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Guide and Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Version: 4 | Updated: 04/02/2001

Subj: 	UPDATED AGAIN - Sonic The Hedgehog (Game Gear/Master System) FAQ
Date: 	Monday 2 April 2001 13:20:54
To: 	submissions@gamefaqs.com

					For the Master System/Game Gear

FAQ by GavLuvsGA@aol.com

Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of the author. 
Copying of any part of this without including my name is basically not allowed.

Additional note: Some people seem to assume that just because I have written a 
FAQ for a game on one system (even if I don't have a FAQ on it) I have that game 
for another system. I do have this game on the Mega Drive (probably the only 
other version), but please do not start assuming I have all sorts of other 
games/versions. Other Sonic (and Sonic - related) Games I do have are: Sonic 1 
(Mega Drive)*, Sonic 2 (Mega Drive), Sonic 2 (Game Gear/Master System)*, Sonic 3 
(Mega Drive), Sonic & Knuckles (Mega Drive)*, Sonic 3D (Mega Drive), Sonic Blast 
(Game Gear). Please do not approach me regarding any other Sonic games. I have 
written FAQs for all the games that are marked with an asterisk.

Version 4: 2 - 4 - 01

Revision history:

Version 4 - Spill chequed it!

Version 3 - Added note about Scrap Brain Zone emerald 

Version 2 - Not much added really, but extra bit regarding chaos emeralds.


1 The Story
2 Items
3 The sign
4 Baddies
5 Levels
6 How to beat Robotnik
7 Bonus stages
8 1 up locations
9 Chaos Emerald locations

1 The Story                          

I'm sure you all know it; Dr. Robotnik has taken over the planet Mobius and is 
turning animals into robots. This version is similar to the mega drive version, 
but not quite as good as the first few levels are very similar to eachother. 
Each level has a chaos emerald hidden on. Unlike Sonic 2, you can complete the 
game without them, but having them is more satisfying. I have included a 
separate section for them at the end.

2 Items                              


Pick these up and you'll get one hit point. If you get 100, you'll get an extra 
life, but the counter will go back to zero, i.e. you lose the rings. Also, being 
hit causes you to lose ALL of your rings and there's nothing you can do about 

Chaos Emeralds

There is one on each zone; most are in act 2, but not always.

Item Boxes

These look like TV sets and can include:

Restart Points

Most acts have one of these. They have an arrow on the box. Break it open to 
restart from that point.


You get ten rings 


You get an extra life


You get an extra hit point; if you get hit, you'll lose the shield, but not your 
rings. Getting two shields does not get you two extra hit points. They'll count 
as one.

3 The sign                           

At the end of each act (apart from boss levels) there is a sign. Run past it and 
one of the following will appear.

Robotnik: This is the most common. You get nothing whatsoever!

Exclamation Mark

This appears if you have 50 rings or more. You get to go into the special stage 
(unless you're on one of the last two levels).


This will only appear if you have a ring total divisible by 10, AND you're not 
going into the special stage. You get 10 rings.


If you lost a life during a level, and you're not eligible for the special 
stage, this is likely to appear. You get an extra life.

4 Baddies                            

Crabmeat (Green Hill Zone, Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone)

This is fairly easy to kill, as long as you avoid the bullets he fires from his 

Buzz Bomber (Green Hill Zone, Bridge Zone)

Flies overhead and tries to shoot you. 

Chopper (Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone)

Jumps up from under bridges to snap at you.

Spikes (Bridge Zone)

This is dangerous; spin attack this bad guy, by running and pressing down. Don't 
touch the spikes on his shell!

Chop Chop (Labyrinth Zone)

Just swims through the water. These fish are easy to kill (I think they appear 
on this version).

Orbinaut (Labyrinth Zone, Sky Base Zone)

This bad guy is guarded by four spike balls. The ones in the labyrinth zone 
throw theirs, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The other don't, so avoid them.

Caterkiller (Scrap Brain Zone)

Be careful only to hit this bad guy's head, and not the spikes on his back!

Ballhog (Scrap Brain Zone)

These pigs have plenty of ammunition, but are easy to kill as you approach them 
from above. There are only six in the entire game!

Bomb Bot (Sky Base Zone)

Go near these and they'll explode, firing shrapnel into the air. When they begin 
to do so, quickly run out of the way. 

5 Levels                             

Important note: There are no cheats for this version, and there is no level 
select; I've had people accusing me of saying there is one for this game, but 
there isn't.

Level 1: Green Hill Zone

This is fairly simple, with the same music, incidentally, as the mega drive 
version. Whenever you see a sign with a ! on it, it means you're coming to a pit 
so watch out. There's one at the beginning of act 2, warning you of the hidden 
hole (which you have to jump down anyway.) Other than that, its a fairly 
straightforward level.

