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FAQ by BCole

Version: 0.60 | Updated: 06/08/2002

****                                                                      ****
****                        Dragon Crystal FAQ                            ****
****                        For Sega Master System and Game Gear          ****
****                        Version 0.60                                  ****
****                        6/8/2002                                     ****
****                                                                      ****

Dragon Crystal is Copyright (C) Sega 1991

The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at

The Dragon Crystal FAQ was started 7/3/99 by Brian Cole of West Jordan, Utah

Revision History:	
0.60	6/8/2002
	Info from DragonDude pasted to the bottom of the FAQ

0.50	1/21/2002
	Info from Jade NZ pasted to the bottom of the FAQ
0.40	9/16/2001
	Several contributions from other people.  I'm just going to copy the original
	e-mail from these and future contributors and put it in a section at the end
	of this FAQ.  I really don't have time to go through and analyze things
	to make sure they are correct.  I haven't played the game for 2 years,
	and don't really plan to.  But I'll include the information people send
	me, just incase it is useful to someone else.
0.30	8/4/2000
	Explaination of continues and gold, thanks to Bokkie
	Changed the URL for my site:  http://www.briansemu.com
	Added Revision History, and Disclaimer.	

0.20	7/10/1999
	Who knows?  I didn't start the revision history until 0.30
	Something minor I'm sure.

0.10	Initial Release

	I take no responsibility for any incorrect statements in this FAQ.
	If you feel something is wrong, contact me and I'll fix it.
	I also do not take responsibility for any harm that may come to yourself
	or your computer as a result of information in this FAQ.
	You have permission to distribute this FAQ by posting it on a web site,
	or in any other form if it is not charged for.  You must gain written
	permission from me before you require payment to view this FAQ.
	Credit must be given to me when publishing this FAQ in any form.
	No part of this FAQ may be changed without prior authorization from me.


	Since I've only played this game through 1.75 times, I could not
	confirm that every object produces the same results every time.
	And I could not figure out what some items did, because I did not use
	them, or did not use them correctly.
	Your results for Hit points, weapon power, armor power, effects of
	scrolls, rods, potions, etc... will no doubt be different from mine.
	Several objects produced different results the few times I used them,
	so your results will probably be different than mine.
	The lists below of weapons and armor should only be used as an
	approximate value, since the weapon and armor strength varied each
	time I played, and they also varied from the effect of different
	potions, scrolls, etc...
	If you can clear up what any object does, Please, e-mail me!  Because
	I seriously doubt If I will ever play the game completely through

	Anyone want to type up the Manual for this game?  I'm sure it would clear
	up a lot.


1)	Contributors
2)	About Dragon Crystal
3)	Game Objective & Basic Game Play	-Moving
						-Picking Up Items
						-Status Screen
						-Cursed Items
						-Affects from Monsters
4)	Game Items:	-Weapon
5)	Hints:	-Pro Action Replay Codes
		-Various Hints
			-Save Often
			-Secret Passages
			-Weapons & Armor
			-Identifying Objects
			-Game Gear Version Hints
6) 	End of Game Sequence

7)	Contributions to the FAQ from others


The following people have contributed to the Dragon Crystal FAQ:

Brian Cole		brian@realvalue.net, http://www.briansemu.com
Game Sages		http://sages.ign.com
About.com		http://vgstrategies.about.com
Henrik Nygaard Nielsen	http://www.diku.dk/students/ufoh/
Falcon			falcon77@total.net
Paul "TBBle" Hampson	Paul.Hampson@Pobox.Com
Depet			depet@gmx.de
Adam			doleman@ime.net
Bokkie			bokkie@catsrule.garfield.com
Vernjonal@aol.com 	Vernjonal@aol.com
Yukio 			ps_x1@geocities.com
Rkaneus 		rkane79@iprimus.com.au

If you have any information to contribute, Please e-mail brian@realvalue.net
You will get full credit for whatever you contribute.


