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Guide and Walkthrough by Kirby021591

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/2007

Sonic the Hedgehog

Copyright 2005-2007 Brian McPhee

Author: Kirby021591 (Brian McPhee)
Most Recent Update: April 14, 2007
Originally Created: November 13, 2005
Version 1.0

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*

Items & Objects*
The Badniks*

Section 2*

Green Hill*
Scrap Brain*
Sky Base*

Section 3*

Chaos Emeralds*
1-UP Locations*
Bonus Stages*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
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Why hello there!  Before you is a guide – a “walkthrough,” as I may 
call it throughout the document – for Sonic the Hedgehog, a nifty 
little Game Gear title that launched Sonic’s portable branch of the 
series.  Ah, but it’s not quite as great as I make it out to be, I know.  
Seriously, though, if you’ve ever played Sonic the Hedgehog for the 
Sega Genesis, you’ll probably like this.  They’re pretty similar (come 
on!  They even have the same name!).

You see, it’s a short 2-D platformer (that is, it is played in levels) 
that is based around jumping, but you probably knew that.  The trouble 
is, the game is pretty difficult, and there’s no save feature in Sonic 
the Hedgehog.  Also, this game is 8-bit, which means we’ll be 
experiencing a decline in the quality of graphics and speed of its 
Genesis counterpart.  Still, it’s fun to play for a while (of course 
I’m not going to be overly critical; it’s too short to do that), and 
Sega even saw fit to include it as an unlockable in Sonic Adventure DX 
Director’s Cut.  So, have fun, don’t take it too seriously, and good 

By the by, should you happen to see this guide (or any of my guides) on 
any web site other than GameFAQs.com and its affiliates, please contact 
me at the e-mail address at the top of the guide (just scroll up a bit 
and you’re there).  With your help, this guide won’t be plagiarized at 
all!  Much thanks, all, much thanks...


You know, I feel kind of bad for you...  You just clicked on this 
“FAQ/Walkthrough” and got thrown into the mess, right?  You don’t know 
where you’re going in this guide any more than I do in this rambling.  
So, you know what?  I set out to fix this problem.  First, I said, “Two 
heads are better than one.”  Then I stopped procrastinating and 
implemented the navigation system, just to help you get around this 
ENDLESS guide.  It’s enormous!  Now, I’ve got written down that I 
should explain it to you, too...  Here goes nothing!

Have you noticed the asterisks (*) by all the titles?  Aren’t they just 
the coolest things you’ve ever seen [in this guide] ever!?  Well, cool 
though they may be, they are actually functional, too.  Press CTRL and 
F on your keyboard (that’s Apple and F on Macs) to bring up a 
Find/Search box.  Type into it the name of the section you want, 
asterisk and all, and then click “Find/Search.”  You’ll be taken to the 
Table of Contents.  Click it again to just skip right down to the 
section you need.  That’s pretty simple, right?  Fantastic!  Just don’t 
have too much fun now!


Some later Sonic games feature fairly involved storylines.  Sonic 
Heroes, for example, even has twists!  But this game has none.  It’s 
pretty plain, my friend.  It doesn’t even have two endings like the 
Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog (which was still quite bare-bones).  But I 
digress; here’s a summary of the complex background of the game we call 
“Sonic the Hedgehog.”

                      |    Storyline Summary    |

The evil Dr. Robotnik has captured the animal inhabitants of South 
Island and forced them to pilot/power his insidious robotic soldiers 
(which he intends to use to conquer the world, no doubt).  But never 
fear, for one South Islander – Sonic, the blue blur, the fastest 
hedgehog in the world – is here to save the day!  Can he reach Robotnik 
and foil his sinister plots?  Probably...  It is a Sonic game, after 

That was incredible!  I was on the edge of my seat, I laughed, I cried, 
I read it twice!  Even so, I can tell you are just dying to know who 
these characters are, so I bring you...

                    |    Important Characters    |

Sonic the Hedgehog: He’s a super-fast hedgehog from South Island who 
hates injustice and loves peace.  Sonic is even nicknamed “the blue 
blur” by fans because of his super speeds!  He’s also quite adept at 
jumping, and though his friends don’t lend him a hand in this game, he 
has many allies in his fight against evil (usually Dr. Robotnik), such 
as Tails, Knuckles, and others.

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik: An evil scientist with a slightly ovular 
torso (hence his nickname, “Eggman”), Robotnik is a genius with a knack 
for making robots (who’d have guessed it?), but he powers them with the 
animals of South Island (plus, they’re made for pretty bad reasons, 
too).  So, Dr. Robotnik must be crushed by Sonic, his arch-nemesis, 
just like always.  Dr. Robotnik, when will you learn!?

Couldn’t have figured all that out, eh?  Anyways, let’s move onto 
actual game aspects – the items.

===========================Items & Objects*============================

The “capsules” of Sonic the Hedgehog are really little monitors – TV 
boxes almost.  I’ll still call them “capsules,” though.  They contain 
items that have special effects, and I’ll list them here.

                            |    Items    |

Super Ring: This monitor’s image is a ring.  This gives you 10 rings.  
Rings are used to add a “hit” to your health (if you get hit with rings, 
you don’t die), and 100 rings earns you an extra life.  Furthermore, if 
you beat a level with 50 rings, you get to play a bonus level.

1-UP: These are extremely rare capsules (one per act) with a picture of 
Sonic’s face on them.  That way, if you die, you can keep on going.  
They’re hidden pretty poorly, but to make up for that, getting one in 
one play-through keeps you from getting it ever again (that is, if you 
get a 1-UP in an act and then die, it won’t appear again.  The same 
goes for using continues).

Invincibility: Looking like stars, this power-up makes you invincible 
briefly.  But you can still fall victim to pits and other instant death 

Shield: These protect you for one hit (without taking rings, either); 
they take the blow then burst.  They do look like bubbles, after all.

Power Sneakers: Getting these temporarily boosts Sonic’s speed.  
They’re quite handy, but there’s only one in all the game (in Act 1).

Checkpoint: Down arrows, these let you restart at that point in the act 
if you hit them.  These aren’t good for continues, though.  Note that 
these stop appearing after Labyrinth Zone.

Continue: Found only in bonus levels, Continues let you restart at the 
level you left off at even when you lose all your lives.  They are 
capsules with CONT. written on them.

Aside from capsule items, you also have objects that act as “items,” or 
close enough.  We’ve got a list for them, too.

                           |    Objects    |

Ring: Although these rings probably feel like losers since they’re not 
“super,” whatever that means, they are still essential to the game.  
When you collect rings, you are defending yourself.  That is, if you 
have no rings and are hit, you die, but if you have rings and you’re 
hit, you just lose your rings (and can re-collect them afterwards).  
Collecting 100 rings is a surefire way to gain a life, and 50 rings 
make a bonus level available to you.

Sign: These mark the end of the act.  Run through it and you’ll get one 
of several images.  If you see Dr. Robotnik’s face, you get nothing.  
If you get Sonic (which is only possible if you didn’t get hit once in 
the level), you get a 1-UP free of charge.  If a ring shows up, you get 
10 rings (rings, at the end of the level, are good for points).  You 
can only get this if your ring count is divisible by 10 (0, 10, 20, 30, 
etc.) when you pass through the sign.  Finally, if you have 50 or more 
rings when you pass through the sign, an exclamation point (!) appears, 
and you play a bonus level where you can rack up Continues.  Bonus 
levels can only be accessed from the first four zones – Green Hill, 
Bridge, Jungle, and Labyrinth.

Capsule: At the end of most zones, you’ll find a capsule that you need 
to hit in order to free the zone’s imprisoned animal population.  They 
are always beyond Dr. Robotnik, who is staked out in the third act of 
each zone.  Good luck in rescuing your fellow South Islanders!

