Review by Captain Doormat

Reviewed: 03/30/02 | Updated: 06/14/03

The easiest Sonic ever

Picking up my Gamegear, I consider which game to play. I pick up 'Sonic Chaos', and push it into my gamegear.

It's the Sonic we all know and love. You start at the far left of the level, and work your way right towards the end of the level. On the way, you must collect rings to stay alive when you hit an enemy. If you do hit an enemy, you will lose your rings. If you get hit with no rings, you die. A simple game that works really well.
One thing though. I started playing this game at 9:05. I finished at 9:33, without all of the chaos emeralds, which you need for the proper ending. Getting them would have added roughly 7 minutes to the total play time. There are no unlockable secrets, just the odd secret pathway with some goodies. The goodies consist of a monitor, with the image of an item on its screen. Destroy the monitor to obtain the item.
The bosses are unimaginative and unbelievably easy. The harder ones require you to stand at the edge, and jump onto the boss while it jumps onto you. The rings you have will keep flying in the air and landing back on you.
I was not impressed by the overall lastabilty and challenge that this game has (or had). Yes, it was challenging.. when I was 8.
The levels are thought out and everything, but are too short, and they allow you to run through them without a second thought. I can run through the first level in under thirty seconds.

Six out of ten? You must think I'm out of my mind. The graphics look like they're off the Genesis, clear, solid, and colourful. But the blur! When you move, everything blurs. You can't see what is approaching properly, and the enemies just spring into you.
When 4 or 5 sprites are on the screen at once, the game becomes painfully slow. This is what happens when you expect too much from an old, slow computer.
At least everything looks good when you are standing still.

The sounds are the standard Sonic things, the same ding for when you collect a ring, etc. Nothing new. Sounds are reused to a repetive extent on bosses.

Some of the music is terrible, tuneless stuff. But 1/3 of it is fantastic. So good that I think it's the best music on the Gamegear and/or Genesis. But the other 2/3s are just awful. Augh.

Fun for younger gamers, but for others, just another average platformer.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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