According to Game Sages "This game is apparently the 'unofficial' sequel
to Fatal Labyrinth. It has a couple major differences though; All or most
of the game seems to be played outdoors, rather than in a dungeon, and
a Dragon is always following you that gains power as you progress.
Unfortunately though, it had no password/save feature."
(If you use the emulator Meka to play, you can save the game by pressing F5,
and restore by pressing F7.  See the hint section for more info)
Fatal Labyrinth is a Genesis/Megadrive game.
There is also a version of Dragon Crystal on Game Gear.

Game Sages also says the following, which appears to be true about
Dragon Crystal Also.
"I can't say too much about Fatal Labyrinth since I never really had a
chance to fully tackle this game, but it seems very unique. The game is
set in 3rd-Person perspective, but unlike most 3rd-Person RPG's, you can't
see your surroundings until you've explored them; it's kind of like an
auto-mapping system, but is part of the actual game and not just a map of
an area. You play a single character (Trykaar) in search of the
'Holy Goblet'."

They also say "Treasures (such as Weapons, armor, and food) are scattered
throughout the Labyrinth, and enemies can be seen before an actual
encounter takes place. According to Rassilon, This game (as well as
Dragon Crystal) were "based" on Hack and Rogue for Unix."

I've been told that this game is similar to Rogue, so here is a link to it's
FAQ.  It may be helpful for strategies in this game:

You may not know Rogue, but you might know some of it's descendants such as
Nethack, Moria, Kroz or Diablo. (Trust me on that one, Diablo is Rogue-like3D)

The Levels in Dragon Crystal are randomly generated.
There is a strange little egg that follows the hero around the levels.
As you gain experience levels the egg hatches and grows into an increasingly
large Dragon (hence the title?).

Also, the end of the game says you are from "another world", and tells you
to go home...


The main objective of the game is to find the "Holy Goblet"
The objective on each level is to find the square pad that has circle with a
star in it, to advance to next level.  And along the way to eat food, kill
monsters, pick up weapons, scrolls, armor, rings, etc...  And of course, to
stay alive.

Moving:	Simple, press the directional pad in the direction you want to go

Food:	It takes one point of food to move six spaces on the screen.
	If your food counter is at a 100, don't pick up any more food,
	before it has lowered, because all above a 100 is discarded.
	Leave it and pick it up later.
	If you run out of food, you will still be able to move.  However,
	your health points will gradually decrease until you find more food.
	As you walk around, and eat food, your health will gradually

Attacking:	Simply walk next to the enemy, and move the directional
		pad in the direction of the enemy.  If you have enough food,
		it may be a good idea to walk around and increase your health
		before fighting some enemies.

Picking Up Items:	Press Button 2 (Left Alt in Meka) when directly
			over item.

Status Screen:	This screen tells you your current level, gold, PW, AC, Food,
		Etc.. It also lets you choose which armor, weapon, and ring to
		equip.  This is also where you use scrolls, rods, and potions.
		To access this screen, press Button 1 (Left Control in Meka).
		Use the directional button to move around.  Button 1 (Left
		control) acts as the "cancel" button, and Button 2 (Left Alt)
		acts as the "OK" button.  Simply "use", "drop", and "throw"
		items as prompted.

Throwing:	Select "throw" from the menu.  Good for throwing "bad" potions
		on enemies.  Potions that would otherwise hurt you.  You can
		also throw worthless swords, armor, and what ever at enemies.
		As they may do some damage.

Cursed Items:	When you find a cursed item, do not use it.  Either drop it,
		or save it and throw it at an enemy during battle. If you
		do put the item on, you will be told that it can't be removed.

		To remove a cursed item, use a bless scroll.

Continuing:	Since the creators of this game did not make a save or
		password feature, they at least gave us a continue.  You get
		2 continue's for a total of 3 lives. (see Gold below)

Gold:		The 2 continues may be incorrect though?  As Bokkie explained
		when he gave his explaination:

		"You said 'You get 2 continue's for a total of 3 lives.',
		but that ain't right. You also said you don't know the meaning
		of money, well, here it is both correct :
		If you want to continue, you need enough money (gold), how farther
		you go in the levels, how more money you need (hey, isn't this
		logicly ?).  So, now you know the meaning of money and the continue


As far as I can tell, floor levels (FL) are advanced by simply stepping on the
Square that takes you to the next level.  Character levels, given by a name
(ex. apprentice), are advanced by fighting enemies, and gaining experience.
However, there is no indication of experience points.  Nor does the game tell
you how many more experience points you must gain to advance to the next level,
which is quite annoying. Perhaps gold has something to do with this?

