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by Hiryu_no_Ken

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Hiryu_no_Ken

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/23/18

Gameplay Basics

The information contained in this FAQ is intended to be free to read and use. However, please do not plagiarize my writing - if you need to reproduce this information elsewhere, do it with your own words. If for some reason you still find it necessary to copy my words, please provide the proper credit.


This section covers the basics of gameplay, much of which you may have deduced on your own from playing. For info on some of the game's less obvious systems, see the Advanced Systems section.

A unique factor of this game is how it has turn based maps, but real time, controllable Mobile Suit battles. This is in line with the Gachapon Wars series of games, especially like the then-recent SD Gundam X series (see Game Series History for more info on these games).

There are two types of units: Mobile Suits, robots which can be controlled in battles and occupy territories, and Warships, which can automatically fire salvos at enemies and store Mobile Suits to move around & repair.

The goal is to defeat the enemy army on a map. This is achieved by either destroying all enemy units or capturing all enemy territories - factories, cities (colonies), and spaceports. Two players can compete using a VS Cable / Gear-to-Gear Cable. The game offers a Change Vs mode, allowing players to pass the Game Gear to each other when turns switch, but the Mobile Suit battles in this mode are forced into AUTO / CPU controlled mode.

The Campaign mode features some alternate objectives, sometimes resulting in branching paths.

Version History

8/23/2018: Version 1.0
First version, intended primarily to convey the following information, previously undocumented in English:
-Sub-system information
-Scenario mode's branching paths
-Secret unit and special end boss


PocketGamer.Info - The Campaign guide provided the first information I had on the branching paths and secret unit.

ヒュポポリクス - Their detailed blog post on this title was very helpful in determining sub-system information and the hidden unit locations.

Gaijin Productions: Dave and Look4sheep - Produced a fan translation many years ago which has long been helpful. For the sake of simplification, I will use their choice of terminology for menu items (note that a portion of the game's English, like the unit names, are in the original Japanese version as well).

MAHQ.net - Site information used to verify proper Mobile Suit and ship names.

ZeoKnight and Uta - For helping me figure out the finer points of GameFAQ's HTML editor.


Move cursorTap on Unit:
-See unit stats
-Unit flashes to
see tile below

Hold + Move D-Pad:
-Speeds up cursor
Select allied unit
-Will either Move
or show control

Unit stats show the unit's name, current Level (see Leveling System for in-depth info), and HP value.

When moving a unit, the controls change again. The unit can move anywhere except on the darkened blue areas (exceeding its movement ability), enemies, or on top of an allied Mobile Suit.

Controls - Unit Movement
Move cursor
-After moving a
unit next to an
enemy, select
enemy to attack
(if multiple)
-When selecting
enemy to attack,
stop on this space
without attacking
Move unit to
selected space
-Only works within
unit's shown move
-When next to an
enemy, press to
attack flashing
enemy unit
When selecting
an enemy to attack:
Cancel movement

When moving a unit and placing them on an empty space with no nearby enemies OR choosing not to attack:
-An E will appear, indicating an END to their actions this phase.
-They will not be moveable again until your next phase.

1 Turn = 1 Blue Phase and 1 Red Phase

Start Menu

This menu is used for a few important game functions.

Start Menu
FinishEnd your phase
UnitView a list of your units and their HP values
-Will show END by already moved units
OccupiedInformation screen with stats for both sides
-When in Campaign mode, press 2 for
scenario victory/defeat conditions
SaveWill save current map progress.
-Can use Continue on the main menu to resume.
-There is only one save file possible at a time.
CancelExit menu
-Can also press 1 or Start again to exit
With a unit highlighted, then press 2: Scrap unit
-See Scrapping Units for more info.

Here is a break down of the Occupied screen:

Occupied Screen
Chosen Faction
Capital (Money)
Mobile Suit count
Warship count
Occupied Colonies / Cities
Occupied Factories
Occupied Spaceports
Turns Remaining
-Campaign mode only
(Other modes will show
all zeroes - no turn limit)

The graphics for cities/colonies, factories, and spaceports vary depending on whether you're fighting on land, in space, or on the moon, but they all function the same.

Pressing 2 on this screen while in the Campaign mode will show the Victory/Defeat conditions for that scenario again.


Colonies/cities, factories, and spaceports can be occupied to provide a benefit to your side.

-Unoccupied territory is green.
-Occupied territory is blue or red. You can only be red as the second player in 2 player mode.

When moving a Mobile Suit and placing it over an unoccupied or enemy territory, a pop up indicating Occupy will appear.

Territory Types & Benefits
Colony / CityGenerates 50P to your capital per turn
FactoryAllows you to build Mobile Suits and Warships
-Can also store existing MS and WS moved to it
-Stored units will generate HP when a turn passes
-Cannot build or store more than 1 unit at a time
-Does not generate income
-See Factory section for further details
SpaceportGenerates 20P to your capital per turn

Capturing Units

If you occupy a factory in enemy control, and a unit was stored or in the middle of being produced there, you will capture that unit and be able to use it for yourself.

