Where is the bunker with the 4 commandos in the last mission (#4) of the GameGear (!) version of "Desert Strike&quo

  1. In the first objective of the last mission (#4) you are supposed to bring a team of 4 commandos from a bunker to the landing zone between the oil tanks. The mission description says that the bunker is "by the dunes". In the Master System version as well as the MegaDrive one, the bunker is clearly visible and very easy to find and is simply north-west of the oil tanks by the dunes. In the GameGear version however I can't find the bunker at all. I tried the original EU cartridge as well as the ROM of the US version, but the bunker is just not there. As you need to bring the commandos to the landing zone to complete the objective, I cannot finish the last mission.

    User Info: axbahr

    axbahr - 5 years ago

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