FL1	Apprentice
FL2	Ranger			HP 106
FL3	Soldier			HP 118
FL4	Warrior			HP 134		Egg Hatches!
FL5	Warrior			HP 134
FL6	Fighter			HP 156
FL7	Fighter			HP 156
FL8	Fighter			HP 156
FL9	Swordsman		HP 186
FL10	Swordsman, Veteran	HP 186, 220
FL11	Veteran			HP 220		Music Changes
FL12	Veteran			HP 220
FL13	Veteran, Knight		HP 220, 262 	Dragon Much Bigger
FL14	Knight			HP 262
FL15	Knight, Champion	HP 262, 310
FL16	Champion		HP 310
FL17	Champion		HP 310
FL18 	Hero			HP 364
FL19	Hero, Master		HP 364, 424
FL20	Master			HP 424
FL21	Master, Paradin		HP 453		Music changes again
FL22	Paradin			HP 453		Dragon Turns Gray
FL23	Paradin			HP 453		
FL24	Paradin, Warlord	HP 453, 498		
FL25	Warlord			HP 498
FL26	Warlord			HP 498
FL27	Warlord			HP 498
FL28	Warlord			HP 498
FL29	Warlord			HP 498
FL30 	Warlord, Dragonlord	HP 498, 595	End level!!!  Find the Holy
						Goblet, pick it up and win
						the game!!!

Affects from monsters:

Poisoned	Caused by frogs.  Will gradually wear off just by walking
		around.  May also cured by eating a piece of food.

Lightheaded	Caused by various monsters.  Will make you walk around in
		directions you do not choose.  You will lose Health gradually
		until cured.  Try eating a piece of food to cure.

Dense Fog	Spell caused by witches that makes the entire screen
		"undiscovered" again.


Note: 	The effect on your character by the items may vary from my results,
	depending on what scrolls you read, or potions you take, etc...

Dagger		PW 3
ShortSword	PW 14	
LongSword	PW 18	
Magi Masher	PW 21	Can be obtained from using Gold Scroll, can also
			be found.
BroadSword	PW 24	
Blood Blade	PW 32	Possibly Cursed
Bushido Blade	PW 33
Ghost Killer	PW 37
Gladius		PW 42
Flamberge	PW 43
Death Blade	PW 20-50 Sometimes cursed
Rune Blade	PW 55
Dragonslayer	Good for green dragons (I never found this one)
Laserblade	PW 67

Robe		AC 0
Leathersuit	AC 2
Lamellar	AC 5
Cuirass		AC 9
ChainMail	AC 14
Mystic Suit	AC 18
Scale Armor	AC 21
Plate Armor	AC 30
Battle Suit	AC 38
Dragon Suit	AC 4-44	Sometimes Cursed

Bless Scroll	Removes a cursed ring
Blank Scroll	Blank, has no use
Summon Scroll	Summons an enemy to fight
Shield Scroll	Increases Armor AC +1
Mauve Scroll	Increases Armor AC +1
Pink Scroll	Increases Armor AC +1
Pink Scroll	Makes it so Armor does not rust
Purple Scroll	Makes it so Armor does not rust
Norust Scroll	Makes it so Armor does not rust
Green Scroll
Brown Scroll	Changes all potions to Midheal Potions
Potion Scroll	Changed all potions to Midheal Potions
Red Scroll	Changes all potions to Midheal Potions
Red Scroll	Changed weapon into Gladius
Blade Scroll	Changed Weapon into Broadsword
Bronze Scroll	Nothing Happened
Cyan Scroll     Turned purple ring into food ring?
Gold Scroll	"Confuses the monster"
Yellow Scroll
Shift Scroll 	Beams you to your starting point of the level
Black Scroll	Increases Armor Strength by 1 (AC +1)
Map Scroll	Reveals all undiscovered portions of screen.
Gray Scroll	Reveals all undiscovered portions of screen.
White Scroll	Reveals all undiscovered portions of screen.
White Scroll	Changed Sword to Bushido Blade, PW 33
Gas Scroll	Changed Sword to Bushido Blade, PW 33
Gold Scroll	Changed sword to "Magi Masher", PW 21
Silver Scroll	"nothing happened"


