• Quest Mode Passwords

    Enter any of the following passwords after selecting Continue in Quest Mode:

    R = Red Bean
    Y = Yellow Bean
    G = Green Bean
    B = Blue Bean
    P = Purple Bean
    C = Clear (Refugee) Bean
    H = Has Bean

    Quest 01YHCYH
    Quest 02BCBBH
    Quest 03CCYPR
    Quest 04YPRPP
    Quest 05GYHRH
    Quest 06YCRYC
    Quest 07PCGGY
    Quest 08YHHPG
    Quest 09BRPRR
    Quest 10PBGCP
    Quest 100RCRHC
    Quest 11PCPGB
    Quest 12RGGGH
    Quest 13PBCGH
    Quest 14GYYBP
    Quest 15GYHCY
    Quest 16PPBRC
    Quest 17YBCHG
    Quest 18GCBHH
    Quest 19CRBRB
    Quest 20PPGPY
    Quest 21HPYPH
    Quest 22HCCCC
    Quest 23YBPGG
    Quest 24YPCYC
    Quest 25BRRCP
    Quest 26RPBCY
    Quest 27CRRRR
    Quest 28YBPRH
    Quest 29BRYBP
    Quest 30YBHHG
    Quest 31HYHBR
    Quest 32YCPBC
    Quest 33PBBBB
    Quest 34CCYRP
    Quest 35CRRRP
    Quest 36GCBCR
    Quest 37PGPBG
    Quest 38PYCBY
    Quest 39CGRPG
    Quest 40BRHGP
    Quest 41RRYRG
    Quest 42YHHBY
    Quest 43CYHPP
    Quest 44BHPCH
    Quest 45PPYGB
    Quest 46YBHHH
    Quest 47YGYPY
    Quest 48YYHBH
    Quest 49BCBRG
    Quest 50PBGRB
    Quest 51PCHBP
    Quest 52CHRBB
    Quest 53CCCHP
    Quest 54RPYRR
    Quest 55RCHHR
    Quest 56RCHBB
    Quest 57CHYGP
    Quest 58RBHYG
    Quest 59CPRPG
    Quest 60PCPGR
    Quest 61PYYBG
    Quest 62BBCBR
    Quest 63BCYGY
    Quest 64GBCYP
    Quest 65PYGHC
    Quest 66RYYYY
    Quest 67YBBHC
    Quest 68GRCHY
    Quest 69YYPBC
    Quest 70RBYPB
    Quest 71PBYPC
    Quest 72BCRPC
    Quest 73YYBHC
    Quest 74RHBHG
    Quest 75YRCPG
    Quest 76BCCRG
    Quest 77PYCPY
    Quest 78HPCPP
    Quest 79YCHCH
    Quest 80YPBCH
    Quest 81YBGYC
    Quest 82BCRRY
    Quest 83RYCBG
    Quest 84CPBHC
    Quest 85GCHCG
    Quest 86RPCRP
    Quest 87BYCRR
    Quest 88GGHGC
    Quest 89HYHPY
    Quest 90BPCYC
    Quest 91GGHCP
    Quest 92BCPRC
    Quest 93PCRHP
    Quest 94GBHCH
    Quest 95CPHRC
    Quest 96GYPGH
    Quest 97PGYBC
    Quest 98CYCBP
    Quest 99YPHHR

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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