Level 2: Bridge Zone

Perhaps the most boring zone in the game. All you do is cross a bridge. There is 
very little upward or downward scrolling. Fall off the bridge and you die and 
beware as some of the bridge boards collapse under your feet. The scales - like 
contraptions are used to catapult Sonic over some gaps and up cliffs; stand on 
the left side and the weight will fly up into the air. When it lands, you will 
go flying.
Act 2 scrolls along by itself so be careful. Don't get too near to the right of 
the screen so you can see what's coming. Unlike on Asterix, the back of the 
screen doesn't kill you, it merely pushes you. When you reach the scales, try 
and catapult yourself up the cliff as there is a restart point there. This is 
the only way it can be reached.

Level 3: Jungle Zone

This is like a mixture of the previous two zones. Watch out for the spikes 
carved into the rocks. The best features here are the log rolling sections. Jump 
on the log (well, you can only see the end of it...) and push left or right to 
move across the water. 
Act two goes vertically upwards and its advisable to try and have a shield as 
you exit (there's one available). I recommend you don't activate the restart 
point so if you die you can go back and get the shield again (its before the 
restart point). Also, be careful of the last item box. It has a horizonal spring 
behind it which could catapult you down to the floor again.

Level 4: Labyrinth Zone

While the Mega Drive version of this had me frustrated for ages, this version is 
fairly simple. Most Sonic games have a main "water stage" and this is it. If you 
stay under water for a certain amount of time a countdown will begin from 5 and 
when it reaches zero, you drown. Grab the bubbles that are located along the 
way. Be careful of the platforms that rise. Jump off them as soon as you can or 
you'll be impaled on a bed of spikes! You have to fight Robotnik underwater too, 
but - curiously - you cannot drown on the last act!

Level 5: Scrap Brain Zone

Wow! This is MUCH easier than the Mega Drive Version. Act 1 is the shortest act 
in the game. Act 2 is more complex, with several teleports. To get past this 
section, go along to the point where the path forks (just after you enter the 
factory) and go down and through the door. Go down the passage, killing the 
ballhogs and jump over the gap at the bottom. Jump in the teleport and then go 
left. You will be in - between two gates; the one on the left is closed and the 
one on the right open. Run right and step on the switch; the right door will 
close, and the left one will open. Run right and down, and make your way over 
the gaps with the flame throwers above and you will find yourself at the fork in 
the path. Go down again and kill the ballhogs, which will have come back to 
life. Get back to the doors and continue to the left and make your way to the 
exit. Be warned, however, that you automatically restart at the point where you 
entered the factory when you die and cannot leave. There are no rings in this 
Act three has no boss; simply make your way through the maze and get to the top. 
The only hazards are the bottomless pits at the start (ironically, this is the 
only act 3 where you get rings!)

Level 6: Sky Base Zone

Act 1 shouldn't be too much of a problem. Two things to watch out for, however, 
are the electrodes, which conduct electricity through them during each lightning 
flash (which takes place every few seconds). Either get out of the way or duck 
to avoid the bolts that appear all over the screen. Also, be careful when using 
the propellor platforms. They only move when you do, and at one point there is a 
bolt that intermittently appears directly in its path. Simply jump up and down 
and the platform will stop. When the bolt goes, get past quick.
Acts 2 and 3 take place on an airship and NEITHER contain rings, or shields. The 
former is particularly hard as you are being shot at from all angles. It is very 
hard to avoid taking a hit.

6 How To Beat Robotnik               

Be warned! Robotnik turns up on act 3 of all zones, although you don't fight him 
on level 5. There are no rings on these levels! If you can, come equipped with a 
shield. Robotnik takes eight hits to kill each time.
After beating him, run right and break open the prison egg (except for the last 
two levels, where these don't exist...)

Green Hill Zone

This is really easy. He hovers overhead and after a while, goes down to ground 
level and tries to ram you. However, you can hit him while he's in the air and 
can easily finish him off before he gets to this stage!

Bridge Zone

Stand in the middle and Robotnik will appear from under the bridge, on either 
side. Wait a few seconds and jump as he is about to fire at you and you'll land 
on his head.

Jungle Zone

This can be really annoying. Get up to the top of the level and you'll be on a 
curved vine, which goes up at either side. Don't fall off or you'll die. When 
Robotnik appears, try and get some hits in, then get out of the way. He'll drop 
a bomb and it will begin to roll back and forth before exploding. When you can, 
hit Robotnik. When it explodes, he'll drop another.

Labyrinth Zone

Robotnik appears from the hole in the middle; don't try to hit him, but avoid 
the bullets he fires. He will then appear over your head. Hit him, then leap 
over the gap and avoid the torpedo he shoots. He does this again, in mirror 
image, before repeating the sequence.

Scrap Brain Zone

Just chase him and he'll escape on a moving platform. Jump on it when it returns 
and be transported to the next zone!

Sky Base Zone

This is disappointing! Robotnik has three pads on the floor, and one will spew 
flames every few seconds. It's always in the same sequence (left, right, 
centre). When you can, run up and hit him behind his screen. Also avoid the 
white homing missiles from the ceiling. When you've beaten him, follow him to 
the teleporter and jump in after him. You'll both be warped to the Green Hill 
Zone where you'll automatically finish him off!