**Fighting	These rods are good in battles.  "Use" them, do not throw.

Mauve Rod	Hits monster 20 HP
Gold Rod	Hits monster 48 HP
Cyan Rod	Destroyed monster
Silver Rod	Monster is blown away
Berserk Rod	Destroyed Monster
Pink Rod	Destroyed Monster
Violet Rod	Deflects Enemy's Spell
Reshape Rod	Mutates enemy into different type of enemy
Silent Rod	"Enemy Spell is Deflected"
Flame Rod	"no effect"
Thunder Rod	"no effect"
Wood Rod
Flash Rod	Hits monster for 72 HP
Drain Rod	"You've Swapped Hit Points" (with enemy?)
Wind Rod	Blows Monster Away (VERY good weapon)

Bronze Rod	Summons a monster for you to fight
Spirit Rod	Summons a monster for you to fight
Green Rod	Summons a monster for you to fight

**Cursed	Do not use these rods. Instead, try throwing them at an enemy
		while in battle.
Blue Rod	Steals a level from you
Wither Rod	Steals a level from you, Do not use.

Brown Rod	Time Travel, May advance you a level
Travel Rod	Time Travel, May advance you a level
Pink Rod	"You are slipping through time", Transports you someplace..
Black Rod	"Nothing Happened"
Purple Rod	"no effect"
Red Rod
White Rod
Brown Rod



Minheal Potion	Improves Health by 46
Midheal Potion	Improves Health by 93-110
Maxheal Potion	Improves Health to max
Purple Potion	Max Health
Cyan Potion	Increases Health
Bronze Potion	Increases HP by 26?
Pink Potion	Increases Health
Cure Potion	Heals from monsters poison
Black Potion	"quenches Thirst"
Red Potion	Removes monster's Spell
Silver Potion	Improves Health
Gold Potion	"Your thirst is quenched"
Water Potion	Quenches Thirst

**Cursed:	Do NOT use these potions on yourself.  Instead, try throwing
		them at an enemy during battle.

Wither Potion	Decreases Strength (PW)
Slow Potion	Makes you walk slower
Violet Potion	Makes you sluggish, Makes monster hesitate
Slow Potion	Makes you sluggish, Makes monster hesitate
Freeze Potion	Paralyzes the monster
Gold Potion	Makes you walk slower
Yellow Potion	"Lightheaded" effect, moves you where you don't want to.
Green Potion	Makes you walk slower
Bronze Potion	Makes entire screen undiscovered again.

**Weapon/Armor Altering:

Mauve Potion	PW +1
Power Potion	PW +1
Reflex Potion	AC +1
Gray Potion	AC +1
Brown Potion	"your reactions are sharpened", can also decrease PW by 1
Black Potion	PW -1


Gray Potion	"no effect"

Bronze Ring	?????
Purple Ring	Strength +4

Pink Ring	Strengh +4, Turns into Ogre Ring
Ogre Ring	Improves Strength +4

Food Ring	Improves Health

Pink Ring	Conjures a magic wall, and turns into Shield Ring
Shield Ring	AC +4

Blue Ring	"Your senses are enhanced", turns in to Sight Ring
Sight Ring

Red Ring	"I feel Lighter", turns into Shift Ring, which is cursed
Cyan Ring	"I feel Lighter", turns into Shift Ring, which is cursed

Shift Ring	Makes you "warp" to various places on the map, not under
		your control. Cursed ring, remove with Bless Scroll.

Black Ring	Conjures a magic wall, turns into shield ring
Shield Ring	AC +4

White Ring	Turns into cursed Hunger Ring, do not use.
Hunger Ring	Takes away food???  Remove with bless scroll.

