Review by Jeremiah the kitsune

Reviewed: 11/04/03

Hold down right

Sonic chaos was the third Sonic game to release on Game gear yet was my first purchase for my Game gear along with Sonic 2.

Story: If you've heard one story to a Sonic game you pretty much heard them all. Robotnik intends to steal the chaos emralds (familiar am I right?) to build nuclear bombs and laser weapons and destroy south island! The evil Doctor has already snatched the red chaos emerald, causing the emeralds to lose balance and fly into a parallel universe. Now South island is sinking into the ocean. Sonic and Tails have to use all thier super speed and super stunts to stop Dr.Robotink and restore harmony to the universe!... See? like I said pretty much the same thing.

Graphics: Decent, basily the only problem is the bluring that occurs from movement which may be a hinderance at times but aside from that thier detailed and colorful just unimaginative.

Gameplay: This is probably my main complaint about this game, the levels are far to easy and short and beating them basicly involves hold down right on the D-pad and jumping a couple times, the bosses aren't very challenging either espescily knowing that there is a moniter with 10 rings that can easily be obtained make the bosses even more of an after thought. Forturnatly Sega did decide to add a little variety and allow Tails to be a playable character in this game which allows players to explore areas only Tails can reach with his ability to fly but this still doesen't really bring anything more to this game.

Sound: Average Sonic music it's repeditive but it wont be anything that will make you turn the sound off but it wouldn't make you go to the sound test if there was one and the sound effects are basicly the same as they always been.

Replay: Not much, it may have you trying to get the chaos emeralds with Sonic but besides that you'll probably play through it a couple times (which would probably only take a couple hours) then put it up for a year then play through once for old times sake if your like me anyway.

Documentation: Tells you what you need to know not that you really need to know how to play a Sonic game.

Overall: 7/10 for what it is it's a good game but there's this feeling that tells you that there wasn't much effort put into this. If you are a collector like myself go ahead and pick it up but if your not a hardcore Sonic fan you may want to go for bigger game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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