Chaos Emerald: There are six of these hidden in the game, one per zone.  
When all seven are collected, the user can become a super version of 
themselves, but Super Sonic isn’t available in this game since the 
seventh Chaos Emerald is conspicuously missing.  They do greatly add to 
your point totals, though.

And those are all the items/objects at Sonic’s disposal!  Make good use 
of them, as they will undoubtedly aid you in your quest against Dr. 

=============================The Badniks*==============================

“Badnik” is the early term for Dr. Robotnik’s robotic warriors.  And 
yes, there are the early ones; most enemies in this game are direct 
copies of ones from Sonic the Hedgehog’s earlier incarnations.  So 
here’s a list of enemy units, where they’re found, and how they’re 
beaten... as if you couldn’t figure it out yourself, eh?  They’re 
listed in the order that you encounter them in the game.  For enemies I 
don’t know the names of from previous games (specifically Spikebot, 

Motobug: These are just insect robots that scoot along the ground.  
Roll into them or jump onto them to put an end to their scooting ways.  
Motobug is only found in Green Hill.

Crabmeat: A crab-like robot that scuttles around the ground.  If you 
don’t jump/roll into it soon enough, Crabmeat will be more than happy 
to fire some bullets at you via claws.  Crabmeats are found in the 
first three zones – Green Hill, Bridge, and Jungle.

Buzzbomber: This bee-like robot, from the Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog, 
flies forward, shoots, and then retreats.  Jump into it to destroy it.  
Buzzbombers are to be found only in Green Hill and Bridge.

Spikebot: This is a rare enemy with spikes on its back and claws by its 
eyes.  Due to these defenses, the only way to defeat them is to roll 
into them from the right.  But since that is so inconvenient for you, 
as the Spikebots are always facing left, you should just skip over them.  
I should note, though, that at times you can roll into the face or not 
the back (you just have to roll “under” him; you need to have a lower 
elevation).  Luckily, these foes are restricted to Bridge alone.

Chopper: A robotic fish that jumps out of the water to bite you.  As 
long as you’re jumping or rolling (in ball form), you will destroy it.  
These guys are found in Bridge and Jungle.

Ambush: An enemy that hides behind leaves, suddenly appears, and shoots, 
Ambushes are limited to the Jungle.  You can defeat them by jumping at 
them, even when they’re not visible.

Chop Chop: This is a green fish robot exclusive to Labyrinth.  You can 
defeat it with a jump or a roll, whichever is necessary.

Burrobot: There are only a few of these in the entire game, and they’re 
always found in hallways in Labyrinth Zone.  It jumps quite often, and 
the hallway setting makes maneuvering more difficult.  Still, it raises 
the drill on its head when it jumps, so you can just jump into it 
anyways.  Rolling is also quite effective.

Orbinaut: Round balls with four little spikes orbiting them, Orbinauts 
are exclusive to Labyrinth and Sky Base, but they come in two varieties.  
The Labyrinth type shoots its spikes, but the Sky Base ones keep them, 
essentially making them as obstacles since they’re untouchable at that 
point.  You can attack them once they’ve shed their spikes in Labyrinth, 
but don’t even try in Sky Base.

Caterkiller: A purple caterpillar robot, this is found only in Scrap 
Brain.  To beat these, either roll or jump into/onto their heads, as 
the spikes on their backs make anything else useless.

Ballhog: A pig-like enemy from Scrap Brain, these robots launch balls 
from their bellies.  Pretty bad, huh?  Well, you need only jump on them 
or roll into them, so they’re not as terrible as you originally thought.

Boom Bot: A harder enemy than most, these Sky Base foes detonate 
themselves, releasing four blasts at you.  You’re just going to want to 
avoid these...

Dr. Robotnik: The villain of the game, you’ll fight this bad egg (pun!) 
at the end of every zone (that is, the “third act).  He changes his 
tactics each time, and so I suggest you refer to the walkthrough in 
Section 2 for details on beating him.

Shaking in your boots, are you?  Now that you know of the 13 enemies, 
good luck fighting them, ‘cause the walkthrough begins in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

==============================Green Hill*==============================

Ah, the first zone...  Green Hill is a fairly easy beginners’ zone (by 
the way, zones consist of three acts – two levels and one boss fight), 
and you should have little difficulty here.  Enjoy while you can, as 
there aren’t many other times when it’s so simple to earn extra lives.

                            |    Act 1    |

Ah, the first act.  Let’s kick things off by walking right.  Notice how 
quickly Sonic gains speed.  You’ll have to jump, though, as a Motobug, 
an enemy that just scoots forward along the ground.  You can roll into 
it by pressing down while running or you can jump onto (or over) it.  
After dealing with that threat, notice a row of rings.  Pick them up to 
sustain your health; with rings handy, you can be hit and not die.  
Continue right, jumping through a few rings and onto a platform with a 
Super Ring capsule on it.  Break the capsule as you would a robot; jump 
or roll into it to take the contents.  Super Rings are worth ten rings.

Once you’ve taken your fill, jump right to see a few more pairs of 
rings you may want to jump through; they lead up to a Crabmeat, a crab 
robot that scuttles about the ground, stopping periodically to shoot 
bullets from both claws.  Jump/roll into it before it has a chance, and 
then proceed right up a slope (collecting rings as you go).  At the top, 
break the capsule for Invincibility, which makes you invulnerable for a 
while.  After that, you can either press down to roll down a slope and 
soar through the air to a later capsule (if so, skip to the next 
paragraph; it may also send you a little ways or into a spring that 
returns you to this spot), or you can continue to run forward, jumping 
at the bottom to get a few rings, and continue past a Crabmeat to find 
a platform.

Jump onto it and hit the capsule for Power Sneakers, which make even 
faster than before!  Jump right through a few rings and onto another 
raised piece of land.  If you’re still invincible, run over the spikes 
and onto safe ground.  If not, jump onto the platform and ride it 
across.  Afterwards, walk forward and jump to hit a Buzzbomber, which 
is a bee robot that flies through the air, shoots at you, and then 
flies off, before it can strike.  Continue right to find a tree; hit it 
to knock down a capsule with a 1-UP in it.  Get it to have an extra 
life (meaning you can retry a level if you die in it).  Take it and 
then go right to find a slope.  If you roll down it, you’ll pass 
through a Crabmeat and come to a new capsule, a down arrow.  It is the 
checkpoint; hit it to mark your spot in case you die.

After hitting the checkpoint, jump left onto the slope and walk right 
along it to a gap.  Just jump clear over it (you can divide it into two 
jumps using the platform) and continue right, collecting rings as you 
go.  Jump over a Motobug before a small slope, and then continue to a 
spiky gap.  Ride the platform floating over it across, and then 
continue right under a Buzzbomber and to a Crabmeat.  Just beyond it is 
the sign, which ends the level.  If you got 50 rings or more, you’ll 
play a bonus level (the sign shows a ‘!’ mark).  Otherwise, a picture 
of Dr. Robotnik earns you no points, a ring earns you 10 rings (but you 
can get it only if your ring count is divisible by 10 – 0, 10, 20, 30, 
etc.), and a picture of Sonic nets you a 1-UP, assuming you weren’t hit 
at all throughout this act.  Congrats, you’ve beaten Act 1!

                            |    Act 2    |

Walk forward, grab a few rings, and... hey?  What the...  You just fell 
in a hole?  How could you do that!  There was a warning sign and 
everything!  Well, it looks like I have to save you YET AGAIN because 
you fell for such an UTTERLY OBVIOUS trap!  Ugh...  Anyways, you can 
start by jumping left to find a hidden Shield capsule.  The Shield 
affords you an extra hit; you lose it, then rings, then your life.  Now 
go back right to find a hole.  See it this time, eh?

