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Guide and Walkthrough by Unkownver2

Version: Final | Updated: 02/05/2004

                  Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Walkthrough

                            Version: Final - 2/5/04
                                 By Unknownver2

   This FAQ will cover just about everything in the game, from how to start, 
  getting thru the hard levels, and special attacks for all the characters in 
                                  the game.

Table of Contents:

   1 - Controls
   2 - Walkthrough
       1-Stage 1 (King Sphinx)
       2-Stage 2 (Nasty Knight)
       3-Stage 3 (Evil Green Ranger)
       4-Stage 4 (Dragon Zord)
       5-Stage 5 (Shell Shock)
       6-Stage 6 (Polluticorn)
       7-Stage 7 (Goldar/Cyclopsis)
   3 - Spcial Attacks
       1-A few words about Special attacks
       2-How to preform a Special attack
       3-Character Special Attacks
   4 - Secrets
   5 - Closing
   6 - Copyright Stuff

1 - The Controls

The first thing to understanding a game is to know how to play it.  Here we'll 
cover a few basics in controling your character.

*Note all of these are for the Rangers, they may change for the evil characters

Start - Pauses the game / Selects option
D-Pad - Controls the character / Move curser on screen
D-Pad Up - Makes the character jump
D-Pad Down - Makes the character crouch
D-Pad Left/Right - Makes character move left/right
D-Pad Left/Right X2 - Makes character run left/right
D-Pad Up+Right/Left - jumps towards the corner of the screen
Button 1 - Makes character punch / select option
Button 2 - Makes character kick / select option
Button 1+2 - Makes character do a downward kick
Button 1+2 Next to enemy - Throws enemy
D-Pad Down+1 - Makes character do a low punch
D-Pad Down+2 - Makes character do a low kick
D-Pad Up+1 - Makes character do a flying punch
D-Pad Up+2 - Makes character do a flying kick
D-Pad Left/Right X2+1 - Makes character do a running punch
D-Pad Left/Right X2+2 - Makes character do a running kick
D-Pad Left/Right X2+1+2 - Makes character do a running combo
D-Pad Down+1+2 - Makes character do an uppercut
D-Pad Up+1+2 - Makes character do an attack towards enemy

2 - Walkthrough

Rita - "Ha, Ha, Ha! I'm Free at last!"
       "The Earth will soon be all mine!"

Zorhan - "Alpha! Earth is in great danger. Send an emergency call to the power

Rita - "You lazy worms who dare oppose me shall soon learn the extent of my 

Stage 1
King Sphinx


Start off by picking any character you like, they all work good on this first

You'll start by fighting grey putty patrol.  They have little health.  The best
way to beat them is to just jump and press 1+2 to take them out.  You'll fight
10 grey putty's before you get to Goldar.

Use the same tatic here, jump and 
press 1+2.  You only have to take about three times as much health as the 
grey putty's, four attacks should do it.

Now you'll fight green putty patrol, the only difference is they have about 
1.5 the health as the grey's.  After five of them it's onto King Sphinx.

First thing, Sphinx has an "attack" that makes him invisable and cannot be 
attacked at that time.  Also, when he jumps watch out, he will usually do a
series of kicks.  He also can send out a tornado to send you in the air.  
After he falls:

Rita - "You made my gnarly monster fall, now you'll pay when he gets tall!"


You start off fighting Goldar in the Megazord, use the same tactics as before.
After you take off about one-forth of his health he'll leave and then Sphinx
comes back.

It seems like he's a little harder this time.  That's because the Megazord 
isn't the best fighter.  After taking his health away:

Rita - "Next I shall send the Nasty Knight against them."

Stage 2
Nasty Knight


This time your start off right away against Nasty.  Don't think this will be a
short level though.  After taking off about half of his health he'll run away.

Now it's time to face red putty patrol.  They still don't have much health and
can be taken out in one hit.  After eight of them, you go back to grey putty's,
but they take about two hits to take them out.  After four it's back to Nasty.

He starts with as much health as you left him with.  Watch out for his special
attack, he runs at you and does five slashes.  Just keep jumping and attacking.

Rita - "You made my gnarly monster fall, now you'll pay when he gets tall!"


You start out fighting Nasty right away in the Megazord.  Just keep jumping and
attacking like in the first fight.

Rita - "Tommy, from this moment on, you are my Ranger.  Destroy the Power 

Stage 3
Evil Green Ranger


You start again against the red putty patrol.  Use the same jump 1+2 attack to 
take them out.  After four you'll get to the new purple putty patrol.  They 
have little health, and they show up before they can attack.  Position yourself
and attack when ready.  After four more you'll get grey ones that copy the 
purple's.  After three you go to orange putty patrol.  Two hits should take
them out.  After three of these you finally get to... Goldar again.

