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Move List and Guide by GalFord

Updated: 12/04/2000

Garou Densetsu Special / Fatal Fury Special
Sega GameGear
FAQ By: GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)

This FAQ can only be found at:-



Version 0.2
Updated with move descriptions.

Version 0.2
First created.


This FAQ is free and may not be used for profit or promotional purposes;
this MEANS being used by ANY Publisher of ANY Magazine (OK?), or be used
in a Website without the Writers Consent.  It may not be changed, altered
nor edited in anyway.  This FAQ was created and slaved over by
Bob Ritchings a.k.a. GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com).
And after going to the effort of typing this out...
Ripping this off, will force me to do some Serious Spanking!

Garou Densetsu Special is (c) SNK Corp. 1994
Garou Densetsu Special GG (Reprogrammed) is (c) TAKARA. 1994


Characters and Moves
Closing Words


Ok.. So this isn't exactly "Fatal Fury Special".. more like "Fatal Fury.. um
.. we'll shove in a few characters".  But, as GG games go.. it's a decent
little beat'em-up.  Graphics are clear, so you can actually tell what you're
doing and all the moves from the NeoGeo version are present.  So without
further rambling from myself.. the FAQ..


After the last "King of Fighters" tournament it seems that Geese Howard
wasn't killed..  A new tournament beckons the Fatal Trio.  Two old faces
join in the bruising as does a certain Sakazaki.. could be a good day.
Ready?  FIGHT!


After turning on your GameGear you're treated to a scaled down intro from
the NeoGeo version (Err.. hang on, wasn't Ryo Sakazaki a HIDDEN character?)
Umm.. well.  Anyways, you then get the title screen with the following
menus and stuff:-

The main 1-player game.  Pick your fighter and win the World!

Within this menu is 2 choices:-
(1P VERSUS) = Pick a character, pick a CPU opponent to hurt.
(LINK PLAY) = 2 GameGears, 2 games, a linkup cable and a friend are needed.

Um.. beat opponets.. survive. :P  Be a champ with a HUGE win streak.

Configure the game here:-
(DIFFICULTY) = EASY, NORMAL or HARD?  How good are you?
(CONTINUES) = 0 to 9?  How many do you need to kick butt?
(BGM) = Listen to the groovy tunes
(S.E) = Listen to the sound effects


F = Forward
B = Backward
U = Up
D = Down

1 = Button 1 / Punch
2 = Button 2 / Kick
Taunt = Press the A+B buttons together

QCF = Quarter Circle Forwards / D, DF, F / Fireball Motion
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards / D, DB, B / Reverse Fireball Motion
HCF = Half Circle Forwards / B, DB, D, DF, F / Yoga Flame Motion
HCB = Half Circle Backwards / F, DF, D, DB, B / Reverse Yoga Flame Motion
CBF = Charge B then F / Hold B for 2 secs, then F / Sonic Boom Motion
CDU = Charge D then U / Hold D for 2 secs, then U / Flash Kick Motion
CD, CDB = Charge D / Charge DB etc...
(..) = Press buttons together

Every character has a Move dubbed a "Fatal Fury".  This move is somewhat
of a desperation attack that can only be used when your life bar drops
below 25%.  Once this happens your life bar should flash and connecting
with the Fatal Fury could decide the match!  Fatal Fury Moves take around
45% off of the opponents' life bar.  But be warned, if it doesn't
connect.. You could be in for a beating!



"The moment we meet, it's game over for you, pal."
Stage:  AMERICA (The Wild West)

Power Wave = QCF+1
@Nice "Fireball"-style move.
Burn Knuckle = QCB+1
@Terry flies across the screen with a energy charged punch.
Crack Shoot = QCB, UB+2
@A forward somersault ending in an axe-kick.
Rising Tackle = CDU+1
@Inverted jumping clothesline.  Good anti-air.

#Fatal Fury - Power Geyser = QCB, DB, F+(12)
@Starts off looking like the Power Wave, but the result is a huge explosion.


"I love Terry, but this time I'm gonna make him eat his cap."
Stage: ITALY (Venezia)

Hi Sho Ken = QCB+1
@Typical "Fireball" affair...
Sho Ryuu Dan = QCF+1
@Nice Anti-Air, jumps up in a windmill kind of formation.
Zan Ei Ken = DB, F+1
@Dashing elbow attack.  Abuse it as it's Andy's best move.
Ku Ha Dan = DB, UF+2
@Rolls forward the launches into a long dropkick. Fast and cool.

#Fatal Fury - Chou Reppa Dan = CD then QCF+(12)
@A HUGE flaming version of the Ku Ha Dan.  Damage is nice, speed is better.


"What, you don't know me?  Well, after I bop your bean maybe I'll apply
for one of those green credit cards."
Stage: THAILAND (Chiang Mai)

Hurricane Upper = HCF+1
@Windy projectile attack, kinda slow.
Tiger Kick = QCF, UF+2
@Excellent anti-air.  It's a perfect deterrent for jumping in.
Slash Kick = DB, UF+2
@Like Andy's Zan Ei Ken, Joe dashs acroos the screen with a Kick.  Useful.
Baku Retsu Ken = 1 repeatedly
@Multi-punches.  Ok, but not that useful.