-You cannot then produce more of that unit, you just capture one.
-This is unless you have exceed the 16 unit limit, which will prevent you from moving it out.

When a unit is moved to or already on a Factory, you may get two options.

Moving Unit to Ally Occupied FactorySelecting Unit on Ally Occupied Factory
DefendPlace unit on top of FactoryFactorySelect Factory and view
HangarPut unit inside Factory (if empty)UnitSelect Unit and move

Finally, if there is a Warship defending a factory (on top of it), and you place a Mobile Suit on top of that, here is the option you get:

Moving a Mobile Suit on top of a
Warship defending a Factory
WarshipPut Mobile Suit inside the Warship
FactoryPut Mobile Suit inside the Factory

Extra Commands

When selecting certain units, you may get additional options.
-Up to two for a Mobile Suit
-Up to three for a Warship

Extra Commands
MoveMove as normal
BombardFire from a distance
(See Battle section)
DepartWarships only
-Allows stored Mobile Suits
to exit the ship

Mobile Suit Storage and Recovery

When placing a Mobile Suit over an allied Warship, it can be stored within the ship. Their movement will END, but come the next turn, the warship can be selected, then the Depart command can be used to select the MS, then move it out of the ship, with their normal movement properties intact. Pressing 1 will return them to the ship without causing END to occur.

-This can be utilized to cart Mobile Suits around the map.
-Mobile Suits within the ship will recover HP once one turn has passed.
-Each ship has a maximum storage capacity of MS it can carry at a time.
-The Depart command can be used whenever during your phase, even after the ship has moved.

Depart Command Info
Ship name
CapacityShip unit level
Ship's current HP
Stored Mobile Suits
HP of currently highlighted Mobile Suit


There are four types of terrain in this game:

In addition to that, maps have different types of tiles which may impede a unit's movement.

In this example, the Hi-Zack's normal movement range is limited by mountains and debris tiles.

These can be broken down into two types:

Major Impediments: Unit cannot land on this tile at all.
Minor Impediments: Unit can land on this tile, but one being in their path reduces their movement.
(Example: Unit can move by 6, there's a debris tile two spaces away, so they can only move 4 in that direction)

Warships, which fly, can travel over obstacles like this (although there are space objects, like asteroids, they cannot bypass). MS stored in the ship can overcome obstacles this way, although when the Depart command is used, their normal movement limitations still apply.

-Water in particular also has a darker blue deep water variant, which can only be traversed by WATER units or Warships flying over.
-Certain units have an extra terrain designation when built in a Factory, like SPACE, WATER, or LAND. This means it performs especially well on that particular type of map terrain movement-wise, and unusually poorly on all others.
-Enemy units essentially count as obstacles, and will reduce allied unit's ability to move forward. Of course, this works both ways.
-For more info on individual unit terrain capabilities, see the Terrain Specialists section.


This territory serves two functions:

-Produce new Mobile Suits and Warships using your side's capital
-Store Mobile Suits/Warships and replenish their HP.

A Factory can only do ONE of these functions at a time:
-If you're building a new unit, you cannot store another unit.
-If a unit is stored, you can't build anything new.

Factories are the only place a Warship can have its HP restored.

Press 2 while highlighting an occupied ally Factory to see its options:

Controls - In Factory

Move Up, Down
-Scroll through Mobile Suits

Move Left, Right
-Scroll through Warships

Exit FactoryWhen no unit is in
constructed or repaired

When unit is finished
(whether built or repaired)
-Move unit out of Factory
Build shown unit
(If capital is available)
Mobile Suit Factory OptionWarship Factory Option
"U T N SP"Player's selected Faction
"001000P"Current total capital
"UNIT : 06"Total number of currently possessed units
HPStarting HP value (Level D)COSTCost to produce
MOVENumber of tiles unit moves on map
-Can be effected by terrain
TURNNumber of turns it takes
to produce this unit
RANGRange of Barrage command
-If 000, does not have the option
CAPACapacity - Number of MS this
unit can carry
-Warships only

-All units produced will always begin at the lowest level, Level D.
-You cannot cancel production of a unit once it has started.
-Storing a unit to be repaired will result in a 1 turn wait time before repair is finished.

Terrain Specialists

Some units will have an extra terrain designation by their name. These units have increased movement on the map and speed in battle in their designated terrain, compared to normal units. But, they perform unusually poorly in other types of terrain.

Terrain Specialists

Map Move





-Deep Water


Poor -Land

Increase: Able to move on these tiles at their normal MOVE value.
Decrease: Their MOVE value is halved on these tiles.
Poor: Can only move 1 space at a time on this terrain.