Hold left as you fall to reach a Super Ring capsule and avoid a 
Crabmeat.  Then go left and fall into a watery bottom to this cavern.  
I doubt you’d actually die this way, but you can’t stay underwater 
forever; you have to jump for air every now and then.  Before we move 
on, go all the way to the left and jump against the wall to find a 
hidden opening leading to a room with a 1-UP.  Once you’ve taken it, 
exit back to the water.  Walk right along here, rolling into the two 
Crabmeats you meet along the way, and you’ll come to a spring.  Step 
into it and you’re flung backward into the water; don’t touch it.  Jump 
over it and bounce on the other spring instead.  Hold right and you’ll 
pass through a few rings and come to another checkpoint capsule.  Break 
it and we’ll be on our way.

Jump left to see another spring.  Ignore the cave to the left and 
bounce on it.  Hold left as you go to enter another cave.  Jump over 
the first waterfall to avoid being washed down a floor, and then you’ll 
reach another spring.  Ignore it for now and jump left over a second 
waterfall to a Super Ring capsule.  Bust it open before jumping back to 
the spring and taking it up through a tunnel in the cave.  When you 
land, go left (wary of a Buzzbomber above) for another Super Ring 
capsule.  Then double back and go right to a large gap.  Use the 
platform to cross it to a new area.  Walk right, slide down the slope 
to jump off the ramp, and you’ll land through some rings and near the 

                            |    Act 3    |

Walk right some to find a spike bed.  Jump over it and continue jumping 
over pits to reach a slope.  Fall down the second pit to find a 1-UP; 
take it and spring back out of it.  Keep on going up until the view 
anchors down and the boss music starts playing.  Yep, you’ve got it; 
it’s boss time!

Dr. Robotnik is pretty uninventive in this fight, I must say.  He 
appears from the right side of the screen and floats around.  Then he 
lowers down to your level and charges you.  You have to jump over him.  
Pretty intense, huh?  Jump into the black part of his flying device to 
deal damage.  Once you’ve landed eight hit, his ship explodes and the 
doctor retreats (you can easily hit him all eight times before he even 
attacks).  Follow him right to a capsule.  Jump onto its switch and the 
animal imprisoned within – birds and rabbits, are released.  And with 
that, the Green Hill sector of South Island has been liberated.  Don’t 
you just feel like you were a saint or something?


In order to reach the jungle, we have to cross a bridge... which is its 
own zone.  Bridge is a pretty easy zone, of course, but it introduces 
many new enemies and we experience a real rise in the number of pits.  
So, while you can’t just mindlessly press A and hold forward a la Green 
Hill, this isn’t exactly super hard mode.

                            |    Act 1    |

Walk forward, and I do mean walk, to reach a new enemy, the Spikebot.  
With spikes on its back, you cannot jump on it, and with claws in front, 
you can’t roll into that side, either.  The only way to beat it is to 
roll into from behind.  So, just jump clear over it and onto some new 
ground.  See the pit to the right?  A robotic fish called a Chopper 
(also from the original Sonic the Hedgehog) jumps out periodically.  
Lucky for you, you can just jump into them, so don’t worry about 
avoiding them.  Jump over the next few pits with them, defeating one 
Buzzbomber along the way, to land before a slope at a relatively low 

Run up the slope and hit the capsule for a Shield.  Now walk forward to 
a bridge; Choppers are jumping up through it.  Roll along it if you can 
(or just jump across it) to reach solid ground.  The next bridge will 
collapse as you run across it, and a Buzzbomber is positioned to attack 
after that.  Jump off the bridge at the end to destroy the Buzzbomber, 
and then stop when you reach the ground.  There’s a platform ahead of 
you; jump onto it.  This causes a weight on the other end to fly up and 
fall down, sending you further up.  Let this happen a few times until 
you reach a comfortable height, and then move right with it to land on 
the next cliff, which has the checkpoint on it.

Collect the rings in the air above and then roll across the next bridge.  
Stop running (if you were) after it, as there’s a sprawling gap that 
you need to cross with a platform.  Once you do, hit the Super Ring, 
destroy the Buzzbomber, and slowly cross the next bridge.  I stress the 
“slowly,” as there’s a gap after it.  Use platforms to cross it and 
then jump across the next few severed bridges.  Don’t jump too far into 
the new ground at the end, as there’s a spring there just itching to 
bounce you into the afterlife.  Jump over the rock and you’ll come to a 

Bounce on it at least twice so that you’re at the maximum altitude it 
can provide, and then, while rising, move right to land on a cliff with 
a 1-UP on it.  Take it!  Jump off of it to land past some bridges and 
perhaps by a spring.  There’s a Chaos Emerald beneath it, but you can’t 
get it just yet.  Jump right to the bridge, which collapses.  If you 
stand on the first step of the bridge and fall and jump left, you can 
reach the Chaos Emerald (then jump up to a spring that earns you rings).  
But if you don’t want to risk it, just keep on going to reach the sign.

                            |    Act 2    |

This time the act literally is a side-scoller; the screen pushes you 
along, and you can’t advance just normally.  This isn’t very Sonic-like, 
what with super-speed and whatnot, but hey, we’re not here to judge.  
After a few short jumps over Choppers, you’ll reach a bridge.  There’s 
a Spikebot on it, so don’t stay up against the right edge of the screen.  
Jump over it and you’ll come to a Shield capsule.  After it is another 
bridge, complete with Buzzbomber, and there are also some rings here.  
At the end, jump to the next level and stand on the ground before the 
bridge.  When you can see the end of the bridge, run across it (the 
bridge will collapse, remember).  There’s a Super Ring awaiting you 

Wait until you can see the end of the next bridge before running across 
it, but jump at the end to avoid an oncoming Spikebot.  After it is a 
weight series you can use for rings, but you probably won’t have time 
for it.  If you are able to use it to reach the upper ledge to the 
right, you can reach the Checkpoint.  In that case, just walk right to 
reach the bridge.

Assuming you land on the lower ledge, walk with it until you have 
something to jump to, and then make your way up to the top level where 
a bridge and Buzzbomber are situated.  After the bridge is a slight 
break in the bridge with a 1-UP in the river water below.  Jump onto 
the 1-UP and bounce back onto the bridge from it to take the extra life.  
Now jump off these bridges to the ones above them, thus reaching land.

Jump to the cliff above you and you’ll find a series of bridges (with 
Choppers) that you must cross.  Wait for the screen to roll over and 
reveal the end of the bridge before attempting to cross them.  Just 
after that is the sign.

                            |    Act 3    |

NOTE: If you are playing the SMS version of this game (which includes 
the Sonic Adventure DX version of this game), the boss fight will be 
fought on arced bridges, not pits.  It’s a lot easier in the Sega 
Master System version, I must say.

Ooh, this is going to be intense...  Look left of the starting point to 
find a 1-UP hidden from view.  Then jump right over a small watery 
opening to find... a bridge.  Sprint across it reach a short 
intermission and then a pair of pits.  That’s when Dr. Robotnik rears 
his ugly head.

Having learned from his previous defeat, Robotnik has decked his ship 
out with a bullet-launching device that fires three bullets at once.  
He rises from one of the pits, sits there for a second, and shoots.  
The best way to avoid Robotnik’s blasts is to be above him.  That way, 
no matter which way he shoots, you won’t be affected (in fact, he won’t 
even shoot if you’re perfectly centered).  Jump on him (the only way to 
deal damage) square in the center of his ship about three seconds after 
he appears.  Hold the jump button so that you stay in the ball form and 
you’ll bounce on him a second time.  If you waited long enough before 
jumping on him, he’ll fire his triple blast before you land your second 
hit, and he’ll retreat before you land from that.  This can also be 
done to hit him three times in a row, but that’s a good deal riskier.  
Using this safer method, you can easily hit him eight times.

After you’ve won and he’s flown off, head right to the capsule.  Now 
the pigs and chickens of Bridge are safe...  We can only hope we can do 
the same for the inhabitants of the next zone...


