Review by nintendonut888

Reviewed: 10/31/05

Um... Hey look! It's Tails!

There have been only two games with Sonic's friend as the sole star. One of these games was a true hidden gem. The other was an oddball. I'll let you decide which one this is.

The story is even more abstract than most Sonic games. An evil witch called Witchcart or something is riding through the land with her goofy looking minions. Tails must stop her for some reason. The game never actually explains who she is, what she's doing, or why Tails must take her down.

The graphics are pretty good compared to other games on the Gamegear. The game looks simple, with shading that I imagine was rare on a game on this system. The problem is that the graphics look too bright, making it look too cartoonish for even my tastes.

The sound is just like the graphics; kiddy. None of the few tunes there are sound as good as they should, expressing a kiddy atmosphere that will drive away all but the dedicated, such as myself. The sounds are also pretty simple, and most don't even sound good.

The controls are one of the game's few saving graces. You move around smoothly with whatever button or control stick you use to move, and you fire your trusty ring with the press of a button. The moving can be a bit too jerky though.

Although many are put off by the kiddy sounds and graphics, the game play is what scares everyone else. You pilot Tails through five of the hardest obstacle courses the little fox will ever face. Tails is constantly flying with his twin tails, and must glide through different environments. Tails is very susceptible to damage, and will drop in two ways: He will slowly fall towards the ground, and if he doesn't recover, he will crash and burn, or instantly die if it's an obstacle. He will also die if he runs out of fuel, so collect candy to refill your gauge. Use your ring that is attached to you to attack, and grab on to anything you can latch onto. At the end of the level, you are faced with a boss, all more or less the same. While it sounds interesting, it's not.

Tails will be dying many times before the game is done. While there are checkpoints throughout the level, you will just die at the same place as last time. Many people are driven mad as they attempt to even get past the first level, and that doesn't even have enemies! Once you do finally defeat Witchcart, you won't be coming back.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, this is the oddball. The game doesn't feel at all like a Sonic game, but unlike the hidden gem, it isn't good either. The only thing worth taking seriously about this game is the difficulty. In conclusion, only get it from Sonic Adventure DX, along with other worthier games.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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