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Guide and Walkthrough by odin66

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/19/2005

Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion FAQ and Walkthrough
Written by Odin66
Version 1.0

I.   Version History
II.  Legal 
III. Introduction
IV.  Controls/Gameplay
     a. Layout
     b. Actions
     c. screen 
V.   Items
VI.   Characters
VII.  Walkthrough
      a. Forest
      b. Toy Factory
      c. Sweet Factory
      d. School Supplies
      e. Clock Tower
      f. Inner Castle
VIII. Contact Info

I. Version History

0.1--8/24/03 Noticed this game has no FAQ/Walkthrough so set out to make one.
             Began taking notes of the levels, gameplay, and characters.
             Added the contents, legal, introduction, and controls.

0.25--8/26/03 Added the items, characters, and first 2 levels of the 

0.75--8/30/03 Added levels 3-5 of the walkthrough.

1.0--9/4/03   Added the final level and the contact information.

II. Legal
    This is copyrighted material, so if you want to use it on your site,
    just ask first through email. Also, please give me credit if citing
    information from this FAQ. If you violate the copyright, know that 
    you will be subject to penalties under the law. 

    The following sites have permission to use this guide:

III. Introduction
     All of the information for this guide is straight from the game and the
notes that I took. I've long since lost the instruction manual, so things
like monsters and items may have formal names that I'm not aware of, so when
I reference them, I'm calling them what they look like. 

     Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion is a game made for the Sega
Game Gear and was released in 1991. It's your basic platformer type game
(think Mario) where you have to navigate Mickey past obstacles while keeping
away from foes. There are a few simplistic puzzles you have to solve to make
your way through the game. Mickey's job is to save Minnie, who was kidnapped 
for some reason by a witch, and taken to the Castle of Illusion.

IV. Controls/Gameplay
a. Layout
The layout for the Game Gear consists of three buttons and the control pad: 

control pad=push it to move in the direction you want to go.
1=pick up object/throw object
2=Jump/butt stomp
Start= Pauses the game

b. Actions
There are a few basic actions Mickey can do to help him reach his goal
of saving Minnie. They are:

Butt stomp: hit 2 to jump and while in mid air hit 2 again and 
Mickey will throw out his legs. 

Pick up: Get next to the object and press the control pad towards the 
it. Mickey will grab hold of it, then hit 1 and Mickey will pick it up. 

Throw: Hit 1 while carrying an object.

Duck: Hit down on the control pad.

c. Screen
Starting with the lower left part of the screen:

Stars: Your health, start with three, get hit lose one, lose them all and 
you die. Can find extra stars as the game goes on.

Lives: Self explanatory

Points: Keeps track of your points, get 10000 and you get another life.

Timer: Most levels are timed, if the timer runs out, you die. 

V. Items
   Most of the items in COI come by way of treasure chests. To open a chest 
do a butt stomp on top of them. Some of the chests are hidden and only 
appear after doing a butt stomp, the details of where to find them all are 
listed in the walkthrough. Now on to the listing of the items.

Cake: Fills one star of your health
Coin: Worth 500 points or 1000 sometimes.
Barrels: Use to throw at enemies, or to get extra distance when jumping.
Extra life: Gives you an extra life.
Stars: Add extra health.
Gems: Get them after defeating a boss.
Light: Seen in higher levels, pick it up and carry it to find your way around.
VI. Characters

Mickey- The hero of the game. Help him find Minnie.

Minnie- Doesn't do much except get kidnapped, but makes an appearance 

Mizrabel- The antagonist of the story, kidnaps Minnie. Why? Who knows.

Old Man- Who is he and why is he helping Mickey? He's probably wondering the
         same thing. He offers advice in the beginning of the game and then
         *poof* is gone.

VII. Walkthrough
a. Forest
Enemies: Trees, blue bug, bee's, flowers, spiders, butterfly
Boss: Big Mean Tree

First off, head out to the right, knocking off any flowers and trees that
come along. Go past the 2 ladders going down for now, until you see 2 
chests in a hole. Go ahead and open them, then do a butt stomp on the right 
to find 2 more hidden chests which contain coins. Head back left to the first 
ladder that you came across and head down. Take out the spider and blue bug
and head left. Pick up the barrel (careful not to get hit by the butterfly)
and position it so that you can jump off it to reach the ledge. Don't 
worry you can still jump while carrying it. Once up the ledge you'll come to
2 more chests. Go ahead and get them. Now it's choice time. If you want more
items you can head back, go up the ladder and go to the second ladder you
passed in the beginning, or you can take out those rocks and fall to the next
level to continue towards the boss.