In the jungle, the mighty jungle... Oh, uh, and we’re back!  Yes, the 
Jungle is the name of the third zone, and it is, not coincidentally, 
jungle-themed.  I’m not a big fan of the music, and the zone is harder 
than Green Hill or Bridge, but it has a very limited enemy selection; 
it all evens out in the end.

                            |    Act 1    |

Hey, would you look at that?  Fruits (are those tomatoes?  Well, that 
brings up the whole fruit/vegetable argument...) are growing all over 
the jungle above, and, if you walk right, you’ll find that there’s a 
Crabmeat here, too.  Beat it and then jump right to the ledge.  Keep 
jumping up these ledges until you reach the highest one.  Jump from it 
to a column of rings to the right; grab them and then walk onto the 
green line, a vine, that you can cross.  Do so to land on an earthen 
platform.  Walk right off of it to reach more rings over a lower 
platform.  Run right on it and jump at the end to a Shield capsule.  
Now get onto the vine and head right.

Hear that?  We’re under fire!  Yes, a new enemy appeared from out of 
nowhere to attack us.  Named Ambush, it appears from its hiding place 
to shoot a bullet at you.  Jump into it to defeat it (even if it’s not 
visible) and move on.  At the end of the vines is a waterfall with some 
rock ledges hidden behind.  Jump along them until you reach the 
rightmost ledge, and then jump left to the upper ones until you reach 
the upper-leftmost ledge with a 1-UP on it.  Take it and jump back to 
the rightmost ledge, and from there, jump right onto the ground.  Load 
up on rings and jump right onto a ledge.  Follow it across and jump off 
to reach the Checkpoint.

Head right along these ledges to reach another waterfall.  Use the logs 
washing down it to cross it and reach dry ground.  Avoid the spring (or 
be bounced to your doom) and go right to find a log platform swinging 
from side to side.  Use it cross an otherwise impassable gap.  After 
that is a stream with a log on it.  Jump onto the log and run along it 
to propel it forward.  Avoid/destroy Choppers as you go for safety 
reasons, and soon you’ll come to a log (which acts like a vine).  Walk 
along it, jumping over the spiky parts and beating the Ambush and 
Crabmeat on it of course, to reach a few rings.  Take all that you 
desire and then go right to yet another waterfall.

Use the log to jump further right than you normally could.  You’ll land 
by a Super Ring; take it.  Now jump right to a waterfall.  The stone 
ledges are safe to use, as are the grassy ones.  You’ll have to utilize 
logs floating down the waterfall to cross, too.  When you reach a 
seemingly dead-end log, leap right (trust me now) to land by a 
Checkpoint.  Would I lie to you?

Now use the swinging log to cross the next gap.  This leads you to a 
vine that is set up like a ramp; roll down and you’ll be launched 
upward and onto the high road.  There are now two rivers ahead of you, 
and you want to cross both with logs (feel fee to take any rings along 
the way, too).  At the end is a short wooden path that leads up to the 
sign, thus marking the end of this unusually long act.

                            |    Act 2    |

This is a vertical act, making it a bit more difficult than your 
average bear.  Jump up the stone platforms to the right, avoiding a 
Chopper along the way, to reach a few rings.  Now jump up the platforms 
to the left.  You’ll come to a spiky log, but above that is another 
platform.  Jump to it and then a Super Ring capsule (they’ve thrown a 
Chopper in here, even though it’s very improbable it could jump this 
high).  With it, jump back right to reach ground.  Take some rings here.

Begin to jump left up the platforms but stop at the spiky log.  Jump up 
from it to a new platform, and then jump up from it onto a log.  Keep 
jumping up until you reach a long log platform (a new “ground”) with a 
Crabmeat present.  Defeat the robot and go right to claim some new 
rings.  Then go all the way to the left for a Shield.  Now, jump up the 
platforms to reach a central platform with spikes chiseled out of the 
wood below.  Jump right or left off of it and back onto a central, 
spiky platform.  Jump left of it to the left edge of the screen, and 
continue jumping up platforms until you reach a few rings.

Jump right from there and onto a log with some spikes.  Cross it to the 
right to reach a 1-UP.  Now get back on the log and take it the left 
end, above which is a platform.  Jump on it, and then hop to the second 
platform.  From there, jump right to another platform, then left to a 
fourth one (it is at the end of a spiky log).  Jump right from there to 
reach a log.  From left from there to see the Checkpoint.  Well, what 
are you waiting for?  Hit it!

Jump to the platform above it and then scale the logs to the right.  
Jump up them to the right to reach a new “ground,” another long log, 
with a Super Ring to the right.  Take it.  Now jump up the platforms 
leading left to reach some grassy ledges.  Hop up those and another new 
long log, Crabmeat included.  Head right along it to find a group of 
rings you’ll want to collect, and then jump up the platforms leading 
left to a floating log.  Ride it left, and jump to the ledge there.  
Now above you should be some more platforms.  They lead you into a 
vertical tunnel; jump up it until you reach the top.  Then go right to 
the sign!  Congratulations, you’ve scaled the cliff!

                            |    Act 3    |

Even so, Dr. Robotnik isn’t going to let you into his fortress without 
putting up a fight.  Go right to see a vine, but keep going right to 
see some water.  Hop in to find a 1-UP hidden within its depths.  Now 
that you have it, return to the vine and jump all the way to the 
topmost vine.  That’s when Dr. Robotnik appears in his most insidious 
contraption yet (what’s probably the game’s hardest boss fight).

Robotnik’s machine is now equipped to drop bombs.  Stand on the right 
edge of the vine so that Robotnik passes right over you, lowers, and 
shoots the bomb down at the vine.  It rolls around a bit, as the vine 
is curled, and then explodes in the center (at that point, Robotnik’s 
dropped a new bomb already).  Still, it isn’t so bad.  You can probably 
hit Robotnik at least three times before the first bomb drops.  Hit him 
a few more times while he’s in the air, moving right (if you’re that 
afraid of the bomb, you can just attack when he’s lowering himself), 
and then you just have to land a few more hits before the third bomb 
makes landfall.

After eight hits, Robotnik is done for, and so he vamooses.  Follow him 
right to find the capsule.  Huzzah!  We freed the chickens and 
squirrels (maybe chipmunks) of the Jungle!  But up next is Robotnik’s 
fortress...  Can we penetrate its no doubt stellar defenses?  I hope 


Whereas before we advanced up a map of South Island, now we are 
advancing through the layers of Robotnik’s fortress.  This first zone, 
called Labyrinth, obviously serves no other purpose than to deter 
would-be heroes.  It’s the water level of the game (just like in the 
original Sonic the Hedgehog), and you’ll hate it, trust me.  Remember, 
Sonic is no Italian plumber or tie-wearing ape; he can’t hold his 
breath forever.  So, don’t stay underwater too long...  If Sonic is 
running out of oxygen, you can either jump out of water or breathe in 
the air held within the huge bubbles down there.  Good luck...

                            |    Act 1    |

An Atlantis-style zone?  Sadly, I’m not surprised.  Go right of the 
start to find a statue with green water gushing out of its mouth.  Step 
into the water to be washed down into a whole pool of it...  Press 
nothing and you’ll land by some rings to the left of a spring.  Bounce 
on the latter to be knocked upward, out of the water.  Now’s the time 
to hold left a bit so that you land on the top of a platform.  Jump 
left from it, making sure to hit the Chop Chop (robotic fish enemy) and 
the Shield capsule beneath it.  Now drop off that platform to the floor 
of this pool (to the left) where a spring awaits.  Bounce into the air 
with it and hold left as come down to land in a hallway you previously 

Follow it to a passage leading down and you’ll land in a new underwater 
room.  Head left immediately to find a crack releasing bubbles.  You 
can use these to refill on air.  After taking a deep breath, advance to 
the right.  As you do this, you’ll notice a tile is let loose.  It 
being less dense than the water, it floats upward.  If you happen to be 
on it, you stand a good chance of being crushed against the roof (or, 
in some cases, impaled against a bed of spikes).  So, continue right 
down the hallway to find a Burrobot, a drill robot.  Jump into to beat 
it and then proceed.  Jump off your platform and fall down through a 
Chop Chop and to a ledge with the Checkpoint on it to the left.  Roll 
into it to mark your place.

