Review by GavLuvsGA

Reviewed: 11/18/04

Above Average for the Game Gear


I admit it, I'm addicted to Lemmings, so when I saw this game used in a shop for just £5.00, I bought it, fished out my Game Gear and started playing again. This version actually throws up a few surprises.

Gameplay - 7/10

It is less sophisticated than the Genesis version, or the PC versions, but mostly it is good. The levels are pretty much the same, although the cool-looking forest level, and the insect-filled "space" level that feature in the Genesis and Mac versions do not appear. There are a few levels taking their place that I've not seen on any other version, but a couple of these new levels (featuring on the harder difficulty settings) are just too easy. Another thing I found unique to this game is the "SEGA" levels, which are interesting, though the game goes way overboard with them in the Mayhem section, jumping from having 1 or 2 in the previous sections to five; all of them only marginally harder rehashes of the same levels. One big complaint, though is the final level, which never gave a large amount of challenge in any version. In this version, there is no challenge whatsoever, and it seems to let the game down.

Graphics - 7/10

They're nothing like as sharp as on other versions, but they're pretty good, and they look like works of art compared to what I've seen on the Gameboy version.

Story - 7/10

Okay, there isn't exactly much of a story, but the concept of saving mindless creatures is pretty cool, and it's an original gaming style.

Sound - 8/10

Now, I'm not saying it's great, but for a Game Gear game, it's pretty good. There are a couple of examples where the music is pretty much the average mediocre Game Gear music, but in most cases it is actually worth listening to. There are about four tunes that seem to feature nowhere else aside from the Master System version (for example, the rather catchy rendition of "Follow the Van", which unfortunately makes just four appearances in the whole game).

Play Time/Replayability - 7/10

Some of the levels will take a little while to do, although if you have played Lemmings before, this should be no problem to complete. It's still a game that you will want to play again and again.


If you are a Lemmings addict, then definitely buy. There are better versions on other systems, but this is still miles metter than the Gameboy offering.

Rating: 7

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