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Reviewed: 05/21/13

Not as bad as everyone says

Ah, Sonic Labyrinth, a game that came out in November of 1995 and is hated by so many. I remember hearing so many people saying this was an absolutely terrible entry in the Sonic series, so I decided to check it out. The game had a new gameplay style never done before, which is why many hated it. I will now share with you my opinion of the game, and tell you whether or not I feel the same way as most other people do about this game.

Sonic Labyrinth features an interesting story, where Dr. Robotnik has ordered his robots to sneak into Sonic's house and steal his shoes. His shoes are what allow for him to run fast, so he must now walk slowly. He is then captured and put into the center of Robotnik's base, where he must locate the Chaos Emeralds while walking slowly. The one thing I like about this story is that we see that it is Sonic's shoes that allow for him to move fast, providing more exposition to the character. What I don't like about it is that Robotnik seems to be an idiot, to not just kill Sonic after sneaking into his house and to not conquer the world since he has the Emeralds. That part of the story is stupid.

As for the gameplay, you will be moving much slower, which is natural, knowing the story. You play from an isometric view point, and must find 3 keys in a level to unlock the exit to each level within a time limit. You will also fight a boss every four levels. There are 4 areas Sonic must explore, including labyrinths of the Sky, Sea, Factory, and Castle. The backgrounds are basically the same for each level, being different colors, consisting of rectangular floors. While the gameplay is slow, I actually don't mind it that much. You can still use a Spin Dash to move fast. I actually do not find the game to be too slow at all. I don't think the gameplay is great, but it is not terrible either. This style of gameplay is just fair, as it allows for exploration, but can be hard and frustrating at times to find everything in the levels. The boss fights are okay, too, not that bad. Also, there are 2 endings, but you simply have to do 2 tasks which aren't that hard to get the good ending, and there is barely a difference in ending so it really does not feel worth it to get the good ending.

The music is also okay, not great but not terrible. I can understand people hating this game because Sonic is supposed to move fast, but if you remember that it was meant to be a new gameplay style, I find it hard to hate this game. Overall, I don;t think this game is amazing, but it certainly is not the terrible game that everyone says it is. I rate this game 6/10.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Sonic Labyrinth (US, 11/30/95)

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