Choice (1) 
Make your way back up to ground level by backtracking, head to the next 
ladder and go down it. You'll immediately see a chest and a ladder going 
down. Open the chest for a coin and proceed to the right to find 2 more 
chests which have a cake and coin. Backtrack to where the ladder was and 
head down. You'll come to see a blue bug and a big rock rolling around. 
Take out the blue bug and get close to a wall too high to jump over. Do a 
butt stomp and a hidden chest will appear. DON'T get the chest yet, jump on 
top of it and then jump up to reach the top of the wall. The first little
drop off has a hidden chest, butt stomp to get the extra life. Go ahead and
pick up the 2 chests you'll see at the next drop off. Now head back left to
where the big rock was. Jump up to where the big rock is rolling, do a quick
butt stomp over the rocks to fall to the next part of the level, avoiding 
the rolling rock. Make your way left past another blue bug and rolling rock.
Now you'll be right where choice 2 ends up after falling.

Choice (2) 
Take out the 2 rocks with a butt stomp and you'll fall down through a false
floor to a lower level (choice 1 pick up here). Head to the left and you'll
see a ladder and 2 chests, watch out for the falling rocks and get the 
chests. If you didn't pick choice 1 the right side is blocked by 2 rocks, so
head down the ladder. A little to the left from where you dropped down from 
the ladder are 2 hidden chests, do a butt stomp to find them. Go to the 
right and you'll come to a section where you have to navigate by jumping
from leaf to leaf, while avoiding the bee's. Just have good timing and you
should be fine. Use the apple to knock off a caterpillar that's on the one 
leaf in the middle. Eventually, you'll reach solid ground again and find
the first boss.

Boss: Big Mean Tree
This guy will spin back and forth a few times then stop and blow off 3 
leaves that will hurt if you get hit. 2 fly diagonally up and one goes level 
with the ground. What you have to do is time your butt stomp so as the tree
comes out of it's spin you'll nail him while avoiding the leaves. Do this
4 times and he's history.

b. Toy Factory
Enemies: Clowns, Grey Pogo, Remote Controlled Planes
Boss: Jack-n-Box

Make your way left past a few platforms and take out the clown near the 
ladder that goes up. Guess what? Choice time again. You can go up the 
ladder to eventually reach another star or continue on with the level by
hitching a ride on a puff of smoke coming from the boat. 

Choice (1)
Head up the ladder. You'll be in an area with remote controlled planes. 
Take out the control box to knock out the planes. Head up the next ladder. 
You'll see a chest on the left but forget about it for now and continue up
to the next screen. You'll see the star on the left. Time your jump to dodge
the planes and then destroy the remote. You'll automatically fall through 
the next couple screens and get the chest you passed before. When you're 
down on the bottom again head down the ladder and you'll be right where
choice 2 starts.

Choice (2)
Position the barrel under the puff of smoke as it turns square. Then jump
from the barrel to the smoke and ride it over to the ladder. Head up. Use 
the barrel to reach the ladder. Once up, take out the pogo and place a 
barrel on the switch, which will open the door. Head up the ladder. Pick 
up the barrel and dodge the bubbles. When you come to the wall of bubbles
drop the barrel and use it to jump to the high ledge. Get the chest if you 
need it, it has cake. Keep moving right. Watch out for the clown on the 
blocks as it will cause it to rain balls, so move quick through here. Take 
the ladder down and take out the pogo. Go half way down the slope and jump 
over to reach a chest. Return to the slope and go 3/4 way down and jump 
across to the platform, then jump again after a step cause there is a false
bottom there. Don't worry if you fall though, since you can get back up. 
Once across, go down the ladder then down the next one. You'll come to an 
area with 2 green diamond things moving along the pillars. Head right first,
but you have to do a butt stomp on the green thing to reach the right
platform. Once you get the chest head back left to the original platform.
When you head left, you'll have to butt stomp across 2 green things and they
aren't always timed right, so you may have keep hopping on the first one 
a few times before the second one gets in position. Once you make it to 
solid ground again, take out the clown and the ball on top of the block, this 
will release a spring to throw you up to the ladder. When the spring goes
down tap 2 to get the full force of the spring, which you need to reach the 
ladder. Go up the ladder take out the remote car and head up the next ladder
and go left. Pick up the key and drop down to the locked door. Throw the
key at the door to open it and meet the next boss.

