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Recover the Gems of Power!

For countless ages, the elemental crystals protected the peaceful kingdom of Arliel. But their theft led to an invasion by the evil Jyn Empire. You must now harness the forces of sword and magic to crush the raiding army.

Unite a party of adventurers and battle mysterious wizards, wild bandits and diabolical creatures. Break through the invader's troops and war-beasts to launch your final assault against their enchanted fortress. Fight well, for you will need cunning and strength to reclaim the mystic crystals of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind!

- Command powerful sorcerers and loyal soldiers in your quest to restore peace.
- Defeat vicious monsters then use them in your army!
- Each heroic character has skills and abilities to develop!
- Play against the computer or v.s. a friend with Gear-to-Gear Cable (sold separately).
- Hundreds of hours of strategy gameplay.
- Save up to 3 separate games with built-in battery backup.

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