Use the same tactics as the first two times to take him out.  Take about a 
third of his health to send him running.

Finally, Evil Green.  I used the Red Ranger and used his special with 1+2 to 
take him out.  You only need to take about four fifths of his health to win.

Rita - "Magic wand, make my Goldar and Ranger grow."


You start by fighting Goldar again.  Take about a third of his health and he'll

Now you'll have to fight Evil Green in the Megazord.  This one is harder then
the last one.  Use the jump attack and mix in some special attacks to take him
out.  You only need to take about half of his health, so don't get worried.

Rita - "Green Ranger take you Zord and crush the Power Rangers."

Stage 4
Drangon Zord


You get to pick a Ranger, even though you fight in the Megazord.  That's 
becuase you'll fight Evil Green again at 4-2.

Anyway, you have to fight Dragon Zord.  Watch out, your eye beam attack is 
useless here because he will always avoid it, unless he's cornered.  Watch the
tail attacks, because they'll give the most damage.  You'll have to take all
of the health to win this one.


Back to Evil Green again.  Use whatever you used before to beat him.  

Red - "Tommy, open your eyes, your being controled like a puppet."
Green - "Thanks. I've come back to my senses.  Lets join forces and beat Rita. 

Rita - "Why, why, why can't I win.  It's driving me mad!"

Stage 5
Shell Shock


This is the first level you can use the green ranger, so why not.

You'll start out by fighting Shell right away.  Watch out for his cannon shots
and his freeze ball.  After taking less then half of his health he'll run.

Back to the red putty patrol.  Three later it's back to grey.  After twelve of
the greys you have to fight the hardest purple putty patrol.  They jump around
and materialize, and dematerialize in seconds.  The putty patrol will show up
and go away in seconds, so you don't have to defeat them, but it's better if 
you do, you'll get health back.

After them it's back to Shell Shock.  The jump tactic doesn't work as good here
stick to fast attacks, and then back off.

Rita - "You made my gnarly monster fall, now you'll pay when he gets tall!"


Here you can choose between Megazord, Dragonzord, and Dragonzord F.  The third
choice is the best because it has a good jump attack and good special attacks.
Just keep attacking until he's gone.

Rita - "My nest monster is unbeatable.  Be prepared for the worst."

Stage 6


You start by facing some purple putty patrol.  After six, here comes our good
friend Goldar.  What's this?  He only comes for one attack and then grey putty
patrol.  Then Goldar, then putty, then Goldar.  After about five times of cheap
Goldar attacks, he lands and fights you.  You know what to do.  Take a third of
his health to end it.  Then it's in to green putty patrol.  Only two though.

Finally, Polluticorn.  He's one of the hardest boss because he doesn't give you
time to fight back.  Keep moving and don't jump too much.  Also watch out for 
his sonic boom attack.  If he does that jump over it and attack.  

Rita - "You made my gnarly monster fall, now you'll pay when he gets tall!"


Another battle with the Dragonzord F.  You can just about stand there and use
it's special cresent attack (down, forward, 2) to take him out.  Again, keep
moving and don't jump all the time.  

Rita - "Hated Power Rangers!  Today I shall send you to your end."

Stage 7


Congrates, you've made it to the last level, you know what that means?  You get
to fight all of the bosses again!

You start by fighting Shell Shock.  Don't worry, they all have less then half
health.  For all of the bosses use the same tactics you used before.  Next up
is Polluticorn.  Nasty Knight is next.  Followed by King Sphinx.  Then
everyones favorite mini-boss, Goldar.  This time you'll have to actually beat
him all the way.

Rita - "Goldar, ride in Cyclopsis and crush them!"


This is it.  The final battle.  The best way to beat it is to play as it in VS.
learn all of it's moves, and then figure out your own style to beat it.  But,
if you don't want to I guess I can help.

This is deffinetly the hardest battle.  Don't get yourself in a corner, and 
stay low.  All of he's attacks are high.  You might have to play this one a few
times to get it right, but it's well worth it.

3 - Special Attacks

3-1 - A few words about special attacks

Special attacks are the best way to beat your enemies in the hard mode.  A 
jumping kick towards the enemy is the best way to win in the easy mode of the
game, but in hard the enemies will block the kick after once or twice.  Keep
to specials to win the hard battles.