Boss: Jack-n-Box
Not much strategy needed for this one. He'll jump and when he lands jump on 
him. Just jump out of the way quick after you hit him as he'll jump again and
hit you on the way. If you have the 4 stars this should be pretty easy.

c. Sweet Factory
Enemies: choc. blob, green candy, fish
Boss: Block Guy

This level starts off as an automatic scroller, meaning it will continue to
scroll to the right no matter what, so you have to keep up with it. If it
passes you, you'll die. Also the platform bars you jump on will begin to 
fall when you land on them, but you can still jump from them when they are
falling. The chest you'll see contains an extra life, grab it if you have
time. The one part that can be a little tricky is when you come to a 
narrow opening with lots of pies. Just throw them like crazy and keep pushing
right and you'll be ok. Get the chest at the end of this narrow hall. After
jumping on some green candy, you'll reach a slope and the auto scroll ends. 
Head down the slope. As you head right, a donut will fall but is easily 
avoided. The first chest you see contains cake if you need it. Go down the 
ladder to the filled with water. Don't worry if you fall in, you can swim. 
Jump to the right of the ladder and do a butt stomp to find a hidden chest 
with cake. Make your way left dodging the various colored fish. You'll come
to a chest and a ladder going down. Once down, go right, careful to dodge
the falling choc. blobs. Go down the next ladder. Use the barrel to reach 
the ladder going up on the right, it leads to 4 visible and 1 hidden chest. 
The hidden one can be located by doing a butt stomp in the middle of the room,
above the ladder you climbed up. It has an extra life. Go back down the 
ladder and make your way left. Just jump over the donuts. Get the chests, 
and head down the ladder to reach the boss.

Boss: Block Guy
When he hits the wall 5 blocks fall, the one that falls on the ground you
have to pick up and toss at him when his face appears. So as soon as the 
block lands pick it up and jump to the other side of him, do it quick cause
if you get hit you lose the block and have to wait all over again. When
you jump to the other side of him, wait for him to move block by block to 
the other side of the screen and then toss the block when you see his face. 
Repeat 4 times and you'll get the gem.

d. School
Enemies: Worm, Letter A, Plane, Sugar Cubes
Boss: Big Book

Start off heading right. Take out the "A" and the worm, then butt stomp the
plane and the next worm in the same jump or it will be difficult to take out
the worm and make it to the ledge. Continue right. Head all the way right
if you need some cake and get the chest. If not, head up the 3 ladders 
that are arranged in a row. Dodge the "A" and head up the next ladder. Go 
left and dodge the planes coming along. Go down the ladder, get the chest, 
then go left. You'll come to a spoon with a sugar cube on it. Jump on the 
end of the spoon and it will catapult you up to the next area. Go down the
ladder and you'll land in the coffee cup. You'll be swimming now. Pick up
the chests and throw them at the dancing sugar cubes. Eventually, you'll 
reach the end and come out the other side of the cup. Now jump on the moving
boards and the take the ladder up. Get the chests and head back down. Go 
left across the rest of the moving boards, dodging the planes. Head up the 
ladder and go right until you see 2 blocks in the dip in the floor. Choice

Choice (1)
Butt stomp the 2 blocks in the dip and you'll fall down to another coffee 
cup and 2 chests. Then jump in the coffee cup and navigate the same way you
did in the previous cup. For some reason when you get out of this cup, you'll
end up in the same position as the first cup, so you'll have to work your
way back past the moving boards again.

Choice (2)
Ignore the blocks in the dip and go through the narrow entrance to the right.
You'll be in an area with piano keys and a gem in the top right on a platform.
You have to make your way left to a barrel and carry it back to reach the 
gem. As you walk across the keys, some of the notes will start jumping up
and down, take them out if you want, but they'll just re-spawn again when 
you carry the barrel back. Get the gem and head left. Pick up the barrel, 
again and drop down with it to the next area. Throw the barrel across the 
hole and use it to reach the ladder going up. Next leave the ladder you
see go for now, get the chest first then head back to the ladder. Head right
and down the ladder to reach the boss.

Boss: Big Book
Can be a tough boss to beat. He'll release a letter and you have to butt
stomp the letter and land on top of him to hurt him. Trouble is, he releases
them at three different heights. So wait for him to release the letters that
fly low and knock him 6 times to beat him and get the gem.

e. Clock Tower
Enemies: Gears, Bat, Gear Column, Mini-Clock
Boss: Grandfather Clock