White Ring	Turns into Ogre Ring
Ogre Ring	PW +4

Gold Ring	"Your senses are enhanced", Turns into Sight Ring.
Sight Ring	?????

Gold Ring	"You feel a surge of energy", Turns into Magic Ring
Magic Ring	?????

Blue Ring	Turned into Heal Ring
Heal Ring	?????

Black Ring	Turned into Toy Ring
Toy Ring	Has No Effect

Bronze Ring	Turned into Food Ring
Food Ring	Allows you to walk 13 spaces with one food point.


Cake	Food +11-27
Meat	Food +42-46


**OOZE		Easily defeated.  Some can multiply.

Ooze		Damage it causes: 1
Orange Ooze	Damage it causes: 1
Red Ooze	Damage it causes: 2-4
Blue Ooze	Damage it causes: 6-10

**TOADS		Can poison you

Slimetoad	Damage it causes: 1-3
Lochtoad	Damage it causes: 9-12
Bloodtoad	Damage is causes: 11-16

**SCORPIONS	Attacks with tail.

Scorpion	Damage it causes: 3-5
Scorpius	Damage it causes: 13-20

**KRAGS		Looks like a large crystal. Can attack with Lightheaded
		type weapon, which will make you walk where you do not
		want to.
Krag		Damage it causes: 1
King Krag	Damage it causes: 9-13

**PHANTOMS	Hopping Demon-like creature. Very annoying. Shoots a round

Phantom		Damage it causes: 7-11
Spectre		Damage it causes: 39-61
Wraith		Damage Causes: 84-107

**ORBS 		Looks like an eyeball

Orb		Damage Causes: 12-17	
Blood Orb	Damage Causes: 52-83
		Blue and Green. Can rust Armor.	
Death Orb  	Damage it Causes: 70-96
		Red and Orange. Can rust Weapon.
**WITHCES	Casts "Lightheaded" spell, to make you walk where you don't
		want to. Can cast "Dense Fog" spell to make entire screen
		"undiscovered" again.  Do not come at this monster directly,
		try to come at it from an angle.

Witch 		Damage Causes: 7-13
Mad Witch	Damage Causes: 27-38

**MYST		Looks like a Flying Brain or Cloud.  Will not attack until you
		attack first.  Does a lot of damage, so be sure to have max
		hit points and a healing potion.  Save your game before
		fighting and be sure to watch your health! May be better left

Myst		Damage Causes: 42-55
Death Myst	Damage Causes: 131-140

**KRAKEN	Looks like a tentacle.  Will follow you around quickly, so you
		almost have no choice but to fight it.  Blows up to a bigger
		size before attacking.  Will steal your food.

Kraken		Damage Causes: 19-29
Krakos		Damage Causes: 75-99

Demijaw		Damage Causes: 34-53
		Looks like a pair of gray flying teeth.  Easy to defeat

**ROOTS		Looks like a burning tree. Shoots fireballs.  Stands only in
		one place. Will not attack unless you are directly in front
		of it.  Also will not attack if you run infront of it quickly.
		Run past it, and position yourself at an angle to it, so you
		can defeat other moving enemies first and not be hit by the
		Burning Tree.  Not very hard to defeat.

Root		Damage Causes: 28-42
Death Root	Damage Causes: 39-65
		Orange.  Can steal power.


Red Snail	Damage Causes: 15-21
		Can steal Power from you.
King Snail	Damage Causes: 35-47
		Yellow.  Can steal a level from you. Save the game before
		Fighting them, or else try to avoid.

**Rod		Some kind of rod that is alive and attacks???

**DRAGON	Damage it causes: 109-165
		End level monsters.  I have seen up to six of them
		attack me at one time!  Breathes fire, very hard to fight.
		Check to make sure your weapon and armor are good before
		fighting.  Don't waste your time fighting them, just try to
		find the holy goblet and win the game.
		Incase you are wondering, no, it isn't the dragon that follows
		you around....You never do fight that...
		Try saving your game just before you enter level 30.  Then
		restore it if you end up with a hard level.  Or try to get
		lucky and end up with a level where the orb is in plain sight
		and you only have to go pick it up :)


Various Hints

**Save Often!
As with any RPG, you should save your game at least a few times on
every level.  Since Dragon Crystal does not come with a built in save, the
only way to save it is if you are playing it with an emulator.  If you are
using Meka, press F5 to save, and F7 to load the previous save.
Many times, you will be in a situation where you will have to re-fight a
monster several times before you can kill it.