The speed increase or decrease during battles is somewhat less severe - the GP03, for instance, still performs pretty well on Land during an actual battle.

Ignore Minor Impediments

Notably, Terrain Specialists will also disregard Minor Impediments like craters, debris, etc, on their Increased terrain type. Normal units have no such advantage.

-Major Impediments still apply (see Terrain section for details)
-WATER units have the exception: They can traverse Deep Water tiles

Unit Limit

There is a hard limit to the number of units you can possess: 16
Your unit count includes all Mobile Suits and Warships.

You will get this warning if trying to produce a new unit after hitting the limit.

-The only way to get around this, if desired, is for one of your existing units to be destroyed in battle OR to scrap a unit yourself (see Scrapping Units directly below).
-If you occupy an enemy Factory and capture a unit, that unit cannot be moved out of the Factory until you are under the limit again. This unit will then count towards the total.
-In Campaign mode, if you are at the limit and have a captured unit within a Factory, then beat the map - the captured unit in the Factory will NOT carry over to the next map, since it would put you over the limit.
-The above applies to the hidden unit that can be found in the Campaign and can prevent you from obtaining it (see the Campaign section for info on the hidden unit)

Scrapping Units

Highlight a unit, press the Start button to bring up the Start menu, and then go down to select Cancel (the last option on the menu). You'll get this prompt. Here are the controls:

Back outDestroy unitNothing

This will work regardless of whether the unit has already moved. This is handy for getting rid of unneeded units to avoid hitting the unit limit described above, and make/obtain other units. Potentially, it can be used cleverly to deal with certain positioning situations.


When moving an allied unit next to an enemy unit, they will flash and you will see their stats. This is the option to begin battle. As noted before, pressing the 2 button will confirm you want to battle the flashing enemy. (1 will simply place you on that tile and END, while Start will cancel your unit's movement)

There are a few different types of battle modes depending on the units fighting.

Mobile Suit vs Mobile Suit Battle

Starting Screen

The battle will show this screen first and remain paused.
-Current HP value is shown for each unit on their respective starting side.
-An additional icon, a small face of some color (red in this example), may or may not appear next to the HP value. This is an advantage granted for being near an allied unit on the map before beginning battle. For in-depth info, see the Support System section.

Press up or down on the D-Pad to select MANU or AUTO.
MANU is Manual control - you will control your Mobile Suit during this battle.

AUTO is CPU control - your Mobile Suit will fight automatically.

Important Notes

-The battle will begin immediately if any of the 1, 2, or Start buttons are pressed.
-This game remembers your MANU or AUTO selection - so if for instance, you switched to AUTO on your last battle, then AUTO will be the first option the next time you fight. This is critical to remember if you like to switch between the two in different situations.

During Battle

Controls (MANU Selected)
D-Pad121 + 2Start
Move unitMelee weaponShootSpecial weaponNothing

The battle will end immediately and all battle will cease when a unit is destroyed.

A timer will appear at the top of the screen. This is always 30 seconds.
-If time runs out before either unit is destroyed, the battle will end.
-Units not destroyed will be left with the HP value they had at the end of the battle.
-Back on the map, if not destroyed, the unit will END their movement on top of the last tile they were placed on.
-HP value will flash when 005 or less.
-It is possible for both units to be destroyed at the same time.


The shooting weapon is the same for everyone.

The Melee weapon might have varying reach depending on the unit.
-Melee weapons will actually hit twice on a still enemy, but will often only graze for one hit on a moving one.
-Most melee weapons put you in range of the enemy's as well, but it is possible to hit the diagonal corner of an enemy and not be within range of retaliation (actually doing this consistently is another matter).
-When going up or down, shooting and melee weapons are all right handed, and will appear on that side of the unit
(So, right going up, left going down)

Melee weapon exceptions, to match the source material:
-AXIS: GLS-J / Gallus-J's melee arm poke is left handed.
-NEO-ZION: Elmeth has no melee weapon, the 1 button also shoots (no difference from 2 button).

Special Weapons

Special Weapons can be shot left and right, but not up or down.

The Special Weapons are extra powerful weapons which will stop the unit's movement for a moment when fired - with the exception of transformations, a high speed mode. Although they have different graphics, and sometimes slight variations on firing ranges, all Special Weapons fall into one of six types:

Heavy ShotTransformationFunnels
-High damage projectile.
-Much slower than normal shots.
-Transforms into a high
speed vehicle mode.
-Can only shoot while in this mode.
-Able change back and forth.
-Fires three projectiles
at once.
-All three proceed at same rate,
slower than normal shot.
Homing MissileCrossing BeamsSpread Shot
-Fires a missile which will
follow the enemy.
-Moderately fast and will
continue to pursue enemy
until its arc leads offscreen.
-Fires two beams, diagonally up
and down, crossing over each
other briefly.
-Can damage at once while
crossing as well as separately.