We’re running low on air now, so let’s hurry to the right where some 
bubbles are being formed.  Breathe in and then go right down a hallway.  
Some tridents rise up to hit you, but you can easily jump past them.  
There’s a bubble-spouting crack along the way.  At the end, you’ll 
reach rising platforms.  Ride them up, jumping off when you get too 
close to the spike beds at the top, and you’ll come to a few steps that 
lead to a fork in the path.  Go left to find a spiky ball orbiting a 
blue orb.  Avoid the spiked one and jump up to find a Super Ring 
capsule and the surface of the water, letting you breath some good air.  
Now return to that fork in the road and go right this time.  Jump up 
the steps and you’ll get out of the water.

Jump left to a slope, and walk up it to find a switch.  By hitting it, 
you turn a Super Ring capsule in the area to a 1-UP.  Jump right from 
it and you’ll land on the platform holding it.  Now jump right again to 
find some pillars before the sign.  Congratulations, you’re a third of 
the way done with this horrid zone!

                            |    Act 2    |

Walk right in this hallway to find a Burrobot.  Jump into it and then 
continue right to find some slopes that wash you down into the water 
(if you jump after the first one, you’ll enter a hallway with a Shield 
and 20 rings in it, but you’ll still have to return to the second 
slide).  When you land, go all the way to the left to find a Super Ring 
capsule, and then go all the way right.  Hey, look!  A new enemy!  
Orbinauts are circular foes with four spiky balls orbiting them.  They 
launch them at you over time, which reveals their vulnerable bodies 
(jump/roll into them).  After defeating it, you can take another ten 
rings in the air pocket here.  Well, this level’s been pretty 
profitable so far, eh?  No matter how you answer that, now let’s go 
left to the center and fall down through the opening.

Go right when you land to find another Burrobot.  Jump to defeat it and 
then walk down the line of rings.  Keep going to find a spiky ball 
orbiting a ball, and then fall down to find another.  Now fall left and 
onto a bubble-producing platform.  Now you have a choice: left or right.  
Choose to go left and fall down the column of rings.  When you land, 
quickly move left off the rising platform.  Continue down this path to 
reach a 1-UP (very well hidden, eh?).  Nab it and head back right.  Use 
the rising platform to reach the platform with bubbles again, refill on 
air, and then go right.  Jump over a trident as you go down this hall 
and you’ll reach the Checkpoint.

Jump up the next few steps, dodging the fire of the statues here, and 
you’ll cross some spikes to reach more bubbles.  Breathe deep, my 
friend, breathe deep.  Now drop right past another statue pair and 
you’ll reach a rising platform.  Ride it up and jump left at the end to 
avoid being skewered by spikes.  In the hallway you come to, defeat a 
Burrobot and then burst a bubble.  After you’ve taken some oxygen in, 
head left.  Jump up the steps when the spiky ball is away and you’ll 
reach the new chamber.

Go left all the way and grab the Invincibility capsule, and then head 
right until you reach a vertical chamber with tons of those statues in 
it.  Jump up them quickly and you’ll exit the water before you drown.  
Jump left up the ledges ahead and follow the hallway to reach the Chaos 
Emerald in the left edge.  Then go right to the sign.

                            |    Act 3    |

An underwater boss fight?  This is going to get ugly...  Walk right and 
you’ll find a spring.  If you use it and land in the hallway to the 
left, you can jump over spikes to reach the 1-UP at the end.  It’s a 
bit risky, though, and so you might want to just skip it.  When you’re 
back in the regular part of the act, just keep going right.  Soon 
you’ll be fighting Robotnik.

Don’t worry about being speedy, as you’ll never run out of air down 
here (even though we’re underwater.  This boss is like an underwater 
hybrid of the Bridge and Jungle bosses.  First, Robotnik appears from 
the center and fires two square-shaped bullets at both sides.  Just 
jump on him once the center while he’s doing this.  Then he comes down 
from one of the upper openings, launches a torpedo that launches itself 
to the side, and leaves.  When he comes down, hit him about twice and 
then duck, standing to the far left.  The torpedo lowers itself to your 
level and then fires itself at you.  Jump before it comes (or stay on 
the opposite side of it).  Robotnik will do this again on the opposite 
side, but jumping over the lower gap is to risky to justify getting a 
few hits in.  Be patient and he’s beaten, eight hits, in no time.

Robotnik defeated, advance right to find the capsule.  Hit it and the 
local penguins and seals are free at last!  Ah, but now we have the 
final zone to deal with; we’ve cleared Robotnik’s moat, but now we must 
storm the castle...  Good luck.

=============================Scrap Brain*==============================

Like Green Hill and Labyrinth, Scrap Brain is a name pulled right out 
of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis.  It’s Robotnik’s base of 
operations on South Island, and it’s quite elaborate judging by the 
background.  This zone is, in actuality, home to the shortest act in 
the game, and the difficulty really picks up in the second act.  And 
boy am I nervous about Act 3...  We’ll fight Robotnik for the final 
time there...

Note: From this point forward, there will be no Checkpoints or bonus 
levels (the ‘!’ signs).  Sorry, but things get tough as the game 
progresses.  If you do get over 50 rings and you hit the sign, you’ll 
get a 1-UP, not a chance at the bonus level.

                            |    Act 1    |

Go forward to find a platform that you want to jump onto, and then jump 
off of it and continue right.  Enter the hallway when the door here 
lifts, but be careful not to jump when you see the flamethrowers on the 
roof.  Along the way, you’ll encounter a Caterkiller, an old Sonic the 
Hedgehog (Genesis) foe.  You can’t jump on its back to the spikes, but 
you can roll/jump onto its head.  After beating it, continue forward to 
reach the exit of the hallway.  Jump onto the conveyor belt and then 
rush to the next one where a 1-UP is about to be conveyed off the belt 
and into a pit!  Hit it before that happens to claim the life for 
yourself, and then jump right onto another belt and then good, solid 

Enter the next hallway and you’ll see flamethrowers on the roof as 
before, but there are also electricity-emitting orbs on the ground.  
When they’re not active (just after they’ve deactivated), you can just 
run past them.  After facing two of them, you’ll exit the hallway and 
enter a conveyor belt room.  Jump right along the two upper conveyor 
belts and then fall to the lower one; walk along it to a spring.  
Bounce on it and hold left to land on a switch.  With it pressed, the 
door to the right opens.  Jump through the opening and run down the 
hallway, rolling to destroy Caterkillers along the way, and you’ll soon 
exit the hallway and hit the sign.

                            |    Act 2    |

This act is moderately difficult and more deserving of the name 
“Labyrinth” that this game’s zone ever was.  Head right, jumping where 
necessary, and you’ll enter a hallway.  Run through this, just out of 
the reach of the flamethrowers, but just close enough to rings to take 
them all, and you’ll enter into a new portion of the hallway.  Shortly 
after it begins, it turns into one big chamber.  Walk forward, jumping 
over the electrocuting orb, and jump onto the conveyor belt.  Note the 
cannons shooting fireballs in here before continuing.  Now use the next 
conveyor belts (somehow floating in mid-air...) to see the roof in 
sight, and then hop left across them to a Super Ring.  Huzzah!  From 
there, hop right to a high-up hallway.

