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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

If you've ever played a sonic game, you'll know what at expect there

I never really understood the Sonic games, they all just seem the same to me. You run around and collect rings, and this is basically all you do in all of games. Sonic Chaos can be considered Sonic 3 for Game Gear. It's a good portable, but it's just standard Sonic fare.

The game play in Chaos excactly like it is in every Sonic game. You run around collecting rings, and you get to jump on enemies or spin through them to beat them. Dr. Robotnik is here, and he's got several wacky inventions, which seem to recycle from other Sonic games. You get to choose to play as either Sonic or Tails in this installment, so that adds a little bit of life to the game, but they don't control differently enough for it to be too outstanding of a feature. If you just go through the game and beat it, when you defeat Robotnik you'll end up chasing him, but you'll trip! Tails just lets him get away! The only way to get the "true" ending is to collect all of the chaos emeralds. To get the chaos emeralds, you have to play the bonus games. The only way to play the bonus games is to collect 100 rings in a level. Collect all the chaos emeralds and beat Robotnik and he'll be caught!

The graphics are very good considering that it's the game gear you're playing. The enemies and graphics look just like they do in the Genesis games. The sound is great too, considering it's Game Gear. There is a bit of a problem with blurring however, if you like to run through Sonic games quickly, you may get dizzy trying to keep track of the 'hog.

Overall, if you have a Game Gear, it would be a good idea to have this game along too. If you're going on a trip, this game will help you pass the time, but you probably won't want to sit at home playing this game for hours. If you like Sonic and have a Game Gear, you really can do no wrong with this cart.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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