-Three shots at once, forward,
diagonally up, and diagonally

An Extra Note on the Galguyu

The GALGUYU, the CV-ZAN's WATER dedicated unit, seems to be bugged: Pressing 1+2 yields a transformation, but it simply stays stopped and makes the sound effect for a special projectile. Then it switches back - it can't maintain the transformation. It does no damage at any range, no matter the terrain. Weird.

Environmental Attributes

The battle scene depends on what tile the attacked unit was on. The screen can scroll, and scroll infinitely, when a unit moves into the edge of the scene in any direction. However, some environments limit this with a wall in a given direction.

These attributes can appear in various combinations:

AttributeEffectsCommon Example
GravityUnits will slowly drift to the bottom of
the screen when not moving
-Downward movement is faster
-Upward movement is slower
Land, Moon,
Water, Atmosphere
InertiaWhen a unit stops moving, continues to
slip in the last direction it went for a bit
-The faster the unit, the farther it'll slip
Space, Water
Ground & CeilingPrevents units from scrolling vertically
any further at the bottom & top of the screen
-Exact distance to edge varies a bit by stage
Land, Jungle
WallsPrevents units from scrolling to the sides
any further at the left & right of the screen
-Exact distance to edge varies a bit by stage
Space Wreckage
Infinite ScrollingWhen reaching any screen edge, can continue
to scroll in that direction forever
When at the bottom of the screen, unit
will continually take damage


In this Moon environment, the following attributes are in effect:
-Ground & Ceiling

And so it is possible to scroll infinitely to the left or right here.

Mobile Suit vs Warship Battle

Beginning Screen

As with MS battles before, you use up/down to pick MANU (Manual control) or AUTO (CPU control) first.

Controls (MANU Selected)
D-Pad121 + 2Start
Move unitNothingShootNothing


Notably, Mobile Suits only have the option to move and shoot.
-Can fire four shots at a time.
-Even if the shots contact the Warship's sprite, they may miss. Hit rate appears to be random.
-Transforming Mobile Suits will appear in their vehicle mode, but there is no difference to their speed or hitbox size.

The Warship will automatically fire shots at varying heights. The split screen represents the distance - you can see shots coming, but they will be delayed in appearing on the Mobile Suit's end. If set to MANU, the MS player will have to anticipate where shots are coming from.

-Environmental attributes like gravity, inertia, etc, do not apply here.
-Battle continues until one unit is destroyed, or the MS retreats.
-It isn't possible for both to be destroyed - once either one is hit with a killing shot, any subsequent shots no longer count.
-Although there is no timer, the MS will automatically retreat after about 15 seconds.

Warship vs Warship Battle

Always automatic.

Each Warship will fire a set amount of shots at each other. All shots that hit will count even after one Warship hits 000 HP, so it is possible for both ships to be destroyed.
Ends after all shots are fired either way.

Battles can occur one of two ways:
-Warship lands next to another and attacks, the usual.
-Warship uses the Barrage command on the other.

When using the Barrage command, if the attacked Warship has lower range (RANG) than the attacking ship, then the defending ship will not be able to return fire.

Barrage Battles

As described above, Warships can initiate Barrage to attack other ships and possibly do so with no retaliation. However, the command can be used in a variety of circumstances.

Warship Barrage vs Mobile Suit

Most Mobile Suits have 000 RANG (range), thus no Barrage ability, and so are completely defenseless against Warship Barrages.
-Transformable Mobile Suits will always appear in their vehicle mode, but it is only an aesthetic difference here.

Warship Barrage vs Mobile Suit Barrage

For Mobile Suits who DO have RANG, and can Barrage on their own:
-If the Warship is within their range, this will play out like a Warship vs Warship battle and they will auto-fire their own volley of shots.
-This also means they can initiate a Barrage on a Warship.
-It isn't possible for both to be destroyed - once either one is hit with a killing shot, any subsequent shots no longer count.
-The Mobile Suit will always fire 8 shots. The attack value of each has a specific value vs Warships.

Mobile Suit Barrage vs Mobile Suit

Similarly, an MS who can Barrage can do so without retaliation on a no range MS or an MS with Barrage out of its range.
-The Mobile Suit will always fire 4 shots. The attack value of each has a specific value vs Mobile Suits.

Mobile Suit Barrage vs Mobile Suit Barrage

If both Mobile Suits have the Barrage ability and both are in range of each other, they will shoot at each other automatically, much like a Warship vs Warship battle.
-It isn't possible for both to be destroyed - once either one is hit with a killing shot, any subsequent shots no longer count.
-The Mobile Suits will always fire 4 shots. The attack value of each has a specific value vs Mobile Suits.

As for what the exact Barrage damage is per Mobile Suit against an MS or WS, see the Unit List section.