**Secret Passages
There are often secret paths in dead end ways that lead to closed areas
(at a point of the game you can only get to exit with these) - just stand
to the wall you suspect the path and press the directional button. It may take
several presses of the button, also try pressing button 2 (left alt in meka),
which may help uncover the secret passage.  If you find a big section that
appears to have no entrance, use that method to try to find a secret passage.
Some times, this is the only way to find the entrance to the next level!

**Weapons & Armor
Make sure to look at your inventory often, to see if you are using the best
weapon and armor possible.  It seems like they either wear down, or a monster
will cast a spell to turn them into a robe and dagger, which are very weak.

**Identifying Objects
The best way to identify an object is to have two, and use one (Except rings,
which you can just wear, they don't use up) and the other object's name will
change to the correct name.

Pro Action Replay Codes
00C62160 - Infinite Hit Points (Counter will act strange, but you
				will never die)

Game Gear Version Hints

Bonus room:
As soon as you switch on your Game Gear press Start as many times as you can
(just before the game starts). You should find yourself in a room full of food
and weapons. If not, switch off and try again.

General Tips:
To make the game go faster hold down the start button. Use this tip carefully
as you easily run into a monster, who will quickly take the better part of
your hit points.


**Picture of opening screen with Holy Goblet, the "hero" jumps out, raises his
  sword, then vanishes. Picture of empty Holy goblet, with the following text
  scrolling by:


**Switch to various scences of the Hero fighting, and the following text:
		(Garbled Graphics on mine on the bottom :[  )

		(Garbled Graphics on mine on the bottom :[  )
		(Garbled Graphics on mine on the bottom :[  )

		(Garbled Graphics on mine on the bottom :[  )

**Then a very cool picture of the "hero" with the word "FIN" under it.

Not a bad ending, compared to other Master System Games :)

7)	Contributions to the FAQ from others
Vernjonal@aol.com <Vernjonal@aol.com>
First off, your color descriptions are useless, as the colors are assigned
randomly to the items that have them each time you play. The blood blade
might also be called a "blade of vqampiric regeneration", it heals you a
small amount each time you damage an enemy. The death blade does obscene
damage per whack, but damages you too. The flame and thunder rods do damage
to enemies when I use them, I do this facing them at point-blank range
though.The time travel one advances you a field level. Sight ring (I may be
wrong)increases the spaces you see in corridors by one. Weapons and armor do
not wear down, the monsters make it rust. Thank you for your time, I hope
this helps.

Yukio <ps_x1@geocities.com>
I got this Master System game and your FAQ!
The FAQ is nice!
If you want I found some more items and description of them ...
Any ROD , Ring and Scroll appear to have one or two variants (depending
of the game that you start) .
If you want I can send to you my notes of this game! I take some notes
of AC and PW of the Weapons and Armors!
Here some in the case that you are interested:

I found the Great Sword (I take a cursed one) but I used the BLESS
Scroll in this Sword! I one time got a Lamellar cursed to!
Some items that I found:
Silver Ring (turned into Ogre Ring PW +4)
the Purple Ring that is listed in your FAQ is another Ogre Ring PW +4
(could be a Heal Ring to!)
White Ring (I found a Shield Ring AC +4)
Yellow Scroll (Bless Scroll)

Brown Ring (Cursed)

Rkaneus <rkane79@iprimus.com.au>

greetings and hail

I been reading your FAQ for dragon crystal and have found some stuff that could
be corrected if ya wanted to....

items such as 'pink scroll' are just names to hide the type of item until you
have used one of them once...
eg..in one game the pink scroll may be a blank scroll, and in the next a ghost
scroll that changes your weapon to a ghost killer....

also some weapons seem to be more effective against certain monsters -

magi masher - whitches, magi
ghost killer - wraiths
bushido blade - mysts

as for scrolls:
shift scroll randomly teleports you to a location....