Go right across the 2 conveyor belts. That column is an enemy. Do a few
butt stomps to it out. Continue right and up the ladder. You'll come up to
a big clock and a purple gem in the top right. Head left for now and jump on
the swinging pendulum, which can be tricky at times. Once across, head up
the ladder. Watch for a fast moving gear when you pop your head up from the
ladder. Head right jumping across the moving boards. Take out 2 gear columns.
Head all the way right and ignore the ladder going up for now and instead
take the ladder down to get your 5th power star and a coin. Head left and
get the purple gem. Drop down and you'll be where you first saw the gem. Go
ahead and make your way back up to the next level and return to where you
saw the ladder going up. Once up the ladder, pick up the screw and head left
to the conveyor belt. Wait for the gear to take a turn back left and begin
jumping to the left or the belt will push you back. Throw the screw when the
gear comes back at you. Head up the next ladder. Get the chest with cake,
pick up the screw, and go right. Take out the bat and jump on the board while
on the board jump off quickly and pick up the screw, then jump back on and 
jump again to the next moving platform. When you come to the 3rd bat you 
have to butt stomp it to get enough air to reach solid ground again. Head 
down the ladder. More pendulums. Head left passed the enemy and get the
chest. Go down the ladder. Run into more conveyor belts. Run against conveyor
belt, pick up the screw and throw it at the gear to make it across. Head down 
the ladder and push right on the control pad to get the chest, if not you'll
fall to meet the next boss.

Boss: Grandfather Clock
Not a very tough boss. The face will fly around and drop gears. Butt stomp 
them and wait for the face to swoop down after you, that's when you nail him
. When you hit him he'll get a constipated look on his face. Repeat that 6
times and boom, he's done.  

f. Inner Castle
Enemies: Spiders, ghosts, anvil's, evil chest
Boss: Green Dragon

This is by far the longest and most frustrating level so far, but thankfully
it's also the last. When you start out, head left, past the falling anvils.
Pick up the barrel and jump across the hole. You'll see a grouping of 7 
blocks. Put the barrel on top of the first one, then jump up and toss the 
other ones out of the way to pass it. Head up the ladder. Pick up the light
cause the screen will go dark if you don't, and you need to see right? Make
your way past some more anvils. The first chest you see is actually an enemy,
so go ahead and stomp it when you see it. Then use the light as a jump point
to rech the next ladder. Come up to a place with some muddy looking water.
Touch the block/platform and it will begin to move across the water. Get the
2 chests if you want, if not continue riding on the platform.  Go up the 
ladder, grab the key and drop back down. Put down the key (don't toss it) and
take out the spider first before moving further to the left. Head up the 
ladder, the chest you'll see is another enemy. Head right past more dropping
anvils. You'll come to the place where you found the first key. If you need
cake you can get to it buy breaking the set of 3 stones, don't break the set
of 2 or you'll have to go around again. Guess what? The key is back, and you
need it again to get past the next door. Just break the blocks and you can
get it easily and hop back up. Once through the door it gets a little tough.
You'll have to butt stomp a series of small ghosts to make it across the 
large hole in the ground. To make things a little worse, it's another 
auto-scroller, which means you have to do it quickly. Once across the hole, 
you'll come to where the walls get really narrow and can't walk through, just
duck and wait for the auto-scroll to push you through. You'll have to jump
on some more ghosts across another hole and you'll be through. Head up
the ladder. Head left and up a ladder if you need an extra life, if not, head
to the right and you'll see a series of 4 ladders going down, the second one 
is the "real" one, so take that one. Grab the cake if you need it from the
chest. Grab the light and carry it along with you, you'll use it again as a 
jumping point to reach a high ladder. Head up the ladder, but be careful 
not to get hit by the ghosts on your way up. Once up there's a hidden chest
with cake 1 step left of the ladder. Head left until you see 3 doors. If
you want more torture, take doors 1 and 3 to repeat parts of the level. If
you want to head towards the first boss, take the middle door. I'll assume
you took the middle door, which leads to a room with a line of blocks on the
ground start stomping them and you'll fall through to the Dragon boss.

Boss: Green Dragon
Can be pretty tough. His head will follow you around and release some big
fireballs at you. To hurt him, you have to throw the barrel they give you 
at him. Easy enough, right? Well the trick is to carry a block, you know the
ones you stomped before dropping down, with you. Use that first and then go
for the barrel. When you first pick up the barrel, head a little right and 
wait for him to belch some fire at you, then hurry up to the platform on 
the left and throw the barrel at him. You have to be quick though. Repeat
that 6 times and he'll be dog food.

After that just head right and you'll come to Mizrabel, that smelly old witch
you hate so much. But don't worry, she's a piece of cake.

Boss: Mizrabel
She'll release a couple fireballs that will move across the room. They are 
pretty easy to dodge. The level is in the dark, but you can still see her
and the fireballs. Just stomp on her when she flies low. If you've taken
the time to get all 5 stars, she's a push over. Hit her 6 times and she's 

Well, that's it. Enjoy the ending.

VIII. Contact Information

If you have:
-Questions about the game not covered by FAQ
-Additional Strategies
-Hidden Chest Locations
Then you can contact me at jgalore@hotmail.com

Please don't email me spam, flames, or requests for the ROM. I don't have the
ROM nor do I know where to find it. 

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