7 Bonus Stages                       

There are four of these, but if done properly, you will visit each twice. You 
will have two minutes the first time and one the second time. Each has a 
continue box in. If you get to the sign at the end, all the rings you collected 
will be multiplied by 1000 to give a points score; also for each additional 
stage you go in, the figure goes up by 1000, so if you get into all the stages 
and complete them, you will get your ring total multiplied by 8000 the last 
time. You will screw this up however, if you fail to finish, or you miss a 
stage. The only way you can get it is by entering all the bonus stages and 
completing them. 
Most have 1 ups too; the 4th/8th stage has FOUR, but it only lets you take one! 

8 1 - up locations                     

Each act has a 1 - up hidden on it, but you can only get it once, unlike some 
games (i.e. when you die it won't appear again).

Green Hill Zone

Act 1

After the first pit of spikes, count two trees (near to the restart point) and 
jump into the second; a 1 up will fall out.

Act 2

When you fall into the cave, drop right down and go left through a false wall to 
get to the TV set.

Act 3

Jump over the spikes, then fall down the next hole and there's a 1 up there.

Bridge Zone

Act 1

Use the second scales to get up to a high ledge with a 1 up on.

Act 2

This is - for once - in plain sight, floating in the water. Jump to get it and 
you should bounce out onto the bridge.

Act 3

Run to your left from the start point and get it.

Jungle Zone

Act 1

This is also obvious, above the first waterfall. It shouldn't be a problem.

Act 2

About half way up, cross over a platform, avoiding the spikes and drop down to 
the right to get it.

Act 3 

Run right and jump into the water. You should land on the box.

Labyrinth Zone

Act 1

At the end of the level is a box with a ring on it. DON'T GET IT! Run left and 
press the switch. The box will become a 1 up.

Act 2

At one point (just after you go under the first time, I think) you will fall 
down a shaft and can go left or right; go left and roll along under the spikes 
to get the 1 up.

Act 3

Use the spring and you will end up on a high platform. If you can avoid the 
spikes there's a 1 up at the end, but you are likely to lose more lives than you 
gain here if you're not careful.

Scrap Brain Zone

Act 1 

Run along the first conveyor belt and catch up with the item box before it is 
carried off the end.

Act 2 

You can see it, but how do you get to it? After you see it, run right and go to 
the bottom door (leading to the ballhogs) and drop down the shaft; you will land 
in a corridor. Run left and use the teleporter. Run right and the 1 up will be 
infront of you.

Act 3

Make your way to the top right hand corner of the maze and drop down the shaft 
to the bottom to claim the life.

Sky Base Zone

Act 1

After the second propellor platform, go down a series of levels to the item box.

Act 2

Instead of taking the obvious route, which is difficult (especially the section 
where you run along the corridor with the Bomb Bot in and the spikes chasing 
you!), drop down to the left. You will land on a propellor platform. Ride it 
until you see another ladder. At the top is a 1 up.

Act 3

I think this one only appears if you made it through act 2 without dying; it 
will be right infront of you when you start the act - you can't miss it!

9 Chaos Emerald Locations            

Note: I hate to tell you all this, but I thought I'd have to mention it anyway, 
but you *CANNOT* go Supersonic from collecting all the emeralds on this version 
(which only has six anyway), or Sonic 1 on the Genesis, or Sonic 2 on the Game 
Gear/Master System. I'm only saying this because I get lots of e-mail asking me 
this. Here they just ad to your final score (about 50, 000 pts per emerald).

Green Hill Zone (Act 2)

After you reach the restart point, run into the cave and don't spring up to the 
top passage, Don't use the spring that leads up to the top, but go on and drop 
down at the end to a chamber with the emerald in.

Bridge Zone (Act 1)

This is in plain sight, but hard to get; stand on the first tile of the last 
bridge and it will drop down. Jump off to the ledge with the emerald on.

Jungle Zone (Act 1)

At one point you drop down using a log platform to a series of waterfalls. There 
is a log on the left in the water. Jump on it and roll it left until you come to 
a platform with the chaos emerald on.

Labyrinth Zone (Act 2)

This is easy! I won't even tell you where it is as you can't possibly miss it.

Scrap Brain Zone (Act 2)

After you kill the ballhogs, run right and go into the teleporter. Go down, trip 
the switch as usual and go down again. When you reach the first shaft with a 
flame thrower, fall down it. This leads to a teleporter (the other two are 
bottomless). The teleporter takes you to the emerald.
NOTE: If you die after tripping the switch, you will restart at the fork in the 
path. To get the emerald this time, do not go down, as the gates will still be 
the same after you switched them, forcing you to go left. Instead, head up and 
jump over the first two shafts, then down the third. After that, complete the 
level as normal

Sky Base Zone (Act 2)

Get the 1 up, then continue flying on the propellor platform, jumping onto the 
new ones when you see them. Avoid the missiles (its really easy) and jump on a 
platform that moves up and down. At the top, jump over the giant screw (I think 
it kills you if you touch it) and claim the final chaos emerald.

If you think there is anything missing here, e- mail GavLuvsGA@aol.com. But 
PLEASE only write about problems regarding the game. Also, please note that 
there is NO level select cheat for this game, although other people have said 
there is. I am fed up with people approaching me via e - mail to ask for an 

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