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FAQ/Strategy Guide by EntropicLobo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/29/06

|                              OutRun Europa                                 |

Version 1.0 (09/1/2005)

Version History:

-3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (09/1/2005)


This Guide is Copyright, 2005, Matthew McIntyre

This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

To contact me: entropiclobo(at)yahoo(dot)ca or chaos(dot)wolf(at)gmail(dot)com

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Game by SEGA.

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type O1)

O1: Intro
O2: Gameplay
O3: Items
O4: Stages
O5: Credits

|                                 O1: Intro                                  |

OutRun have always been great games. With relaxing music and awesome gameplay,
the original OutRun trumps most other games of the sort for me. Just the
cruising through a country, taking your own path that appeals to me even. But
what about OutRun Europa? Well... it's different.

Taking place in Europe (obviously) I suppose they wanted to try soemthing new.
I mean, would they just give you OutRun with more Roman arches and less palm
trees? No, and in a way I'm glad this is different enough from OutRun. Many
core elements remain, but it is fundamentally different.

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record with this talk of difference, so
let's cut to the chase. Europa uses a few different vehicles. From motorbikes
to jetskis, and the levels are discrete. There is also a story. Enemies also
go out of their way to attack you. This si kind of like Battle OutRun but not
as well executed. While it is a black sheep, in my opinion, Europa is like
Battle, it is still enjoyable even if it doesn't live up to the greatness of
the original OutRun.

|                                O2: Gameplay                                |

Button 1: Attack.
Button 2: Boost.
Up: Gain speed.
Down: Lower Speed.
Left/Right: Steer.

OutRun Europa requires you to get to the checkpoints as quickly as possible,
with a boss fight at the end of the game. If you lose, you will need to restart
the entire game. Luckily, it's not that difficult but this can be tedious.

There's little reason _not_ to be going full speed all the time. In fact, even
the curves aren't that difficult when you're going fast. Compared to OutRun or
even Battle OutRun, it is very easy to stay on the road.

There are some enemies out to get you, and I suggest you attack most of them
back because if they dog you, you can be destroyed very quickly.

Your screen and HUD:

| [ A ]  [ B ]  [ C ] | \
|                     |  \
|                     |   \__ Playing Field
|                     |   /
|                     |  /
|                     | /
|---------------------| \__ Item Field
| [ D ]  [ E ]  [ F ] | /

A: Speed.
This is how fast you are travelling. Hold up to increase to and maintain max

B: Time remaining in seconds.
You get extra time when you reach checkpoints. If you do not reach a checkpoint
in tiem then it is game over.

C: Points.
Your accumulated point total. Don't worry too much about this, concentrate on
winning and the points will come naturally.

D: Shields remaining.
If your shields run out then it is game over.

E: Ammo remaining.
This is the ammunition for the weapons of all vehicles stages 2 through 5.

F: Nitro remaining.
This is the amount of times you can boost in a land vehicle.

Police: If the police slow you to a stop, tehn you will be arrested and get a
game over. Either rush past them or shoot them. Two shots with the gun destroys
a police car.

|                                 O3: Items                                  |

Outrun Europa has three items:

Blue Orbs: They give you more shielding.

Yellow Bullet: They give you more ammunition.

Orange Barrel: It gives you more nitro.

|                                O4: Stages                                  |

Jump tot he stage by typing OREX (OutRun Europa X), where X is the number of
the stage, between 1 and 5.

 Stage 1

Vehicle: Motorbike.
Max Speed: 200kmh
With Nitro: ~254kmh

"You see a bike left at the side of the road. If you hurry you just might catch
the thieves."

Alright the first stage will get you accustomed to the game. Start by holding
up to get your bike up to max or near max speed. You'll soon be assaulted by a
curve. Get used to them because there are plenty in this stage. Another biker
will probably drive up near you. You will need to use button 1 to punch, and
run into him while punching. This should stop the biker (explode) and you will
continue on. Bikers are pretty common so be sure to take them out. While they
could make you miss some powerups, they can also slow you down considerably
over long stretches. Master defeating them now and you should do fine. Where
they can injure you, make sure to pick up the blue globes.