#Fatal Fury - Screw Upper = F, HCF+(12)
@Joe breaks the wind barrier to create a HUGE column of spiralling gales.


"If you want to touch my body, you'll need to work first."
Stage: JAPAN (Aokigahara)

Ka Cho Sen = QCF+1
@Fan-projectile.  Kinda handy.
Ryuu En Bu = QCB+1
@A quick spin, and flames appear.  Ooh.. wish I could do that.
Shinobi Batchi = HCF+2
@Cartwheel into a fast lunging elbow.  Very useful.
Musasabi no Mai = CDU+2
@Mai jumps to the side of the screen the launches herself at the foe.

#Fatal Fury - Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Batchi = F, DB, F+(12)
@Like the Shinobi Bachi, but with added flames.  Pretty.


"With wisdom brings great power."
Stage: CHINA (????)

Shou Ha = CDB, F+1
@A force wave cast in front of Tung.  Nice.
Senshippo = QCB+1
@Think "Burn Knuckle" without the "Burn".
Ressen Kyaku = CBD, UF+2 (When close)
@Tung hops up and hits the opponent with a barrage of kicks.
Spirit Thunder = 1 Repeatedly
@Crouching low, Tung unleashes the power within.

#Fatal Fury - Tatsumaki Senpu Gouken = F, DF, D, U+(12)
@Tung calls forth his hidden power as he commits to a spinning clothesline.


"Dance, Dance, Dance!!"
Stage: USA (Southtown)

Break Spiral = QCF+2
@Anti-Air.  Kinda like the "Rising Tackle", but hits with his feet.
Duck Dive = QCB+2
@Lunging knee.  Fast, quite useful.
Duck Spin = CBF+1
@Rolls into a ball, and tries to hit the opponent.
Beat Rush = F,B,F+1
@5-Hit auto-combo.  Really useful.

#Fatal Fury - BreakDance Duck = HCF, UF, D+(12) (When close)
@AARGH!!  I HATE the command for this!!  Nice super-throw, but too hard to do.


"How do you like my powered-up art of stick?"
Stage: ENGLAND (London)

San Setsu Kon = CBF+1
@Billy extends the pole to blat the enemy with.
Suzume Otoshi = CDB, UF+1
@Billy extends the pole upwards to stop jumping foes.
Sempu Kon = 1 repeatedly
@Spinning the Bo, Billy can hit multiple times with this.
Hisho Kon = HCF+2
@Billy vaults out of the screen and dives down toward the opponent.

#Fatal Fury - Chou Ka En Sempu Kon = QCF, HCB,UB+(12)
@The Sempu Kon, with added flames and a launching of a fireball afterwards.


"I'll have my revenge on those Bogards..."
Stage: USA (Southtown)

Reppu Ken = QCF+1
@Ground fireball.
Double Reppu Ken = HCF+1
@Bigger ground fireball.
Shippu Ken = QCB+1 in Mid-Air
@Air fireball (He's not that exciting!!)
Joudan Nage = HCF+2 (Counter)
@Counters attacks, and throws them to the floor.

#Fatal Fury - Raging Storm = DB, HCB, DF+(12)
@Geese slams the floor as a cage of energy blades rises to pierce the foe.


"Kyokugenryu OWNS YOU!!"
Stage: JAPAN (????)

Ko-ou Ken = QCF+1
@It's a fireball!!
Haoushokoken = F, HCF+1
@Blimey!  It's a BIG fireball!
Zanretsuken = 1 Repeatedly
@Multi-punch that sucks the foe in for the final blow.
Hien Shippu Kyaku = HCF+2
@Ryo speeds across the screen with a flying kick.  If it hits he kicks again.
Kohou = F, D, F+1
@By any other name, it's still a "Dragon Punch"

#Fatal Fury - Ryoko Ranbu = QCB, HCF+(12)
@Ryo's trademark super.  Dashes in, beats them to death. UNBLOCKABLE!!!


Well, it's a small FAQ that I felt HAD to be done.  (SNK Rules! :P )
Anyways, if you notice anything wrong with the info in this FAQ or I've
missed something out then don't hesitate to mail me at:-
(GalFord@Ukyofan.znn.com).  Tell me where you saw this FAQ and what I've
missed out.  You'll be credited of course! ^_^  Take Care.


SNK = For making the Fatal Fury Series.. I'll never grow tired of it!

TAKARA = For porting this to the GG!

Slipknotted = For giving me the incentive to update this FAQ with move
descriptions.  Hehehe..

www.GameFAQS.com = Where all my FAQs can be found.

www.GameAdvice.com = Ditto.

This FAQ is (c) Bob (GalFord) Ritchings 2000.

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