Run down it, rolling to take out a Caterkiller, and you’ll fall down 
through a column of rings before reaching a fork in the road.  This 
time, take the low road (this goes against every rational decision in 
Sonic games ever, but it must be done).  You’ll come to a door and take 
it; continue down from there and you’ll land near a pig-like robot 
called a Ballhog.  It launches balls at you, you see.  Jump on it to 
defeat it, and then take the plunge into the pit.  When you land, you 
can go left or right.  Choose the former, left.  Step into the 
teleportation device and you’ll appear outside the 1-UP we saw earlier.  
This takes us back to the first fork in the road.

This time, go up.  Take the door there and walk forward, counting the 
pits as you go (make sure not to jump when the flamethrower is active).  
When you reach the third pit, fall in and go right to another one of 
those new-fangled teleportation devices.  Use it and go left from the 
spot you appear in to find a Chaos Emerald.  Now exit this hallway by 
going left and out the door.  Climb up the platforms here, beating 
those Ballhogs down as you go, and you’ll reach a spring on the left 
side of the room.  Bounce on it up to a switch; hit it so that the 
right door is closed, the left open.  Now go back to the vertical room 
with all the Ballhogs in it, fall to the bottom, and go left to an old 
room.  Jump left when the flamethrowers are down and take the door back 
to the original fork in the road.

This time, go down.  When you use the door and enter a new room, start 
running down the slope again.  Keep going down them, in fact, in a 
right-left pattern, until you reach the end, a 4-way intersection of 
sorts.  Jump across the bottom pit and you’ll take a door to another 
teleportation device.  Use it to transport yourself to a new room 
entirely.  Go left and you’ll fall to find the door we previously 
opened, the left one, is ours for the taking.  Go left and you’ll find 
a conveyor belt sequence.  Either jump across them or fall down to 
maneuver past the electrocuting machines below, but at the end take the 
door to go further left.  When you reach a spring, bounce on it and 
you’ll come to another steep hallway.  Go right along it, wary that one 
final Caterkiller awaits, and you’ll exit the hallway and hit the sign.  
But hold your cheer, for Robotnik awaits...

                            |    Act 3    |

This one’s a toughie...  Go forward, jumping over the pits, and you’ll 
reach a hallway.  Walk through to find... four rings?  They’re giving 
us rings!?  This boss must be super-strong!  Continue down here to find 
a spring and another alternate route.  Bounce on the spring and you’ll 
find it leads to a dead-end.  Try the right, ground route and it also 
leads to a dead-end... unless you fall into the pit on that route.  Do 
so to find another door, one that actually opens.  Go right down this 
hallway, collecting rings and avoiding the electrocuting machine, to 
find a spring with a tantalizing 1-UP beyond a locked door.  Bounce on 
the spring and go left to find the spring we previously couldn’t reach.  
Bounce up it.

Let’s go left, as the right path leads to naught but a dead-end (man, 
Robotnik’s turned into a real coward, hasn’t he?).  So go left to a 
spring.  Bounce up it and go right over a conveyor belt to find another 
set of doors by a spring.  Bounce on the spring to reach another fork 
in the road.  If you go right, you’ll take a long fall all the way down 
to that 1-UP we missed earlier, but sticking to the left let’s you 
advance in the level.  Cross a conveyor belt and you’ll see a pit 
filled with rings you can fall down.  Take its path to end up with a 
Super Ring and at the beginning of the level, but ignore the hole to 

Don’t hit the switch (or, if the door doesn’t open, then hit it) to 
reach a spring.  Bounce up it and you’ll find an exit to this maze.  
Walk right and you’ll see... Robotnik!  He has no machine; chase him 
you fool!  He somehow manages to outrun us, and he reaches a platform 
that he rides up into the sky!  It comes down for us; take it...  We 
have cleared Sky Brain, but still one zone remains.  It is the final 

===============================Sky Base*===============================

We’re high up in the sky, right in the middle of a thunderstorm.  
Rather than wait for the weather to calm down a bit, this super-fast 
and super-impatient hedgehog is going to try to make it to Robotnik 
alive in what have to be the hardest acts in the game (except for Act 
3).  Good luck, and I hope you’ve stored up plenty of Continues, ‘cause 
if you’re ever going to use one, now’s the time.

                            |    Act 1    |

Walk right, jumping along the platforms.  Notice that the music is the 
same as the music of Scrap Brain, but every now and then it’s disrupted 
by the roar of thunder and lightning being passed through some diamond-
like objects in the clouds.  When this happens, pure static electricity 
is being passed through the diamonds as an obstacle, and so we must be 
careful not to touch them.  Continue right and you’ll walk up a large 
slope to reach the summit of the “hill.”  By the way, everything is 
dark here, including rings, so keep an eye out for them.  Anyways, wait 
for the lightning to course through the diamonds before jumping right 
over the pit and start walking down it.

Hey, long time no see, Orbinaut!  But seriously, this type never throws 
its spikes, reducing them no more than mere obstacles (so don’t touch 
them!).  Anyways, the next section is long and very difficult.  Wait 
for lightning to pass and then jump to the top of the catwalks to find 
a Shield capsule.  Claim it and duck so that the lightning misses you 
by a hair.  Now continue right, ducking or jumping or hiding where it’s 
safe to avoid the lightning (in some places, it’s just outright 
impossible due to the sheer quantity of diamonds).  I can’t really 
guide you through this, but keep going right, keep dodging lightning, 
and keep collecting rings so that you can get hit more often.  You’ve 
reached the end when you see two cannons stationed on a catwalk, no 
lightning in sight.

Wait for them to stop firing and then jump to the next catwalk where a 
diamond sits above.  Let its lightning have it way before you take the 
rings between it and the next diamond.  Notice the Boom Bot, too.  It 
will explode and its blasts may hit you.  Just try to dodge it.  When 
the lightning stops, get out of their “box” and onto a propeller 
platform.  When you stand on it, it propels itself forward.  But if you 
jump off, it stops.  Therefore, use it to go forward, but if lightning 
is nearby, jump to stop from hitting.  After you’ve taken the second 
propeller platform, notice some platforms beneath it.  If you take them 
down (avoid lightning, of course), you’ll find the 1-UP.

Hop back up and then start hopping up above the second propeller 
platform.  You’ll reach the third propeller platform that way.  Take it 
to some rising/falling platforms and ride them up to a new catwalk.  At 
the end is the sign.  Well, we’ve now boarded the Sky Base for real, as 
Act 1 was just the dock...  What horrors await us ON BOARD?

                            |    Act 2    |

Ah, I love this level.  It’s so much easier than it’d have to be!  Jump 
left of the starting point to find a hidden propeller platform, and 
ride it right to a ladder (one with another propeller platform by it).  
Climb it (by jumping) to reach a 1-UP, but be sure to avoid cannon fire.  
After that, ride the new propeller platform to the right, but try to 
avoid cannon fire.  It’s all about timing and jumping to stop your 
advancement.  And yes, you do need to keep taking the new propeller 
platforms.  Once you’ve successfully navigated the open air and avoided 
cannon fire, you’ll reach a rising platform.  Jump onto it and ride up 
to find a corkscrew that leads onto the ship’s “deck,” I guess.  And 
right there is the final Chaos Emerald (although I’ve only led you to 
four of the six so far in the guide; see the section entitled “Chaos 
Emeralds” for details on getting them all).  Huzzah!

Now we must go left while avoiding giant bullets, which are being fired 
by proportionately giant cannons.  Avoid them, as well as the cannons 
below and a turret or two on the main path, and you’ll reach a door.  
Enter if you dare...  Inside, go right to find the sign!  Yes, we are 

                            |    Act 3    |

It’s the final act!  Oh, the tension’s mounting!  If you got through 
this zone’s Act 2 without losing a single life, there’s a 1-UP before 
you (and the rich get richer!), but the capsule doesn’t even exist if 
you did, and you probably did.  Roll down the slope and you’ll find 
Robotnik.  He’s ditched his usual ship and plans to fight us with the 
powers of electricity in what has to be even easier than the Genesis 
final boss battle.  Expecting some humongous, mechanized super robot of 
doom?  Well too bad!  We only serve easy bosses in this game!