Anothe problem is the police. If they manage to stop you, you'll be arrested
and will fail the mission. This where nitro really comes in handy. Since you
can't beat the police, you may as well skip past them. Hit the nitro and soar
past them. Finding a police car on a curve could be dangerous, since you will
probably be slowing down to take the curve.

*You can pass the police without a boost, it's just the best time to use one.

The other cars in the stage seem to bump you, but are largely benign. Just jam
up and get past them. Again, a car ina  curve could pose a threat but it should
not be too deadly. They can be blown up, but it uses valuable time. Make your
choice wisely.

Alright, so most OutRun games give you branching paths yes? Well, this game has
discrete levels. There are branches but an arrow tells you the recommended path
so follow the red arrow.

After the first checkpoint, you will enter the countryside. The countryside has
some hills that can obstruct your view, but won't bee too much of a problem.

The second checkpoint awards you onlya  little bit of time. But after this
small village you will come to a cliff. After the cliff the stage ends. But
the cliff is almost completely a curve, so don't lose your cool.

 Stage 2

Vehicle: JetSki.
Max Speed: 180kmh
With Nitro: Cannot use

"You see the ferry in the distance. How will you follow them now! There is a
jetski floating in the harbour. That will help!"

So you're out on the sea now. This si kind of different, you can not boost but
you can shoot. Press fire 1 to shoot and hold teh button to fire the shot high.
You get four shots per bullet on your HUD.

Start on out, holding up as usual. There are a few obstacles in the water but
you should be able to hold max speed regardless. Soon you will be attacked by
a helicopter. They take maybe two shots to down. Make sure to shoot high. The
best way to attack them is to shoot them when they move over to shoot you and
then get out of the way. They fire at you, however, so watch your own shields.
If you can't defeat one, it will leave eventually. You may as well defeat it,

The other threat in the water are other dudes on JetSkis. If you bump them a
few times they will blow up. However, you're likely to sustain damage yourself.
You can shoot at them as they approach, but this is likely to miss. You could
also slow down so they move ahead of you and you can get a few shots in. Do
whatever works for you, one will jeaopardize your shields, the other your time.

There are boats in the water, they are just like cars. They can be blown up but
are better passed.

After the first checkpoint, you can see some hills in the background. You will
see more and more of them as you head towards them. Look out for lighthouses,
the stage ends pretty soon after the third portion of the hills becomes visible
on the horizon.

 Stage 3

Vehicle: Porshe
Max Speed: 210kmh
With Nitro ~254kmh

"You see a Porshe with the keys in. What luck! The thieves are heading toward
Spain... at least you can follow them now!"

Thieves? I think you're talking about the player character there pal... This is
his thrid theft in a row, what a guy.

Anyways, the Porshe is more typically OutRun. The night is dark and cars can
come out of nowhere. So watch your shields - this level can drain them quickly.
You have a gun this time around, pressing button 1 fires a shot. This will blow
up cars. If a car is dogging you, slow down a bit and blast it. Otherwise you
are going to lose considerable Shields. You can bump into them, but you run the
risk of damage. If you run them off the road, they won't last long. If they run
you off the road, neither will you. Bumping them is actually effective if you
want to try it. You have plenty of chances, there are tons of cars.

When you come to the first checkpoint, it will become daytime. That will make
things a little easier at least. There are a lot of curves and some hills here,
but nothing you can't take relatively easily. Cars seem to dog you less now as
well. Police will be appearing, however, just handle them liek you did in stage
1. The balck cars seem to be the only ones that dog you. If you see them on the
horizon, shoot them before they get close. Shooting is pretty difficult but it
very likely they will decrease your shields in a showdown.

After the second checkpoint, keep going. Again, shoot the police and black cars
that get in your way. If you see any blue orbs try and get them because you are
going to need the shields. A black car will often attack from behind, making
sure you lose at least one shield. A Nitro could be in order. 