3-2 - How to perform a special attack

All of the characters have three special attacks.  All of the special attacks 
for the characters have the same button input.  The only differences in the
special attacks are the last button(s) pushed.  Here are the button 

1: Down, Forward, 1

2: Down, Forward, 2

3: Down, Forward, 1+2

That's all there is to it, were forward is toward the enemy.

3-3 - Character special attacks

I will now explain the special attacks of each character.
At the end of the description I will put how far the attack goes on the screen.

1 - very close   2 - mid/close   3 - mid/far   *4 - very far (whole screen)
Some attacks go right in the middle of these classifications, so I will put 
both numbers if that is the case.
*Most 4 attacks will also hit at any other range.

3-3-1 - Heros

Red Ranger

1: He will pull out a sword, jump, and slash down at the enemy.  (2)

2: He will run at the enemy while doing a horizontal slash with a dagger.  (3)

3: A combination of 1+2, he will slash at his enemy and then run and slash at
   them. (4)

Black Ranger

1: He will pull out his axe and shoot a ball from the bottom.  (4)

2: He will do four short kicks followed by a spin kick.  (1)

3: He will pull out his axe, jump, and slash at the enemy.  (3)

Blue Ranger

1: He will pull out a lance and give five quick jabs.  (1)

2: He will pull out a lance and run at the enemy.  (3)

3: He will pull out his lance, jump, and spin it.  (1)

Pink Ranger

1: She will pull out her bow and do two slashes, one up, one down.  (1/2)

2: She will do a backward flip kick.  (1)

3: She will jump up, pull out her bow, and shoot an arrow at the enemy.  (2/3)

Yellow Ranger

1: She will pull out a dagger and throw it.  (4)

2: She will pull out a dagger and throw it low (can be jumped over).  (4)

3: She will pull out a dagger and do two slashes.  (1/2)

Green Ranger

1: He will make a power ball and throw it.  (4)

2: He will jump at the enemy, catches them by the head, and flips them into the
   ground.  (2/3)

3: He will pull out a dagger and does two slashes.  (1/2)


1: It will do an electric eye beam attack.  (1)

2: It turns into a car-thing and drives at the enemy.  (4)

3: It will pull out a sword and slash at the enemy.  (2/3)


1: It will turn and does a drilling tail attack.  (1)

2: It will jump up and come down on the enemy with a drill tail.  (2/3)

3: It will do three eye beam attacks, one short range, one mid range, and one
   long range.  (1-4)

Dragonzord F.

1: It will do an uppercut at the enemy.  (1)

2: It will send a crescent flying at the enemy(Works best when enemy jumps).(4)

3: It will pull out a drill and charge at the enemy.  (4)

3-3-2 - Enemies

Putty Patrol

1: It will do many fast chops followed by a big chop.  (1/2)

2: It will jump towards the enemy doing many kicks.  (3/4)

3: It will jump high and come down on the enemy.  (2)


1: He will do an eye beam.  (1/2)

2: He will do a horizontal slash with his sword.  (1/2)

3: He will jump back and swoop at the enemy in the air.  (4)

Shell Shock

1: He will shoot a cannon ball out of a cannon at the enemy.  (4)

2: He will shoot a cannon ball towards the top corner of the screen.  (4)

3: He will shoot a red ball and stop the enemy in the air.  (2/3)

King Sphinx

1: He will shoot a crescent at the enemy.  (4)

2: He will jump towards the enemy and do about six kicks at the enemy.  (2/3)

3: He will make a small tornado and it sends the enemy into the air (Works best
   at range 1).  (1/2)

Nasty Knight

1: He will do five slashes with his sword.  (1/2)

2: He will run half way across the screen and do two slashes.  (2/3)

3: He will shoot five beams from his eyes.  (3)


1: He will do five sonic booms at the enemy.  (2/3)

2: He jumps up and does a kick towards the bottom corner of the screen.  (4)

3: He will shoot a beam at the enemy.  (4)


1: He will shoot five shoots at different levels at the enemy.  (3)

2: He does a lightning beam at the ground.  (1)

3: He shoots a fast beam at the enemy.  (4)

4 - Secrets

Enable Level Select and Dream Mode

In order to enable the level select for the Story game, and pick what character
you fight in VS. mode (Dream Mode) you must beat the game in either Normal or
Hard Difficulty.  Beating it in Easy doesn't work.

5 - Closing

Thank you for using my Faq.  If there are any questions, or I messed something
up please e-mail me at: 


6 - Copyright stuff

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2004 Unknownver2

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