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Reviewed: 10/07/03

Was this game disigned for kids? Yes. Was Its Difficulty Level? HOLY CRAP NO!!!!

Tails received 2 GameGear Spinoffs; Tails Adventure and Japan-Only Tails SkyPatrol. Tails Adventure Incorporates RPG elements and Creates a fun game altogether. Tails SkyPatrol goes to Tails' Roots and is a Flying Game, which was obviosly a game designed for kids, most noticeably by the level designs and music. How In any way A Child under the age of 7 could beat this is beyond me, because this game is extremely hard and has a learning curve that will turn off so many people it aint even funny, but if you stay with it, you will find a decent game.

Tails Is Alone for this adventure, meaning no Sonic. An Evil Witch named Witch Cart is on the loose wreaking havoc. Its Up to Tails to stop her and her 3 guardians. Tails Flies through the level, if he hits any walls, roofs, or floors he dies. This is extremely difficult to get used to. Tails also has a Fly Meter, if it Drains he dies. There are many easy ways to kill Tails which is why this game is one of the lesser known Sonic Series Games. 7/10

This Cutesy Music was obviosly designed for children, and its enough to drive any 10 year old or up to go on a 5 state killing spree. The Cutesy music is repetitive and annoying, get headphones and listen to a CD, this is the games worst area, by far. The music, in full honesty, sucks. 3/10

The Graphics in this Game are good and exceed the Game Gear's expectations, and the levels are designed decently. The Graphics are about 50% a Genesis's Graphics, mainly the backround causes this, because they are bland. Tails sprites move well and have no problem delivering the Tails-esque World. The Graphics are above average, but nothing special. 8/10

The Controls here deliver, but do nothing else. Tails moves Slowly so you may have trouble getting to the top of the screen quickly; this will cause you many many deaths. Practice makes perfect so your best chance of overcoming this is to memorize the level maps. 7/10

The Gameplay here is solid, but because of the steep difficulty you may be turned off by this game. Tails can only fly forward, so if you miss somthing its gone and gone for good, so you learn to either A. Be Quick, B. Resourceful, or C.Memorize the level. If you have trouble with all 3 of the above, youll hate this game. If you can do A or B this game is a decent expierience, but if you can only do C it is Mediocre. Tails holds a Ring that he can throw forward to attack and grap things, which if it were not present this game would be crap. There are many Items present, including ones that give you points, 1 UPs, Fly Meter restorers, and Invincibilities. GoodLevel Maps are deesigned, going from the Training Area, Rail Canyon, Ruin Wood, Metal Island, and Dark Castle. You should have a decent time with them if the insane difficulty dosnt turn you away, as stated many times before. Some reasons for Insane Difficulty are Cheap Dead Ends, Touching anything Kills, and There are many cheap tricks that can easily confuse you, like the rail cars. 7/10

There is really no reason to come back and play again N/A

If you can get used to the cheap difficulty, youll enjoy Tails SkyPatrol. If Not, just stay with Tails Adventure, it is more for the Tails Fan. OVERALL 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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