Here we see some flames over a flamethrower of sorts.  Every few 
seconds, the flame of one stops and the flame of the other starts.  It 
always goes in the same order – left, right, center.  Also, there’s a 
bolt of electricity above you.  When Dr. Robotnik hits the switch he 
stands on, it home attacks you.  To avoid, simply stand on the left 
side of the screen.  Now, to hurt Dr. Robotnik, you need to jump into 
the glass case protecting him.  After 12 hits, Robotnik runs off to a 
teleportation device.  Follow him and the ending begins.

Robotnik appears in Green Hill, but Sonic flies out of nowhere and 
lands on him!  Robotnik is defeated, and South Island is saved!  But 
wait, there’s more: if you got all six Chaos Emeralds, they appear in a 
ring around the island, purifying it by destroying Robotnik’s terrible 
storm cloud.  Now your points are tallied up: 20,000 per Chaos Emerald, 
5,000 per extra life, and then a random bonus.  Now let the credits 

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  I wish I could say there’s more, 
but there isn’t.  You can always challenge yourself, though.  Try 
getting a higher score, all the 1-UPs, each of the Chaos Emeralds, or 
other challenges as you see fit.  Sonic the Hedgehog is short, but let 
me tell you, this game has replay value.  And since you can’t save, you 
get to rescue South Island again and again!
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

============================Chaos Emeralds*============================

In Sonic’s world, a few gems called the Chaos Emeralds are the source 
of unlimited power, and most of his games involve or revolve around 
using or collecting them.  In Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis), there were 
seven, and collecting all of them (as well as getting 50 rings and 
jumping) caused Sonic to turn into Super Sonic, an all-around 
invincible version of himself.  This game, however, includes only six 
Chaos Emeralds, one per zone, making Super Sonic impossible to achieve.  
Even so, collecting all the Chaos Emeralds has its purpose – each 
emerald is worth 20,000 points at the end of the game!  Plus, they may 
affect the ending...

But where are the Chaos Emeralds, and what do they look like?  Never 
fear, for I will guide you to all six right here.  Note that the guide 
(Section 2) explains how to get four of them, but those are only for 
ones that aren’t totally out-of-the-way.

#) Zone/Act


Above is the setup.  Pretty self-explanatory, right?  Thought so.  Now, 
let the list commence!

1) Green Hill Zone, Act 2

Obtain: This one’s pretty easy to get.  From the Checkpoint, jump left 
to a spring.  Don’t bounce on it.  Instead, walk left through a short 
tunnel (roll through the Crabmeat) and fall down a waterfall.  You’ll 
come to a hidden room with the Chaos Emerald on a ledge to the right.  
Well, what do you think I’m going to say?  Take it!  To return to the 
main body of the level, just ride down the waterfall in the chamber 
back to the body of water earlier on in the act.
2) Bridge Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Get to the very end of the level, to the bridge just before the 
sign.  Don’t step on it!  Jump to the first, second, or maybe third 
“tile” of the bridge and let it fall a bit.  When it does, make a short 
jump to the left onto the otherwise unreachable ledge with the Chaos 
Emerald on it.
3) Jungle Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Get to the third waterfall in the act (that is, the third giant 
waterfall that logs wash down).  It comes right after a Super Ring 
capsule and right before the Checkpoint, in case you can’t count.  Get 
on the initial stone platforms and hold down so that Sonic ducks and 
the view moves down.  See?  There’s grass below; fall down to it.  At 
the end, jump to the stone platform and get on the next grassy ledge.  
Walk to the end of it and stop.  See the log in the river?  Jump on and 
run left with it.  You’ll come to a little alcove with the Chaos 
Emerald tucked away inside.  I have to admit, this is easily the best 
hidden Chaos Emerald of the pack.
4) Labyrinth Zone, Act 2

Obtain: Ah, this one’s a breeze.  Get to the very end of the level, 
just before the sign, and go left – all the way left in that hallway.  
The Chaos Emerald is sitting on a little ledge there (not really hidden 
at all).
5) Scrap Brain Zone, Act 2

Obtain In the fork in the road, go up into a new room.  Once there, 
fall into the third pit and go right to a teleportation device.  Take 
it to another one, to the left of which is the Chaos Emerald.
6) Sky Base Zone, Act 2

Obtain: If you follow the guide and use the secret propeller platform 
as I direct you to (left of the beginning), you’ll eventually reach the 
Chaos Emerald by necessity to advance in the level.  It’s on the “bow” 
of the ship, right near a corkscrew-like object.  If you don’t use the 
shortcut, go right a while after you take the chain path down to find 

And there you have it!  Really, getting all the Chaos Emeralds is 
pretty easy and rewarding (if you play for points).  Plus, they may 
have a bearing on the game’s ending, and you really haven’t beaten 
Sonic the Hedgehog ‘til you’ve found all six of these emeralds...

============================1-UP Locations*============================

You start out in Green Hill with three lives.  Obviously, those three 
lives aren’t going to sustain you throughout all 18 acts (unless, of 
course, you’re an exceptionally skilled player), and so we have 1-UPs, 
one per act.  They’re quite useful, no?

They give you another try at an act if you should die, and this list 
should simplify the hunt for where 1-UPs lie.  So without further ado, 
I shall bring this list to you.

#) Zone/Act


Above is the setup, below, the list.  Soon you’ll know what you’ve 

1) Green Hill Zone, Act 1

Obtain: A bit before the slope that leads to the Checkpoint, there’s a 
tree that looks... suspicious.  Jump into it to knock a 1-UP capsule 
2) Green Hill Zone, Act 2

Obtain: This has to be the best hidden 1-UP in the game.  When you 
reach the bottommost floor of the cavern (with water and Crabmeats), go 
to the leftmost corner and jump against the wall.  You’ll pass through 
it and find a secret room with a 1-UP in it.
3) Green Hill Zone, Act 3

Obtain: When you reach the non-spiky pit, jump in.  It isn’t actually 
fatal, and there’s a 1-UP to the right of a spring you can use to get 
back up to the main level.
4) Bridge Zone, Act 1

Obtain: When you reach the second set of scales (the kind of teeter-
totter with the weight), jump on the left one to cause the weight to 
bounce and fall down, sending you up.  Do this twice so that you reach 
the maximum height possible with the scales, and hold right to land on 
a cliff with a 1-UP atop it.
5) Bridge Zone, Act 2

Obtain: Toward the end of the level, you’ll find a 1-UP floating in the 
water in a break in a bridge.  Jump onto it, break the capsule, and 
bounce onto the ledge to the left or the bridge to the right.
6) Bridge Zone, Act 3

Obtain: Look behind you, to the left, at the beginning of the act.  
Tada!  The 1-UPs right there.
7) Jungle Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Get to the waterfall with the rocky ledges on it (just a tad 
before the Checkpoint) and jump to the rightmost ledge.  From there, 
jump to the ledge to the upper-left and continue jumping to the left on 
these upper ledges to reach the 1-UP.
8) Jungle Zone, Act 2

Obtain: In the phase of level in which the Checkpoint can be found, go 
all the way to the right (on the lowest level of that “division” of the 
act) and fall down to the 1-UP.  It’s against the right wall, in case 
you don’t catch my drift.
9) Jungle Zone, Act 3

Obtain: Ignore the first vine and walk forward into the water.  Voila!  
The 1-UP is submerged here.
10) Labyrinth Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Near the end of the level, on dry land, you’ll find a platform 
with a Super Ring on it.  Rather than hit it, hit the switch to the far 
left.  It turns the Super Ring capsule into a 1-UP capsule.  Neat-o!
11) Labyrinth Zone, Act 2

