graphics and background music, the game itself is not really nice. It’s too simple for some players unless you’re a new gamer and, the puzzles are easy to complete.

Lots of enemies are here (but not too many), together with the same spikes to hurt your character. The rings are still here since it’s a Sonic game and collecting one hundred rings will earn you an extra life.

The fun is still there and you can run towards several zones without knowing that you have reached the final zone and boss.

Replayability – 6
You don’t have anything to do after finishing the game except playing as other character. But, the zones are almost the same for both characters!

Overall – 7
Not a good choice of buying this game but unless you are totally bored and need some fun, this game will be a good choice to you. If you’re a new gamer, then Sonic Chaos will be right for you to practice your skills before you move on to other Sonic games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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