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Reviewed: 07/07/05

Give this game a chance - I guarantee you'll like this


I am a big Tails fan. Those who read my review of Sonic Blast might even accuse me of being a Tails fanboy. It's quite pleasing that Tails does have his own games, rather than playing second fiddle to Sonic - and occasionally Knuckles - in so many games.

When I first played this, I was like: "What on Earth? This is awful!" It was only recently when I had a proper go at it, that I realised just how wrong I was. This is a very underrated game.

Gameplay - 7/10

Okay, it takes some getting used to, but it's quite satisfying when you get the hang of it. Tails has to progress through the levels without hitting the scenery - otherwise he gets killed. This seems infuruating at first, but it's not all that bad.

At first I was humiliated because I had difficulty with the "Training Area", and this game really likes to throw you in at the deep end. As well as dying from collisions, Tails will also crash if he gets tired, but can replenish energy by scoffing sweets (what sort of a message is that to give out to kids, Sega?). Tails can get knocked back by getting hit by enemies, but can quickly recover as long as the ground isn't too close by.

Tails can also grab "handles" to propel him across the levels and usually towards special items. In addition, he can attack the enemies by chucking the ring that he carries with him. Boss fights are interesting, as you have to chase the bosses across a continually scrolling landscape until they're defeated.

What also struck me was just how long the levels seem to be. The first time I played, I kept thinking I was nearing the end, only to realise I wasn't even halfway through the level. Considering that length levels isn't usually a strong point on the gamegear, this is quite pleasing. I actually think there are some games on "superior" systems like the Genesis and Gameboy Advance that don't have levels as long as this.

The only thing that bothered me a lot was the use of bells as restart points, which sounds like it's taken right out of the older Mario games. Other than that, the game is very fun - if difficult. Particularly annoying at first are the spinning "walls" that caused me no end of bother when I first played.

Story - 5/10

It sounds a little childish; Tails has to protect the island from Witchcart who, believe it or not, is a cart riding witch. No Robotnik here, which makes an interesting change, I guess.

Graphics - 8/10

Immensely good for the Gamegear, if a little childish in places (the purple wolf that you fight in one level looks bizarre). Tails is nicely animated, and the colours in the levels are very sharp, and are miles better than some Game Gear games I could mention.

Sound - 6/10

The sound's not too bad; the music is nice and catchy, though still not even close to the classic tunes of some of the Sonic games.

Play Time/Replay Value - 7/10

This game should take you some time to get through, just because of the difficulty. You get infinite continues (from what I can tell), and this is lucky as you may find yourself needing them a lot - even after playing a few times.

Final Verdict

Buy this, if you have a Game Gear, and persevere like it. I feel ashamed that I dismissed this game for so long. Trust me, keep playing and you will become hooked.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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