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Move Up to the Big Leagues

Youre in the Pennant race with real Major League Baseball Players; all batting and fielding according to their real statistics. Step up to the plate and face the heat of "The Rocket" Roger Clemens. Chase down Atlanta with Sheffield and McGriff hammering the long ball. All the Big Guns turn out; Eckersley, Neon Deion, Glavine, Sandberg, Carter and even Big Barry Bonds. Are you ready for the Show?

Catch the Fever, Pennant Fever!

- Major League Players - accurate player performances based on '91 stats.
- League Play - play up to a real 162-game season. Team stats for each game.
- Close-up Screens - watch players erupt on strike outs, bean balls, home runs.
- Multiple Stadiums - choose from Open Stadium, Astroturf, even Dome.
- Dream Team - create your own Major League super star line-up with Team Edit. All-Star teams too.

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