also i dont believe there is a scroll that changes rings.....just the one that
changes potions, and the ones that change your weapon...

purple ring would have changed to food ring one you equipped it...

the flame and thunder rods are weapon rods that do a fair amount of damage -
even killing some monsters
the drain rod switches the monsters hitpoints wth yours (really only good for
when monster has lost of hp and you are near death....
the wind monster just seems to put the monster somewhere else rather than
destroy it..

weapons and armour get destroyed by red and green eyes..
best syrategy so far is to switch to crappy armor when killing green eyes the
lure them to on their own and kill - using a crappy armour prevent sthem from
wrecking your battlesuit or whatever, same goes for red orbs and weapns...lure
them on their own or kill everything else first then switch and kill them

as for what the rings actually do I have only beena able to figure out some of

health - heals you quiicker
food - make your food last MUCH longer
ogre - increases strength (and therfore damage)
shield - increases defence
hunger - you use up food much faster
(throwing it at a kracken will kill it instantly.....
shift ring - random teleportation

still dont know what the magic ring does exactly, or the cursed one...

Be Well

Jade NZ <jade_nz_1@hotmail.com>
Hi. I've just been looking at your faq. (Very useful, seeing as our original 
cartridge was purchased secondhand & never came with a manual!).

Anyway, a few thoughts...

The blue eyes actually rust your armour and turn it back into a robe...to 
avoid this, use a no-rust scroll (or temporarily wear something else till 
it's dead).

If you're playing with an emulator & you end up in a particularly difficult 
room when teleporting to the next level, it can be handy to reload 
(hopefully you've saved before going through the port) & teleport 
again...you'll end up in a different room.

The meaning of the different colours seems to change (eg a pink scroll may 
be one thing in one game & something else in another. But they will always 
be the same thing in the one game you play.)...at least, this seems to 
happen with our game. Just try them & see. You can always reload with an 

The travel rod (your pink rod) transports you to the next level.

Don't use a slowfix potion on yourself...it makes you travel & fight very 
slowly & won't wear off until you warp to the next level. Throw it at a 
monster instead.

Always stand directly in a straight line facing the monster you want to use 
a rod or potion on (or throw things at). Otherwise they won't work :)

Thunder rods usually destroy the monster you use it on. Wind rods "blow them 
away" (remove them from the screen). Reshape rods do not always turn 
monsters into easier monsters...it seems to be the luck of the draw.

Some swords will not work on some creatures...if you're always missing or 
"your sword does not cut", then that's why...change to something else 
temporarily (even if it has a lower attack rating).

If you have lousy potions, don't throw them away, change them all to midheal 
potions with the potion scroll.

A blade scroll will turn yout weapon to the next one up (eg, if you have a 
dagger, it will turn it into a short sword).

There's lots more but that's kind of all I can think of at the moment. Hope 
this helps & if you have any questions, please let me know.

I'm currently playing the game for the first time on an emulator...& oh, how 
much easier it is when you can save!!!

Keep smiling,

I was recently reading your site on Dragon Crystal. it had good information, 
but i would like to draw to your attention to three things:

1)    The price for a continue is set. 200 gold will bring you back to life 
if you die. you will keep only your sword and your armor and your money when 
you return.

2)    Rings, scrolls, pots, and rods all have a color at first. The colors 
are randomly assigned to different items every game so that you don't know 
what you have until you use one, for example, one time i used a purple pot 
and it was a midheal pot. every purple pot in my inventory changed to say 
midheal, and whenever i picked up that type of pot it said midheal. the next 
time i played gold pots were midheal.

3)     some items are missing from the site. the masmarmeduke is a sword, 
but when you fight with it you keep on getting the message "what's wrong 
with my sword?". the book that makes your weapons sharper fixes this. also, 
thunder and flame rods will kill one enemy if you face them and are close 
enough to use your sword. the other sword is a great sword. i don't know its 
stats because i haven't seen one in a while. sorry.

PS)    a word of warning you haven't put up: books and rods meant to affect 
enemies when used can backfire, this is never a good thing.


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