After the third checkpoint, a city will be on the horizon. This area is largely
less of a threat than the previous two, teh cars all seem easier to handle. But
youw ill leave the city eventually, back to the woodlands.

After the fourth checkpoint, you will again be appraoching a city. It won't be
long until the stage ends.

 Stage 4

Vehicle: Speed Boat
Max Speed: 180kmh
With Nitro: Cannot use.

"You find that you are too late as they cross the Mediterranean. A speed boat
is your only option now."

The speed boat is largely the same as the JetSki. It has the same kind of shot:
remember to hold button 1 to shoot high. Now, chances are you've exhausted much
of your ammo in the previous stage. That's fine. The helicopters are back but
you should make it to the first checkpoint if you keep your speed maxed. The
choppers are pretty easy to dodge, too.

The enemy jetskis and boats also make a return. You can handle these in the
same way you did in Stage 2. Bumping the jetskis is probably the best option if
you lack ammo.

The good thing about having copters on screen is that they will be the _only_
enemy onscreen. Of course, there are still obstacles, just no helicopters. You
can also cut down on the horizontal movement if you get close enough to the
chopper's shots that they just miss you. It probably won't adjust itself, but
if it does you'll have to respond quickly.

Between the first and second checkpoints is essentially the same as the first
portion of the stage. Helicopter after helicopter.

After the third checkpoint, you should see some roman buildings in the
distance. As Rome comes closer, the stage draws to a close. Just keep rushing
and you should make it. The cliff comes closer and closer and finally, the
stage is won.

 Stage 5

Vehicle: Agency Car
Max Speed: 235kmh
With Nitro ~254kmh

"You use an Agency Car to chase the Thieves through Italy. Now in Berlin you
catch sight of them on the road. Go for it!"

This car is the fastest thing you've driven yet, but there's no need to be
intimidated by the speed. You get the gun again during this stage. You start
in Italy, there's a Colloseum-esque building in the background. So start your
engine and let's catch those thieves.

This plays out much like stage 3. Those flat, grey cars will try to take you
out. While they will score a bit of damage on you, they shouldn't be too much
harder than Stage 3. The police still stay ahead of you at 235kmh so they are
no different from previous police cars.

The biggest thing you need to watch out for is moving from one side of the road
to the other. This is done incredibly fast now, and it could get hard to keep
in control of your car. In other words, you could fly off the road and smack a

After the first checkpoint, you are outside in a hilled area. There are trees
on the sides of the road. This area has quite a few curves. There are sometimes
items on the inside curve but you are pulled away from the inside so you will
need to struggle to stay in there if you want to. There are plenty of police,
race past them or shoot them. There are also plenty of grey cars. Knock them
into the trees.

After the second checkpoint, there will be some mountains in the background.
After a tunnel, there will be two cliffs, one on either side (you're in the
"valley" between them). This area is very curvey. When you come to an area with
water on one side of the road, keep to to the side of the road farthest from
the water. The stones near it will rack up damage on you quickly.

After the third checkpoint, you'll be heading for hills again. This si largely
the same as previous areas. Just watchout for the billboards.

After the fourth checkpoint, you're in a city. And this can be considered the
boss of the game. There's another Agency Car up ahead with a meter above it.
The meter is kind of hard to read but it is a life guage. Start by emptying the
gun on this car. Make your shots count. Now, slam it from behind and from
either side. Do not get right beside it, it can destroy you pretty quickly.
When the meter reaches 00 you win, and get this message:

"Message from HQ follows...
Congratulations! You have rescued the documents. We shall always be in your

Yep, that's it. Now enter your name on the hi-score table and grab a cup of
punch. You will be taken back to the title screen in case you want to beat this

The ending is pretty short for the trouble you took, but at least you completed
a moderately fun game.
"OutRun Europa? On the Sega Master System? I conquered it."

|                                 O5: Credits                                |

Thanks to the hosts for letting you read this.

Thanks to SEGA for the game. OutRun is my favourite "car" series and while this
certainly isn't the best installment it is still fun.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Game by SEGA.

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