Obtain: Early on in the level, you’ll be at a platform with air bubbles 
rising from it.  Here, you can go left or right (the path to the left 
has rings going down it).  Choose to go left and you’ll fall down into 
a hallway.  Walk all the way to the left to find the 1-UP underneath 
some spikes.
12) Labyrinth Zone, Act 3

Obtain: Walk right of the starting point to find a spring.  Bounce on 
it and hold left to enter into a hallway.  Walk left on it, jumping 
over spikes where necessary, to find the 1-UP hidden at the end.  
Because the spikes make this a risky venture, you may just want to skip 
it, but there’s no harm in trying (unless you die...).
13) Scrap Brain Zone, Act 1

Obtain: After exiting the first hallway, you’ll see a conveyor belt 
with a 1-UP capsule on it.  Strike fast, my friend, lest the 1-UP roll 
off the belt and disappear.
14) Scrap Brain Zone, Act 2

Obtain: When you reach the fork in the road, take the lower route.  Now 
roll down the slope to land in a pit that brings you to the ground 
floor.  Go left to reach a teleportation device that takes you to 
another device; go right from there to find the 1-UP and reach the same 
fork in the road as before.
15) Scrap Brain Zone, Act 3

Obtain: In the maze, toward the top, you can go left or right.  Choose 
right and you’ll drop down a long shaft; go left (now on the ground 
floor) to find the 1-UP.
16) Sky Base Zone, Act 1

Obtain: After taking the second propeller platform, drop down to the 
platforms below to find a few rings and a 1-UP capsule.
17) Sky Base Zone, Act 2

Obtain: Jump to the hidden propeller platform to the left of the start 
and ride it to a second ladder (by another propeller platform).  At the 
top is a 1-UP capsule, but it’s guarded by a cannon.  Good luck!
18) Sky Base Zone, Act 3

Obtain: If you didn’t lose a single life in the previous act (Sky Base 
Zone, Act 2), there’s a 1-UP right in front of you at the start.  And 
so the rich get richer...

Well, that’s a wrap.  But you know, extra lives are nice, but Continues 
are even better.  So, let’s talk cont.

=============================Bonus Stages*=============================

In the first four zones, you can enter a bonus stage by reaching the 
sign with 50 rings or more (that is, you get the ‘!’ mark) from the 
first two acts of each zone.  There are four different bonus stages, 
and it is in them alone that you can collect Continues, rare items that 
let you start at the act you were in with three lives if you get a game 
over.  They are also filled with rings and sometimes 1-UPs.  So, here, 
I’ll give you the run-down...

You can enter the bonus stage at most eight times (there are four zones 
with two acts each in which you can enter the bonus stage), and the 
goal in each is to reach the sign at the end with as many rings, 1-UPs, 
and most especially Continue capsules as possible (of course, there’s 
only one Continue per stage).  You’re given two minutes to play around 
and reach the sign the first time, but in your fifth through eighth 
visits to bonus stages, that’s cut down to one minute.  The stages get 
harder, however, as the game progresses; the first one is filled with 
springs to help you to get tons of rings easily.  The fourth one, on 
the other hand, is like a drop through a mess of bumpers hoping that 
you collect a few rings.  Still, the fourth stage has four possible 1-
UPs, but you can only get one of them.

So, I wish you well in the bonus stages.  Remember, 100 rings equal one 
1-UP, and a 1-UP capsule equals a 1-UP, and a Continue equals three 1-
UPs and chances at more!


If there is one thing I’ve learned from my time here at GameFAQs, it’s 
that people can find questions to ask about anything.  That’s why I 
have this section – Frequently Asked Questions.  It’s meant to answer 
most questions I get so that you don’t have to resort to e-mailing me.  
Also included is contact information, so read it all!  Now, let’s get 
this party started!

Question: Can I go Super Sonic?
Answer: Well, since there are only six Chaos Emeralds and not seven, 
it’s not exactly possible.  So, the answer is “Nope, sorry.”

Question: Okay, so what’s the point of Chaos Emeralds?
Answer: They’re worth 20,000 points at the end of the game.  Also, 
getting all six earns you an alternate ending.

Question: Is this just a port of Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis?
Answer: Not at all!  This is a totally different game with the same 
name, though three of the zones – Green Hill, Labyrinth, and Scrap 
Brain – are based on the Genesis version.  But this game is almost the 
same as another Sonic the Hedgehog game, the Sega Master System version 
from 1991.  There are a few differences, but nothing that major.

Question: What’s the point of points?
Answer: Well, every 50,000 points you get earns you a new life, and 
they are also used for bragging rights (for instance, “I got ____ 
points!”).  So, uh, try earning those rings and time bonuses!

Question: Can I use your guide(s) on my web site?
Answer: Sorry, but no.  Please refer to my legal section for details.

Question: Which games have you written guide for?
Answer: Quite a few.  This is my thirty-ninth (no, seriously), and you 
can see an up-to-date list of my guides at the following link:


Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: Of all the questions I get, this has to be the least commonly 
asked.  First, I'd like to set out a few guidelines.  All contact 
occurs through e-mails (not IMs or anything else), which must relate to 
the guide (no chain letters, socializing, etc.).  Please put "Sonic the 
Hedgehog (GG)" or the name of the guide in the subject.  Make sure to 
examine the entire guide before e-mailing me.  In my prime, I answered 
e-mails pretty regularly, but now it's on a very irregular basis with 
lots of gaps, so it's in your best interest to read the guide instead 
of waiting for me to answer your questions.  I don't open attachments.  
Finally, be specific in your question.  Thanks in advance.  You can e-
mail me at:


With that, Section 3 has reached its exciting conclusion.  Most 
unfortunately, this guide is just about over, but look on the bright 
side: we still have the legal section!  HUZZAH!!!!  But enough of this; 
I can’t wait!  Just a bit more anticipation...  AND they’re off!
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================

It’s that time of year again...  That’s right: it’s time for a legal 
section!  Oh, that I could express my love for them, but alas, ‘tis 
beyond comprehension.  So, I shall share with you the exquisite 
pleasure of reading a legal section, one of my own making...  Only it 
will be copy and pasted, because, in all truth, I despise legal 
sections, especially writing them!  Oh how I despise them!  That is to 
say, here’s much to do with love, but more with hate.  So let’s get 
this over with...  And would you stop looking at me like that?

Before I can wow you with the legal section, I’ll build the suspense 
ever so subtly by including first some the credits.  Here goes nothing!

                           |    Credits    |

First off, I guess I should advertise myself down here, so two and a 
half cheers for me.  Yeah, Kirby021591 wrote this guide, and the way he 
talks about himself in third person is so charming, so let’s give it up 
for him.

Second, a round of applause for Sega!  This game was terrific, and they 
deserve the praise.  But we should also thank Nintendo, because I 
played this game and wrote this guide using Sonic Adventure DX for the 
Nintendo Game Cube.  So let’s give it up for Sega and Nintendo.  For 
once they were enemies, now they are business partners.

Third, GameFAQs certainly deserves some credit.  After all, they 
somehow saw fit to post this sloppy string of sentences on their site, 
so let’s thank ‘em!  Remember to support their site; click on ads!

Those are the originals, but that’s not to say that some other people 
haven’t helped me out more recently.  Here’s a list of who helped me 
and what they did.

That’s all for now, but chances are the list is going to grow.  Now 
then, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  Let the legal section 

                      |    The Legal Section    |

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, 
production, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor 
goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.

Second, this document is Copyright 2005-2007 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.

To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing 
information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their 
sites, books, magazines, etc.

THAT WAS INTENSE!  Oh, sorry, I forgot that I need to keep my inside 
voice on in here...  Well, it’s been real, but this is the end of the 
line.  But, rather than remember this guide with that bad taste in your 
mouth, let’s wrap things up with the coolest, snazziest, most totally 
awesome catchphrase EVER!  May I have a drum roll, please?  I can’t 
hear you!  Okay, okay, don’t deafen me now.  Alright, here goes...

See ya later.

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