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Reviewed: 12/22/02 | Updated: 09/16/03


Sonic carries a legacy wherever he goes. It doesn’t matter the platform he appears on; there will be a large following of devoted fans that will just pick up the game just because it’s Sonic. So, Sega exploits this weakness in its fans, and releases another Sonic game on the Gamegear, this time entitled Sonic Chaos

The initial impression that I had was “This will just be another game that centers around running through levels in a matter of seconds.” I was right, and there was even more that made this title pitiful. Sonic Chaos is simply a tarnish on Sonic's name.

The first problem that rears its ugly head is the difficulty. Usually people associate the word “Difficulty” with something being unbelievably hard. It’ll soon occur to you that this isn’t the case, after you just fly right through levels like they were nothing. Sonic Chaos is suited for new gamers or young children only. The bosses don’t have any real difficulty to them. You can get hit as many times as you want, providing that you have one ring in your possession.

The bosses are just variations of Dr. Robnick. You just have to exploit the boss’s weak point, and hit it to do damage. Each boss’s weak spot is different. One might be hitting him on the head, while the next one will be on the side of his arm. Outside of the bosses, you have just regular enemies. In the past Sonics they’d have a few enemies that’ll be sneaky and hit you, taking away all of your rings. Sonic Chaos doesn’t feature any of these monsters. Not only that, but it barely has any monsters. Most of the game will center around how fast can you get through the level.

The levels are short and simple. There’s still a few paths that you can take, but there’s nothing on the paths that’ll make you have to pay attention to what you’re doing. Compared to the old Sonics, Sonic Chaos is nothing more than a practice run. There are no obstacles that’ll get in your way, such a blazing fire or bridges that break. You just blaze right through each level. The mission is still the same: Manage to collect all of the rings that you can while avoiding the enemies do you don’t get hit. Collecting the emeralds is already featured, since when hasn’t it been?

Even then, the game lags for some reason. I think it’s the fact that the Gamegear can’t quite handle the amount of stuff that’s going on. The Genesis is a home console, and thus has a lot more powerful processor. The Gamegear is rather small, and the processor in it is a lot weaker. Since the Gamegear basically attempts copy the Gensis’s graphics, it’ll be slower. So when too much stuff starts moving on the screen, the game will lag. This mostly happens when you go around in a loop. If there’s about 3 monsters on the screen (like once in the game), and you’re going fast, then it’ll lag. This might not seem that big, but it’s still a problem that could’ve been fixed.

As stated before: The Gamegear basically mimics that graphics of the Genesis, so they’re about the same. You’ll see all of that same stuff you see in the Genesis’s versions of Sonic. The loops are brightly colored and look gorgeous. The monsters (when you see them) look like little robotic creatures like they should. Grass blows in the wind. Casino slots are vibrant with color. Most of the stages are animated beatifully. The game is basically a bunch of eye candy. The graphics are hands down the only redeeming quality of Sonic Chaos

Then that leads to everything else that’s can’t be classified as “redeeming.” This includes that of the music. The music is nothing but a bunch of horribly composed cheesy beats. If you’re in the industrial level, you won’t hear any type of industrial music. You’ll hear something that’s more suited for the middle of a soap opera. I find this rather amusing and begin to laugh, You usually do that when you find something funny. The sound effects aren’t anything to be impressed by. Since the Gamegear’s speaker can go rather loud, it’s not like you can miss them. Most of them can be summed up by low-toned, quick beats. They’re usually used when you get hit or something of importance happens.

In the end, there’s nothing that’s stand-out about Sonic Chaos.. You can tell that Sega simply used the name Sonic to market this game to a bunch of blind fans that are lead around like sheep.

Final Verdict

Graphics - 9
Gameplay - 3
Sound - 5

Final = 4

All the aspects of Sonic Chaos amalgamate into a repulsive pile of trash. Buy it only for gamers that are new to the scene.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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